Nacho Cheese for President

On a place called Tropical Big Island, there was a superhero named Nacho Cheese. He defeated bad guys with his nacho cheese sauce powers. He also had some signature moves such as the Nacho Fist Punch, Nacho Chip Projectiles, the Wet Nacho Willie, and best of all, the Big Nacho Cheese Powder Fart. However, he was now saving the day by running for president!

In the town square, Nacho Cheese crashed into Bob the Builder.

“Who are you?” Nacho Cheese asked.

“I am Bob the Builder,” said Bob.

“I am Nacho Cheese,” said Nacho Cheese.

Bob was old, had gray hair, and couldn’t stand straight. Meanwhile, Nacho Cheese had a Mexican mask and a unique mustache.

“What are you doing here?” Nacho Cheese asked again.

“I am here because I want to know what Eve Vil would do as president,” Bob said.

“Well, if you want to know, go to Eve Vil’s speech,” Nacho Cheese said.

“Well, okay,” said Bob. “Hey, what are you even doing as president?”

“I will create a foundation where I will help the poor and hungry,” Nacho Cheese said.

“Why, thank you, superhero,” Bob said.

“You’re welcome,” said Nacho Cheese.

At the election, Nacho Cheese had met his rival candidates: Eve Vil, Violet Blick, and Camilia Higgins. Violet Blick’s cover as an adult was blown, and she was eliminated. It turned out Blick was a child when her stilts and makeup were gone.

Just because he was a superhero, the voters decided not to vote for Nacho Cheese, and Eve Vil won the election. Nacho Cheese was saddened by this. But then, Eve Vil caused chaos around the island! But don’t worry, Nacho Cheese was here to save the day! He did his Nacho Fist Punch and launched his Cheese Sauce to hold off Eve Vil. He then told the citizens to go on a ship for a little while. Vil freed herself from the cheese sauce and tried to find Nacho Cheese. Nacho Cheese then found her and used all his powers. When he found out they didn’t work, he had to do his most special move yet: the Big Nacho Cheese Powder Fart. Vil couldn’t stand the smell and was defeated. The voters realized they were wrong about Nacho Cheese, and he became president. He repeated his speech and did what he had to do to become president.

“Hello, it is me, Nacho Cheese. I may be your average everyday superhero, but now, I am running for president! I shall now tell you what I will do as president. I will start a foundation that will help the poor and hungry. I want justice for what the bad guys did to me. And finally, I will always save the day, even if i’m president. And now, I will be the president of Tropical Big Island!”

Nacho Cheese and the citizens of Tropical Big Island lived happily ever after.

“Wait a minute!” exclaimed Nacho Cheese, “I forgot about Camilia Higgins!”

“That’s right!” said Higgins herself, “You forgot about me!”

“You know, you’re perfect for the role of the president,” said Nacho Cheese.

“But why?” asked Camilia Higgins.

“All those things I said at the speech, I can also do those things as a superhero,” Nacho Cheese said. “So you can be president.”

Since the voters hated it when Nacho Cheese put his arms up and yelled “Nacho Cheese!” Camilia Higgins was president instead. Even though he didn’t win, Nacho Cheese started his foundation, and everybody lived happily ever after.


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