Mom, Where Are You?

Hey, it is Thomas, and it is nighttime. I am trying to find my mom because she has to give me my medicine because I am sick. I have a cold. I am going to my mom’s room to see her, but she is not there, so I get scared. I tried to think where she could possibly be. And then I saw a letter under her pillow that said, We took your mom. Now, when I read that, I felt very, very scared. I got dressed and went to the police station. I took the bus.

When I got there, they asked me for my name and why I was here. I told them that I needed to take my medicine, and my mom was not there, and that’s why I came. I also told them about the letter, and they said they would have to go to my house.

I said, “Alright.” They would be there at 1:00 sharp, and the time was now 12:00. I said, “Thank you,” and left the police station.

I was at my house when I saw some weird light coming from my closet. I went to go open the door, and I saw a portal. I walked out to get my breath, and then I opened the closet door and jumped in. While I was going through the portal, I remembered when I was in the park when I was one year old and going down the slide, and she was cheering for me. I felt happy.

Alright, I was in the world. I felt so dizzy. At first when I saw the portal, it looked light blue, but when I jumped in, it was yellow. All I saw was a pitch black room. Then, I saw a light in the distance.

I walked closer to the light, and it got bigger as I walked closer. I saw buildings and a whole new world. I felt scared, but I had to find my mom. The town looked really sad. Then, I saw someone running with a jar? I saw a little thing in the jar, but I didn’t care about that now. I was running so fast. He just fell on the floor. This was my chance to get my mom back. I was still wondering what was in that jar, so I was still running, and I was looking into the jar, and I saw something moving in there. I opened the jar, and it looked like my mom but tinier. I felt so scared. I wondered what I should do. I didn’t want to get out of this world, but I did want to know how my mom got tiny. I tried to look around for help, but the only thing I could see was a hardware store. I guess I could go in there and say hi to whoever was in there. I went to the hardware store and when I ran closer, I saw somebody in the window saying hi. I said hi back, and then I opened the door and walked in.

The owner said, “My name is Matthew.”

And I said back, “My name is Thomas. Is there anything that could possibly make something bigger?” I felt like I should say that because this world is already weird.

He said, “Yes. There is something in the back, but there is something guarding the door, and I don’t know what it is.”

I said to Matthew, “Can I try to open the door?”

Matthew said back, “Sure, but I hope you come back alive.”

I told Matthew, “If I die, can you hold the jar with my mom inside.”

Matthew said, “Sure, good luck.”

I asked where the door was, and he pointed to where the door was, and I walked through the hallway. The monster looked like a cat. The cat looked like somebody floating in the air meditating. My mom brought me to the movies to watch Star Wars, and it reminded me of Yoda. So I went up to it, and I said, “You don’t seem that harmful.”

And then, all of a sudden, I felt something shake right under me. Then, I realized it was a big hand picking me up.

The cat said back to me, “Why are you here, and what do you want?” The cat seemed angry, when I didn’t do anything to him.

I said back, “I want to go through that door.”

The cat said back, “You have to give me $50.”

So, I gave the cat $50, and I walked through the door. It was pitch black until I saw a big gun. So, I grabbed the gun and walked back through the door, and then the door locked behind me. The cat was still in the air just like Yoda. And then all of a sudden, the cat became bigger. I felt like because I gave him my $50, we were even.

So, I walked to the door where Matthew was, and the cat reached out his hand and grabbed me. This time he said, “What’s that in your hand?”

I said nothing back. And then, I shot him with the gun. All of a sudden, he became bigger. And he was too fat, so he fell, and I took my $50 and left.

I said, “Thank you for holding the jar, and also thank you for the gun.” I gave him the $50.

Matthew said, “Thank you for the $50, and I hope your mom gets better.”

When I was outside, close to where the portal was, I got my mom out and put her on the floor and shot her with the gun. She didn’t turn bigger, and I thought since she was in a different dimension, it might not work here because it would work in the real world.

So when I got that, all of a sudden, I was in my living room drinking my medicine.


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