Ketchup Pool

A ketchup packet named Lucas went to the ketchup pool, and he was all red, and people thought he was covered in blood, so they took him to the hospital. Then, the nurse screamed and took him back to the pool, and then he turned pink. The pool turned pink. Then Lucas turned into a mouse. He was the same size, but he had whiskers, a tail, and no hands, and he had a ketchup sign on his chest, and then he got freaked out. 

Then he made a mysterious shoe fly off of someone’s foot, and then it smacked him right in the head. He fought back with his black Sharpie marker. He colored on the top of the shoe. The shoe got really mad and smashed him right in the legs.

The shoe said, “You’re weird.”

Lucas said, “You’re rude.” 

Then they had a battle. They had fire and a stick. Then the mouse got fire, and the shoe got a stick. Then they fought, and the mouse burned the stick, and then he burned the shoe down, and it turned into pieces, and then the shoe died. 

Then he got born again. He was a baby shoe. He was super small. He said nothing. He was in a field of shoes. Lucas went home, and then he turned back into a ketchup packet. He felt tired, and then he went to bed.

4 thoughts on “Ketchup Pool”

  1. Me gusto la historia de Luca ketchup como soy tan sentimental por poco me hace llorar.adelante mi futuro escritor de dibujo animados.

  2. Wow ! What an amazing and action filled story ! I would love see this story made into an action movie!
    Great story Lucas !

  3. Extremely proud of how my kids can have so much fun while using their creative writing skills. Thank you so much to Writetopia and their amazing, lovely and caring teachers for making this program possible. This one of my kids favorite place that they always looking forward to be at. I can’t stop reading over and over.



  4. Lucas, this is a great story! I am so proud of you and your writing ability. I got scared when everything started changing colors. I really liked the ending.

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