My Sacred Friend

Chapter One: The Real Stuff

One morning, I, George Lonerfin, my older brother, Hugo Lonerfin, and my friend, Gande Hulkin, were playing at our HQ, which is in an abandoned house near the theater on 1387th st. in Alabama in an imaginary dimension. It’s outside the solar system, which is in my fiction story from my elementary school called, “Space Bananas.”

“Hey, who wants to know the secret of this abandoned house?” Hugo said, holding a flashlight under his chin. He knows that that scares me and Gande. Even though we were scared, we nodded.

“Listen up, boys, because I’m only going to tell you this once,” Hugo said.

He knows that we hate being called boys, because that’s the worst name to be called by, but he got away when we tried to hit him last time, so we got closer like he wanted to. I think.

“In this abandoned house, there lived a scientist. He made technology and tried to invent things that helped the world, and they all failed, and when I mean all of his inventions failed, I mean all of them. Rumor has it that one night, on 2/2/2222 at 2:22, one of his inventions was a success.”

At first I thought this was a normal, non-scary story, but then I thought about two things that made no sense at all. First of all, it was 2019, and the house says it was from 1375, and second, that’s a little weird. They all have 2s! I tried to talk over him, but it was no use.

“He made an ogre. An ogre that can eat your soul!!!” Hugo said. He raised his eyebrows under the flashlight that made him look scary under the flashlight. Well, I thought it was scary, but Gande looked satisfied.

“Well, it’s a rumor. It’s not like anyone would believe in those stupid rumors,” Hugo said so casually, but all of a sudden, there was a swift wind in the room.

Then, all of a sudden, I saw a glimpse of a green, war-prepared monster! Then we saw it. The green, war-prepared monster was an ogre! He must have been from the story! He must have heard Hugo saying that ogres weren’t real!

“How dare you say ogre not real?! You die for saying nonsense!! I’m not just an ogre! I’m an ogre spirit!!!” the ogre said.

When I heard about spirits, my head got dizzy. My eyes got blurry, and then I passed out. Then all I could see was darkness. When I opened my eyes 30 seconds later, I was in the hospital.

Chapter Two: One More

When I was at the hospital, I was on a squishy bed and those cool pillows which are so huge. I really wanted to see who was around me, but I just sank into the huge pillow and all I could see was a mix of black and white. But it’s okay, because I heard them.

“What happened at your so-called-hideout?!” I heard Mom say. I think that she was screaming at Hugo.

“Why are you saying that I did it?! Look, it’s not my fault that an ogre came into our hideout! Well, like you say that so-called-hideout, which we do have. It’s in the abandoned house that’s near the theater! Remember? We took you there for our show and tell, right?” Hugo whined.

I remembered that show and tell, and I don’t want to take fatty Joe, big fat Bill, and big Stanley to the house anymore. How much do they weigh?! Joe, Bill, and Stanley are the top three fattest people in the school! And the weird thing that’s impossible is we’re the youngest grade. They’re eight grades older than Joe, Bill, and Stanley, but Joe, Bill, and Stanley are heavier than each and every kid! And I have never seen them eat junk food. That was until they went to our hideout and went to the junk food section. Next day, they came to school saying to people that they finally had diabetes. I was surprised about two things. One: they didn’t have diabetes until that day. Two: they were happy that they had diabetes. Back to the story.

“You mean that wretched place where those three fat boys were also there? The day after that, I got a scolding from all of the boys’ parents. Back to this scolding.”

Wow. Just, wow. I can’t believe that Mom just said that to her own son! She would never scold me like that! Now we know who’s Mom’s favorite, I thought in my head with no guilt at all. I was smiling like crazy, and no one even noticed. Fake sleeping has a lot of upsides.

“I don’t care what kind of excuses you have, but we will not tolerate with your excuses with an ogre!” I heard Mom screaming.

So the ogre was real. I wasn’t dreaming at that part.

“You are grounded for making your brother pass out no matter what excuse you have, young man!” Mom screamed.

I decided to “wake up.” I twisted my head, and fortunately it looked like I was waking up. I owe one to the acting class that Mom forced me to take. I felt bad for calling it a piece of cake though. Then I saw Hugo getting angrier and angrier and getting hairier and hairier turning into a car-sized ogre. I don’t know how it happened, but it turned out horrible. He wrecked the machine that turns your bed up and down. Then the ogre saw me with his bloody, green eyes. I freaked out, sweat dripping down my face. The ogre who’s supposed to be my brother, stomped his feet so hard that everywhere he stomped, the floor cracked. He looked at me freakishly and grabbed me by the shirt.

