My New Nintendo 2DS XL

My 2DS XL is black and blue (mostly black). It is bigger than a normal 3DS XL, but it doesn’t have 3D. It could play any 3DS game. I would play “Pokémon X” and “Mario and Luigi: Dream Team.” When I play “Pokémon X,” the controls are smooth and easy to use, and they are white. The texture of the outside is smooth and bumpy. The 2DS and 3DS are handheld devices that have two screens. One screen is interactable, and the other isn’t.


I got my 2DS XL on January 2, 2018. Before, I asked my parents if I could get it, and they said, “Yes.” I was so happy about that. I was so hyper. So when I was in school on January 2, I had a feeling that the package was there. So when I got home, I rushed to the living room, and I found the package sitting on the table. I opened the package really quickly.


I thanked my mom for getting the package a million times. Even though it was a school day, my dad still let me play with it. Every time I hold the 2DS, I think of my mom. I always feel happy when I hold the 2DS if I have bad day. In exactly one month, I beat the game and got bored. Then by accident, my sister lost my charger, and my 2DS died. Then, my sister lost my copy of “Pokémon X.” I kept asking my mom if I could get another copy or the newest Pokémon game, but my mom said, “No, I already spent enough money on the 2DS.”


Now, my 2DS is sitting on the table doing nothing. Since I don’t have a charger, I can’t use it. If I get a charger, I would charge it for the night. I’ll get a new game called “Yokai Watch 2: Bony Spirits Fleshy Souls.” Once I get the game and the charger, I will link up with my friend, so we can trade Yokai and battle each other. I’ll wait until my mom has enough money to buy me “Yokai Watch 2,” but I want many other games for the Xbox One. So, I’ll have to make a big decision about what I want.


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