Leg Breaking

Once I was with my mom, sister, and dad. My sister and dad were ahead a lot. My mom and I were behind. I told my mom that I was going to run to my sister, so I waited until we were on a road, and then I ran to them. I was almost there, but I slipped and banged my knee on the bricks. There were three puddles of blood on my right knee. I started to cry. My mom hurried over. She told me that we would be home soon.

She said, “I’ll get you a Band-Aid when we get home.”

I stumbled home. I plopped on the bed and said, “Owwww!”

My mom gave me three Band-Aids because the bruise was very big and bloody. My sister gave me a Danimals drink. I felt scared. I started to cry. 

The next few days, I went to summer camp, and we had a field trip to the playground. I climbed, but fell down, and then there was a bruise on my left knee and big bloody puddles. The instructors gave me an enormous Band-Aid.

Then it was snack time. So, I sat down on a bench. There, I rested my foot and ate some pretzels and Goldfish. After we went back home, I had to go to shower, and I had two plastic bags around my knees. When I slept, I was very, very, very scared because my knee was bloody. When I touched it, it felt like I was dying, so I didn’t touch it.

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