Nothing But Different


I hug my knees to my chest. I’m probably the most bullied fairy in Crystal Hills. What most people don’t know is that being a fairy isn’t just totally about having powers. It’s also about what power you are born with and if you can control them. If you have one to two powers, then you are just fine. If you have three powers, you are in the “popular group,” or, as I know them, the “bully group.” The most popular powers are fast flying, underwater breathing, shape shifting, and healing. I have seven powers: invisibility, shapeshifting, frost (like my name), psychic abilities, and fire and water control. My last power is unheard of, forbidden. My name is Frost Winterstorm, and I’m here to tell you my story.

It all started when I was around two. All I remember was the fire that was enclosing my swaddled body. I heard my parents running outside. Every time I think of them, I see their faces close to my own, and then this black arm takes them away. Later, I found out that I was taken to the orphanage by an old woman. They found a note under me that I still have now. It has a picture of my parents and it says:


Dear whoever found our bundle of joy,

Her name is Frost Winter Fall. She should be taught well for she is really smart. When she is of the age of 16, she can go out and try to find us. Our names are Cas and Lago Winterfall. Tell her to please find us soon.’

~ her mom & dad


Chapter 1

Right now, I am in an ice-rink. Sort of. Since I have psychic, water, and frost powers (and I can fly), I can make a floating ice rink. I have been skating ever since I was three. It’s finally summer vacation.

“Frost!” I hear a voice call. Looking down, I see my best friend, Nightstorm. She flies up.

“Sup,” she says.

“Wanna skate?” I ask.


One thing you should know about Nightstorm is that she is a girl of few words. She gets bullied a lot for being a quiet nerd. We both are in the same area. I had been giving her lessons on ice skating. Now, she can skate awesomely.

I start to daydream. In a week, it’s going to be my 16th birthday, and I may or may not get a new power. What am I going to do now? What am I supposed to do? Where am I supposed to go now?

My concentration breaks when I hear Nightstorm skate up to me. Looking up, I see her eyes full of concern. Since one of her powers is mind-reading, she probably read my mind.

“Frost,” she says softly, pulling me up. I follow Nightstorm. We fly across town until we get to a hut on the border of the forest. This is Nightstorm’s house, where she lives with her mom, dad, and grandma.

Motioning me to stay outside, when she comes back, she is holding a book in her hand that says only one word: History. Nightstorm pulls me up to the little play house we made together when we were five. She points to the title.

“This book tracks everyone that ever lived,” she says. “It also says where they are now. Maybe it can find your parents?”

“Yeah, but how would we find them? There’s so many people in the world!”

Nightstorm is flipping through the book until she stops at a page. My mouth drops open as I see a picture of them. My parents. Nightstorm looks at the map closely.

“They’re in… in… in… you know where! Oh you know where, on the towers of thunder that were once owned by a rich businessman named Earl Gray,” she says.

Earl was caring and kind. There was one room in his tower that was forbidden to go into. One day, he stepped into that room. The next day, he was found on the floor sleeping. He was sort of in a coma but his eyes were open, full of fear. The curse spread through the house, everyone falling under a spell. Whoever entered the castle immediately fell under what is now called the phantom’s curse.

If my parents are there, how will we get them out?

Nightstorm taps my shoulder.

“Your birthday,” she says. My eyes light up.                                                                                           

“I could get a force-field power that might protect us from the phantom’s curse,” I say. My eyes then look like a candle that got blown out. “But what if I don’t?”          


Chapter 2 : A few weeks later

Well, today is my birthday. Wahoo. Right now, I feel overcome with pain. Every year, when I get a power, I get overcome with pain first.

Nightstorm comes over and helps me sit up while I listen to different songs on my Night phone. I stay completely still. If I try to move, every part of my body will hurt. Nightstorm comes in with some soup… and a neatly wrapped box in metallic blue. I look up at her expectantly. Nightstorm just puts the box down on the very tip of my bed so it touches my feet.

Opening the box, I see small, orange ears poking out of the box. I stare in shock as I see a furry face poke out of the box. It’s a fire-fox!!! They are a really rare type of fox that can be over 2,000 dollars. And pups are even more expensive!

“What, where, when, how?!” I stutter, wanting to know where she got the tiny fox. It comes over and crawls under my hand.

“Where? Under a box. When? About a month ago. I think she was terribly abused by her previous owner,” she says, beaming at my face that is lit up with joy and excitement.

“Don’t do anything. It’s night time, so you should sleep,” Nightstorm says, covering me with a blanket. I soon fall asleep with my new pet right beside me.                                                                                                                                


A few hours later (epilogue)

I stretch my hands up to the ceiling. Finally. The fire-fox jumps up and climbs on my hair. Without realising it, my hair turns red and orange. Nightstorm walks in holding a bowl of oatmeal.

When she walks in, the oatmeal nearly drops on the floor, but I summon a plate under it. She stares at me with a blank expression before jumping up and yelling.


When we first became friends, I told her that when I reach my full power, my hair would turn red and orange, and I basically turn into a “mini god.”

Looking over at her, I hesitate and take a shuddery breath and say, ”Teleportation.”

She walks up to me and hugs my trembling body.

Then, I break down crying because I was reason that my parents got taken away. Because that power is like if you killed someone. My parents sacrificed themselves for me.

So I cry, feeling depressed as Nightstorm leads me to my bed. I eventually cry myself to sleep with the fire-fox curled next to me.

As I am sleeping, Nightstorm mutters, “Well… she is nothing but different.”    


4 thoughts on “Nothing But Different”

  1. I found myself engrossed in Frost’s story by the end of the first paragraph! This story is delightfully written and has left me wanting more! Well done, Olivia!

  2. I want more! Does Frost reunite with her parents, what does she do with her new power! A well written, captivating storyline. Great job Via!

  3. A most imaginative story. It is difficult to believe a youngster of 10 could produce such a creative work.

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