Nothing But Different (Part Two)

Chapter 2

Opening my eyes, I feel fire swarming my small form. Normal. Then, a jet of magic blasts out of my hand.

“What?” I say simply.

This is my forbidden power coming out. I forgot about this. Well, at least it’s still normal. Walking outside of my small treehouse with the fire-fox that I named Flame, I go over my powers by testing each one.


I look at a hand mirror to see that I completely disappear.


I turn into a fire-fox, like Flame, then back into a human (Flame’s eyes are wide open with awe).


I go over to the lake by my house and freeze the water.


I lift Flame and place her on my head (where she curls up, on top of my head, to take a nap).   


I unfreeze the lake and take a drink.

“And water control.”  

I lift up the water and make it spin above my head. I frown, wondering if I should test my unforbidden power.

“Why not,” I say to myself. “But only for a second.”

Taking Flame off my head, I place her 20 feet in front of me. Then, I unleash my inner demon.


Chapter 3

A fire swarms around me as a white, blinding form comes out of me. This is what I call my inner demon. The first time it ever came out was a nightmare.

We were in the hut, not too far away from town, but far enough so I would have space to roam around freely, which was important to my mom and dad. As I was playing outside with a magic ball, I suddenly stopped. Before my parents could even move to see what was wrong, my eyes started to glow a bright red and my hair shot up like I just got shocked by lightning.

Fire and water chased itself around my head, opening a vortex-like element, where a black demon started to crawl slowly out of the vortex. My mom had the power to create force fields, or “bubbles,” as I used to call them. Wrapping me in a bubble, she carried me into the house while Dad (who controlled the element of fire) burned the demon. When the vortex was gone, I didn’t remember a thing. I just asked why we had gone inside and why I was in a bubble. Mom and Dad told me what had happened and told me that it was just a new power.

As I grew older, the new power happened a bit more often. Mom and Dad told me to only think good thoughts, and that bad thoughts were feeding the demon inside me. That is why I became so optimistic. I’m always scared that the demon inside me will one day come out and never go back into its weak state.

When the flashback is over, and the demon goes back inside my form, I see Flame standing up on the rock I had put her on less than five minutes ago. Now she looks tense, and she’s getting ready to pounce. Taking slow steps toward her, I whisper a calm lullaby.

She grows less tense as I stroke her soft, orange fur. I cuddle up next to her as I realize that I have school tomorrow. Looking up at the sun, I see that it’s starting to set. How long have I been out here? Well, whatever. Flying upwards, I go into my hut and start to fall asleep when the realization sets in. I am starting senior year of high school! Well, sleep comes first. Falling asleep with Flame curled up next to me, I wait for the torture to begin.


2 thoughts on “Nothing But Different (Part Two)”

  1. Her writing is captivating. There is a hint of Octavia Butler. I hope she continues to explore these selves
    of herself. I love her use of language, most creative. Will the story continue? I hope so!!!!

  2. This is remarkable creative writing and tremendous self awareness. Congrats to you Olivia and to the grand Oliver Patterson!! I enjoyed this immensely.

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