Why Standardized Testing Is Unfair

Dean Kedem, age 10

Child Writing Concerns

Maya Kedem, age 10

The Spider Tree

Analía Rivera, age 11

Interesting Topics

Serena ZHU, age 10

Adapting to Life

Jonathan Zhang, age 10

The Importance of Art

Chloe Song, age 10

Why We Shouldn’t Have Borders

Clyde Brittelle, age 10


Christoffer Lamtan, age 11

Crabby the Crab

by Evelyn Shengxi Yang, age 8

My Most Important Object

by Gustavo Martinez, age 11

Treating Things with Respect

by Luis M., age 11

Elijah’s Memoir

by Elijah Placide, age 10

My Bracelet

by Mel, age 11

The Tundra Rulers

by Arjun Giridhar, age 7

Endangered Turtles

by Emily Rose, age 11

Save Natural Resources – Before It Is Too Late!

by Yifei Liu, age 10

Help the Animals

by Sophia Kohler, age 10

Little Short Nuggets of Life

by Eli Leichter Wilson, age 11

Leg Breaking

by Hanyu Zhu, age 7

Air France 447

by Kevin H. Morikawa-Nascimento, age 10

The Drawing Book

by Xitlally, age 11

Memories in My Year Book

by Elizabeth Salguero

Christmas is My Favorite Holiday

by Julia Zhu-Han Pitt

The 100 Awesome Rules of How Not to Be Stupid

by P.W., age 9

From Wolf to Dog

by Holden, age 10

Why Paintball Wars Should Be a National Sport

by Jasper Hirt, age 10

Lessons from Harry Potter

by Louise Wang, age 10

A Book About Space

by Mira Kanodia, age 8

Pollution Stoppers

by Jazlyn Fuentes, age 10

Bill Gates: A Biography

by NBZ, age 9

Three Long Reasons Why Sahara Should Have a Puppy

by Sahara Asher, age 10

Calling All Teachers

by Emily Birman, age 11

Expectations and Results of the 2016 Presidential Election

by Aarav Sethi, age 11

What Makes A Hero?

Taylor Harris

My Chicken Experiences

Cassidy McKee

Awkward Family Reunions

Sey Stein

Man’s Best Friend



By Isabella Gernandt, age 11


By Eve Root, age 9

Video Games: Not Just Fun

by Christopher McCarthy, age 11

Schools Should Expand Their History Focuses

by Zeran, age 11


by Finn, age 10


by Beth Hacker, age 10

Do Calculators Have a Negative or Positive Effect on People’s Brains?

by James Lee, age 11

Story Told Backwards

by Neal Bhasin, age 10


by Beth Hacker, age 10

The Importance of Space Exploration

by Josh Stern, age 11