I am going to die!!! I thought with horror.

Then all of a sudden, the crack in my head was now fine! He let go of me and then became human. He wasn’t awake though. He was actually thinking of his girlfriend, Liz.

“Liz… will… you… ” Hugo moaned. I didn’t want to hear the rest. Then all of a sudden,  Mom, Dad, and all the nurses and doctors dashed in through the door.

Oh my God. I’m glad you’re safe!!!” all the strangers and non-strangers screamed joyfully.

“Liz… let’s… marry… at… my… house… ” Hugo moaned.

His cheeks looked pinker than usual. Then he got my pillow, and you don’t want to know what happened next. All the people in the room either barfed, looked to the other side and went to the corner, or left the room and ran to see if other people got hurt. I still think that that’s just an excuse to leave this one room after what Hugo just said right now.

But why did he turn into an ogre?It makes no sense!! I thought. Then all of a sudden, he opened his eyes. I’ll tell him about the Liz thing later. But before I could even talk to him, Mom and Dad shoved me to the side and screamed at Hugo.

“What happened to you?!” Mom and Dad said.

“I don’t know, but I met Gande in my head. He said that I’ll give you the power to heal your brother. Of course, ‘cause he’s my friend. By the way, ogres are real, and they’ll come for people’s souls. We need to refresh anyways. Then he left out of my memory, and then I slept!” Hugo said.

I believe that’s true, and I need more details, but Mom and Dad interrupted when I was trying to talk to him.

Why were you tired?!” they said in unison.

Well, I guess, why was he tired is about to be answered.

“I don’t know, right after Gande left, I felt a poke in my head, and then I went sleepy. Anyways, what happened here?!” Hugo questioned after he answered our question.

The room was still full with blood and quarks and stuff. By the way, when I mean “quarks and stuff,” I mean bent doctor utensils, broken beds, and ripped up lab coat-like stuff. When all the doctors came in and saw the room, the doctors all fainted on the clear floor. They fainted for three days. Back to the story.

We went back to our house, and Mom, Dad, and Hugo had a huge conversation. I was stuck in my room doing homework.

“56 times 7, 42, carry the 4, 35, 35 plus 4, 39, 392. Next!!!” I speak when I do my work.

“45 minus 72, 72 minus 47, 25, minus 25, 34 times 675, 3 times 600, add the zero, 3 times 70, add the zero… add them all up… next.”

I think I slept. Then, I looked up. I was in a new dimension. I thought this is a dream. But it didn’t feel like a good dream…

Chapter Three: A Dream

I was walking in a pitch darkness. When I ended up in a wall, it had a sign. It was a wanted sign for a scientist. I took it just in case. It was for a guy named June. June was a boy who made all kinds of stuff. Then all of a sudden, I ended up somewhere else. It looked like a village. It seemed like a peaceful one.

“I’m telling you the truth!!!” I heard a boy say from a big crowd. When I turned around, I saw a boy who I thought that I would’ve seen here. It was Gande. Here he was, standing like a president. Like he was standing saying a speech.

“June, it’s 3,548,672,197. After that big explosion that blew up earth, we barely have any technology. All we have is this planet that the ogres gave us politely,” a villager said.

After I heard that news, I fell down. Strange thing is, I fell on a villager’s feet, but I went through his feet.

“AAAHHH!!!” I screamed. I screamed as loud as I could, but no one heard me.

Am I a ghost? Am I going to die? Am I dead? What do you mean by OGRES? What do you mean by earth exploding? What number is that? Is that a year?! I don’t know what’s going on?! I thought in my head while I also listened to mini future Gande.

“Please believe me. I know who the ogres really are. Great-great-great-great-great-great-grandpa Gande’s journal told me.”

Mini-Gande had to grab onto his dad and left. I really wanted to know more, but I had to go in a library and search for more information. I watched in a movie that I forgot what it was called, always something something. I forgot. I knew that I had to search for more information about this place, so best place to look, the library. Normally, I hate going to the library and studying, but I had to. I walked around, but no library was found. I was actually kind of bummed that there was no library. I was stuck to a villager’s rusty ol’ shoe. Then all of a sudden, everyone around me and every place that was in my sight also vaporized, and then I ended up in that black pitch again. Now I know why Hugo called me a crybaby, and now I know that I still am. I was a crybaby then and a crybaby now and a crybaby then. Then out of nowhere, I appeared at my house again.

