Kendall’s Story

Kendall is a ten-year-old girl who has huge, brown hair with a purple streak. She also really loves hair bows, like Jojo Siwa, and she also likes to dance, like Jojo Siwa. Kendall loves watching Jojo Siwa, her friends, and Abby (her teacher) get into drama on Dance Moms. Today is her first day at a new school, and she is really nervous.

When Kendall looks at the time, it says 7:36 A.M. She is supposed to be at the bus stop at exactly 7:25 A.M. Kendall quickly runs outside and sees her bus leaving.

“Oh shoot!” says Kendall.

Kendall goes back in the house and runs up the stairs to her room and gets her headphones, phone, and backpack. Then, Kendall tries to chase the bus, but she is too slow. She doesn’t want her mom to find out that she missed the bus. So she walks to school because it is a five minute walk. She takes her phone out and sticks her headphones in. She listens to “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris. That is one of Kendall’s favorite songs, but Kendall has lots and lots of favorite songs. As Kendall is crossing one of the streets, a moving truck almost runs over her foot. Kendall takes her headphones off and puts her hands on her hips.

“Are you crazy or what?” says Kendall.

“No, I am not crazy! Are you crazy?!” says the guy driving the truck.


“Why would you kick my truck, you crazy, little girl?” says the annoying guy in the truck.

Then Kendall flips her hair and walks away from that crazy guy. When Kendall reaches her new school, she puts her phone and headphones away. It’s bigger than her old school, and she can tell from the outside that it looks cleaner. Her old school was all brick and there was only one window, which was on the top floor. This school is made of all glass. She feels like she’s lucky because it’s hard to get into this school. When Kendall is walking up the stairs to the school, she sees her best friend, Isabelle, and runs to give her a hug.

“Ew, who is that giving me a hug?” says a mean girl named Bridget.

“Why are you calling me ‘ew,’ Isabelle?”

Kendall looks up at the girl and notices it is not her friend, Isabelle. Kendall feels very embarrassed.

Another mean girl walks towards them and says, “Hi Bridget!”

Kendall asks, “Who is that?”

“This is my best friend, Hazel. Actually, who are you?” she says sassily.

“My name is Kendall, and I am a huge fan of JoJo Siwa,” says Kendall to Bridget and Hazel.

Kendall tries acting sassy like Bridget and Hazel so she can fit in. She needs new friends because she misses her friend, Isabelle. Isabelle has brown, wavy hair like Bridget. Bridget dyed her hair purple at her ends. Isabelle also has her ends dyed purple. That’s why Kendall thought Bridget was Isabelle.

Then the bell rings, and that means they have to go to class. The first class for Kendall is dance. Kendall is so excited because dancing is her favorite hobby. As she walks, she notices Bridget and Hazel are going in the same direction.

Kendall quickly catches up to them and says, “I can’t wait to start dancing!”

“Me too,” Hazel says.

Bridget says, “Me three.”

Kendall notices that there are only eight kids in the dance class. When she looks into the other room, the music class, there are twenty kids! Maybe music class is good at this school, she thinks.

Then, their dance teacher claps her hands and says, “Get in line everybody!”

The teacher has brown hair, light brown eyes, and she looks really nice.

“Now it’s time for everybody to say our names. My name is Ms. Cheatham,” she says with a huge smile that goes all the way up to her cheeks.

The students’ names are Kristy, Stacey, Mary-Anne, Dawn, Hazel, Bridget, Claudia, and Kendall. There are only girls in the class.

She sees the boys entering the room, saying, “Ew. There are only girls here. We’re only interested in hip hop, not that tap you’re doing.”

Kendall puts on her tap shoes and taps her feet on the floor lightly. Then, she likes the rhythm to it, so she starts dancing and going around the studio and doing ballet and jumping in the air.

Everybody opens their mouths wide, in a shocked way, and starts clapping loudly. Even Ms. Cheatham starts clapping!

Then, Kendall takes a bow and starts tapping to the line everyone is in.

“That was awesome,” Hazel and Bridget whisper.

Now they like her, just because she did something cool.

Then, Kendall straightens her bow out and says, “You guys like my bow?”

She is showing off now. The other girls have fake bows cut out from paper, but Bridget, Hazel, and Kendall have black, sparkly bows. They didn’t even plan it! Kendall has the biggest bow because her hair is so big. Now that she is hanging out with Bridget and Hazel, she thinks she’s the coolest.

Then, Kendall sees one of the weirdest people at her school. She’s wearing glasses, and her nose is all scrunched up. She’s wearing one rainbow sock and one glittery sock that says, “I love Elmo,” and they go all the way up to her knees.

Hazel says, “Hey. Go over to that weird kid, Sally, and do something mean to her.”

Then Bridget says, “Yeah. Something really mean.”

Kendall walks to Sally and says, “Hey Sally. There’s something on your shirt.”

Sally looks down and says, “I don’t see anything.”

Then, Kendall slaps Sally’s chin up really hard, and it hurts because Sally’s mouth is open while she is talking.

