My City


You rode the F train to work

You walked the streets

Of the city that never sleeps


You took a taxi to school

You watched the street light

As trucks zoomed,

Giving off the most sickening

Exhaust fumes


But this is your life

No matter what it is

You deal with it all

Every day is a pop quiz


You love it

You need it

You wish it could go

You step on the street

Every day is a Broadway show

And the beggar on the train

You gave him money for a burger

Because he’s your family

Your crazy, rude, nice, astonishing family


The train leaves the station

The taxi drives away

The bus is approaching

The beauty, the beauty

You don’t know what to say


This is my city,

My little golden gem

I protect it with my heart

My little diadem


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