Chapter Four: Mysteries

What are you talking about?!” Hugo said to me while we were in our treehouse. Ever since that day, we weren’t allowed in that abandoned house anymore. Instead, we had to deal with the treehouse that had many dead rats. We got it last year, and Dad said that he wouldn’t touch it, Mom wouldn’t touch it, and none of us would touch it. We avoided it for a while, and it was there ever since. Back to the story.

“You had a dream about the future? Why isn’t your dream seeing your nephew?” Hugo replied. I think he’s still thinking that Liz agreed to marry him. I had to say that he was wrong, but that’s not the important part. I told Hugo everything. And when I mean everything, I said everything. I told him about the wanted June poster, the town, and all about Gande.

“Well, I still think that you should start having dreams about you being an uncle, but I still don’t really believe you. Sorry.”

I couldn’t believe that out of all these people, my own brother, who became a ogre, wouldn’t believe me! I thought that he was the only person who would believe me.

“Then why did you turn into an ogre, huh?” I complained back. I knew it was bad to complain to people who are older than you, but I got permission from destiny this time.

“I don’t know! Okay? I don’t know everything!”

“Oh no you don’t,” said a voice from afar. (When I say afar, I mean eight feet away.) Then, when we looked at who it was, it was Gande, wearing his midnight robe. His midnight robe had full moons all over them. He knotted it in a double knot, like he always did. He must have been in his meditation class. I really know everything about Gande. Well, I thought I knew everything. Turns out not…

“What do you want?“ I asked. Then I was scared at what Gande was going to say, and I knew it was going to be scary, and it was.

“I want my best, successful invention back,” he said.

What are you talking about?!” I screamed. The wind was coming all at once. Then I couldn’t hear him, but I knew what he said. Those words pierced my heart so badly.

He said, “I want your brother, the ogre, back.”

Then all of a sudden, Gande was gone.

“Why was he here?” Hugo asked me.

“I don’t know. But I think we’re going to go through a lot this year.”

Chapter Five: Lost

I was now pretty much scared of Gande now. The next day at school, I tried to avoid Gande as much as I could. I couldn’t imagine that nice Gande being so mean! I know that he was on the wanted poster, but I didn’t know what he did! Did he do something wrong? Did he do something so horrible? I didn’t know! Today was going to be hard avoiding Gande, because we were reading buddies, writing buddies, math buddies, science buddies, and social studies buddies!

“Gande? Do you remember, uh, I don’t know, that time you came into my house last night and told me that you really wanted my brother because he’s the ogre and a swift wind came and then all of a sudden you were gone?” I asked, with my lungs out of breath.

“What are you talking about?” Gande said like he had no clue at all.

What is going on?! How can he not remember what he did to us last night?! As a matter of fact, how is it possible?!

“You don’t remember last night?” I said, trying to be calm. Unfortunately, my face blew my cover. I should have got into that lying class that Hugo recommended for me. It was a lesson that Hugo and his friend Mason made up. I was such a good kid. Back to the story.

“What happened last night, George? Did you have a bad dream?” Gande asked me. A bad dream?! No way that was a dream.

“I have to tell you something,” I said. It seemed like Gande was listening to me. When I tried to open my mouth to say a word, someone pushed me into the school president, Emily. She was the strictest president in the world. The person who pushed me was Andrew, a person who had a crush on the school president. If you want me to say this lovey dovey-like, I’ll do it.

Lovey dovey mode: on.

We fell to the floor with quite a fall. Our eyes met, and our lips touched. We were all shocked, especially Andrew, but we didn’t care. We lost track of time, and the teacher came in.

Lovey dovey mode: off.

Basically meaning, we kissed. Andrew was jealous, and the teacher came in. Emily pushed me away, ran away, and it looked like she was blushing. I got in trouble by Andrew and Emily, but mostly, Andrew was screaming at my face, and Emily was punching me lightly, but the more she punched me, the more Andrew got jealous and yelled at me. That took a whole day. I got detention, and Emily always looked away whenever I tried to talk to her. Andrew always tried to pick a fight with me, but because of that, he got 45 detention slips.