Then Kendall smiles and says, “Oh, I’m so sorry. That was an accident.”

Sally says, “Oh, it’s okay!” because she actually thought it was an accident.

Then Kendall says, “Hi-five, Sally!”

Sally says, “Okay,” and tries to slap Kendall’s hand, but then, Kendall bends her elbow, moves her hand towards her head, and leans over.

“Dab on it.”

Bridget and Hazel start giggling.

In a high voice, Sally says, “I thought you were nice, but you’re really mean!”

Then, Kendall steps on Sally’s toes and walks away.

Finally, the bell rings. Briiiiiiing! It’s a half day because it’s the first day of school.

I never heard a bell ring in school before, Kendall says in her head. It’s too noisy. Usually, the teachers walk the kids from class to class at my old school.

She feels bad about Sally, but she feels happier that she’s getting close to the most popular girls at school.  


“Yay, it’s the end of the day,” says Hazel.

“See you guys tomorrow,” says Kendall.

As Kendall starts walking to her house, she sees her mom waiting outside for her.

“How was school today?”

“It was good,” says Kendall with a sad face.

“You sure?” says her mom.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” she says.

Then Kendall runs up to her room, slams her pillow on her face, and starts yelling.

Her mom, downstairs, says, “I thought I heard a noise? But I guess I was just hearing stuff.”

“I wish I could still go to school with Isabelle,” Kendall says to herself.

Then she has an idea. She’ll just call Isabelle and ask her to ask her parents to sign up for the school she’s going to. Kendall picks up the phone and dials Isabelle’s phone number.

“Hello, is Isabelle home right now, Ms. Jenkins?” asks Kendall.

“Yes! Would you like to speak with her? She has been dying to talk to you,” says Ms. Jenkins.

“Wait, Ms. Jenkins, can I ask you a question first?” says Kendall.


“Ok, Ms. Jenkins, the question is. . .  would you, please, please, please, pleeeease sign your daughter up for my school? I know she loves to dance, and we get one hour of dance a day! She is my best friend ever, and I miss her so much! So please, enroll her!”

“I’ll think about it. . . ”


As Kendall walks up the stairs to her school, she sees Bridget and runs over to her.

“Hey Bridget, I know I saw you yesterday but it felt like forever,” says Kendall.

“My name is not Bridget. My name is Isabelle,” Isabelle says.

“Oh my god, Isabelle! This is the best day of my life!” says Kendall.

Bridget walks in and says, “Who’s that girl?”

Then Kendall replies, “This is my best friend from my old school! And believe it or not, you guys look just like twins!”

Then Isabelle and Bridget examine each other up and down. They both are wearing glittery high-tops and shirts that say “Keep On Dreaming.”

They simultaneously say, “O-M-G, we are like twins!”

The bell rings, and it is time for dance class. They all hold hands together and start walking there.

“I see there is a new student today,” says Ms.Cheatham.

Everybody crowds around Isabelle, noticing how pretty she is. Kendall is standing far from everyone, crossing her arms.

“Now look at who is getting all the attention,” whispers Kendall.

“What did you say, Kendall? Sorry, I didn’t hear,” says Isabelle.

“Nothing, really,” Kendall insists.

“Okay, if you say so,” says Isabelle.

Then, Isabelle and Bridget come up with the idea to do a ballet, hiphop mash-up duet. But Hazel and Kendall feel mad and jealous. Kendall and Hazel also have a plan…

“Pillow fight!” says Kendall.

“It’s on!” replies Hazel.

Kendall sees Bridget and Isabelle from her window doing their annoying duet together. She feels like calling them and saying, “We are having so much fun,” to make them jealous.

“Can we do something? Or can I go home? Because I’m super bored,” says Hazel.

“Okay, what if we sneak over to their house and take their music tape,” says Kendall.

Hazel puts her hands together and starts wiggling her fingers, agreeing with the evil plan.

Kendall and Hazel start walking out of her room and outside.


Kendall and Hazel stand in front of Isabelle’s house. There is a huge oak tree right in front of Isabelle’s house that has tons of branches. They climb to the top and reach Isabelle’s window. They climb into the window and see the tape on Isabelle’s desk, shiny and gold! Hazel hears the door opening and loudly whispers, “Hide! Hide, Kendall! Hide!”

Kendall moves her foot and the carpet slightly slides, sending her falling out the window. Luckily she lands in a huge pile of stacked leaves.

Isabelle, Bridget, and Hazel run downstairs and outside to check on Kendall. Bridget asks, “Do you need an ambulance?”

“No, I think I’m good,” says Kendall.

Isabelle and Bridget look on the floor and see crumbled pieces of their gold tape.

“Why would you take our tape?! The song was about our friendship,” says Isabelle.

“It was also about our friendship, Hazel,” says Bridget.

“We are really, really, really, really, really sorry,” they say simultaneously.

“Of course, that’s what friends are for,” says Isabelle.

“Yeah, whatever she said,” Bridget replies.

They all started laughing.

“We will always be best friends,” they say together.


The End


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