Miraculous is a unique show. It is an animated show. The show is exciting because it shows a normal girl’s life and a normal boy’s life as normal middle school students, but at the same time, they are superheroes protecting all of Paris. The main characters, Ladybug and Cat Noir, each have powers. Ladybug can create things, and Cat Noir can destroy things. Both superheroes help people even if they don’t like that person. Miraculous is both entertaining and can teach you to help others.

A character that Ladybug really hates is named Chloe. She was attacked by one of the supervillains, and even though Ladybug didn’t like her, she still was there to protect Chloe. This shows that it doesn’t matter if you like someone or not, you still have to help others. No matter what happens, there may be someone who can’t do what you can and needs help to do it. Helping others is the right thing to do. Chloe acts like a bully and makes fun of Ladybug when she is just a normal girl in middle school. Chloe says mean things and is always annoying Ladybug, but Ladybug just ignores her and still helps her.

When I was at my friend’s Halloween party, we were having a pillow fight, and my friend broke a lamp. I didn’t want to help him by covering for him or coming up with a way to hide the broken lamp. When he covered the broken lightbulb, I saw sparks flying out. I realized, then, that it was too dangerous for him to fix by himself, so I helped him. I made sure that he didn’t do anything unsafe, like touch the glass or accidently burn down the whole house until I got his parents, and then they figured out what to do. I helped my friend when I didn’t want to, but I still did it because he needed help. I felt good because more unsafe things could have happened. Ladybug didn’t want to help Chloe because Chloe was always mean to her. I had a different reason why, but it’s similar because at the end, we still helped and everything ended up right.

The two superheroes help people correct their bad choices. The superheroes have to destroy the source that made a character the villain. Normally, characters become supervillains after being really angry at someone. For example, Ladybug’s best friend, Alya, became a villain when she took a photo of Chloe’s locker. Chloe’s dad is the mayor, and so she convinced the principal to expel Alya. Alya got mad, and she was turned into a supervillain named Lady Wifi. In order for Alya to become good again, Ladybug and Cat Noir had to break Alya’s phone because that was the source that made Alya the villain.

Ladybug and Cat Noir show us that you have to help others no matter what, even if we don’t like the person who needs help.


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