When this was all finally over, I told Gande to come to my house. Gande said that he would, but he had to bring Mila and Samantha. Mila was their dog, and Samantha his sister. And that was not all his family members. There were still his three older sisters, Ava, Amila, and Sivan, his two other younger sisters, Milan and Tammy, his two older brothers, Nicholas and Nathaniel, and his four younger brothers, Christ, Alex, Bob, and John, and he had five dogs, including Mila, two cats, three hamsters, four birds, and two gorillas. His parents were veterinarians, and sometimes they had to take the animals home. Their house was big, and they did need a big house. He had 30 family members, including the animals and him. The older brothers and sisters were all married, had babies, were pregnant, or in college. Must have been hard for Mr. and Ms. Hulkin to have 14 kids and 16 animals to deal with. They always had to pay for all the food, and they always made the food on their own. They made their own dog food, cat food, all kinds of food! Gande had a lot of babysitters. It was crazy. I wondered what harm he did to his family if he had this power… especially Nicholas. He bullied Gande for his whole life. And everybody had teased him once in a while, but the thing about Gande was that he didn’t know what the difference between a joke and the truth was. Oh boy… Back to the story.

Chapter Six: Track Team

Gande did bring Mila and Samantha, and Liz was here. Before Gande, Mila, and Samantha came, I told Hugo about the confession thing. He was crying in his room for 30 minutes when he heard that he couldn’t have his nephew. He said that it was a waste of time and life. He said that he was wondering why he was first in our beach house, and then we were in a hospital, but just not quite the right hospital. Then he came out when I said that I would try to invite Liz over.

I did invite Liz over when I said. She popped up, closed her computer, ignored all her phone calls, and then told me to get my butt up and start walking. (My butt was already up though).

We walked to my house. It was actually pretty quiet and pretty normal. The only thing that wasn’t normal was that her ex-boyfriend came and said that he wanted to make up. He was a pretty cool guy. That’s what I thought until he pushed me away and walked away with Liz. Geez. But then she pushed him away, pulled me back up, then grabbed my hand and ran away. I felt like a teddy bear blowing away by the wind. It was weird.

Thirty seconds after, we were at my house. I was actually surprised because our house was one mile away from where she was. My arm felt like it was dislocated after Liz ran. I wanted to have credit for some running, but it was impossible to stop Liz running away from her ex. I told Liz that she could be on the track team, and surprisingly, she took the advice.

When Hugo came to the door, he saw Liz, and he invited her to his room. They were all lovey dovey like they always were. I felt bad for the ex.

Gande was already at the treehouse. Mila and Samantha were playing in my room. Hugo said that he let them touch my skyscraper model that I worked one year on. I told Hugo why in the world he would do such a thing to me. But that wasn’t important to me. All I was worried about was Gande.

Chapter Seven: Panic, Run, Dream?

When I came to the treehouse, Gande was still fine. When I got up to the treehouse, he was looking around like he was trying to find something. When he was done looking around, he grabbed on to my shoulders and said,

“ListenverycloselysomethingiscomingforyouandthebookthatyouhaveIneedyoutorunfarawaywithallyour — ”

I told him to calm down. He took a deep breath and just grabbed a piece of paper from my homework and grabbed my lucky pencil from my lucky notebook. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to get something from my lucky notebook or lucky pencil. They’re the reason why I got a 100% on my test. Gande wrote a lot down. He was a fast writer, but he was writing faster than ever.

Then he handed the piece of paper over to me, and when I thought I wanted to run away, I was running as fast as Liz could run. Then out from the bushes behind me, the ogre was chasing me. I tripped over a rock and I fell. My knee was bleeding. It felt like this life was going to be over as soon as I was about to be eaten, then I tried to think of all the positive thoughts. Then when I wished that I wanted to die, I closed my eyes, trembled, and suddenly, the next thing I knew I was in my bed. It felt like nothing happened. Same bed, same Rolling Stones poster, same old bedroom that I always had since the Gande incident. Then I finally noticed that it was just a freaky nightmare. I noticed the time. 10:54 AM!!! School started 2 hours and 34 minutes ago!!! I ran over to the door with my pajamas, and I just went to school. Then I found out. It was a Sunday!!

I ran back to the house. At the dining room, Hugo called me a stupid little dummy. I stuffed my sandwich into my mouth.

My mom asked me in shock, “What kind of dream makes you wake up at 10:54 in the morning???

“A weird dream,” I replied, and the strangest thing is, I never had that dream again.

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  1. This story is amazing! And the fact that ur was happy at a dream was just… I can’t even describe it!

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