One day, Punpun decided to go to the farmers’ market and bought five dead children. She brought them home and dismembered them, cooked them, and served them to the mayor. She was a maid for the mayor. She had plans to murder him though, so she wasn’t employed for long, so she put some poison in his next meal which was roasted child. She decided to go home after stealing all the mayor’s possessions. At the end of the hall, she found a secret door and opened it and discovered a room full of children. It was creepy, so she left the door open for them, so they could leave.

End of Chapter One

Chapter Two

Punpun decided to leave the city and went to live in a small witch’s house. She made potions for a living. One day, two children entered her shop and asked for candy. Punpun forgot it was Halloween! She gave them some caramels. That was her favorite candy, which is why she had caramel. They said thanks and left.

Punpun continued to work, and then an adult walked in the shop and asked for a love potion. She said she was out and to come back next week. The week ended, and she was in stock again. The man came back and asked for his potion. She gave him it. He paid and left.

Five hours later, Punpun’s good friend, Gunsaiso the red panda, entered her shop. Gunsaiso said that she was desperate for a death potion to murder her ex “because he cheated on her.” Punpun said she would check in the back to see if she had any. There was one left on the top shelf to the right. She grabbed a ladder and climbed up to grab the potion. She started to fall, and then Gunsaiso caught her in mid air. Punpun said thanks and said Gunsaiso would have the potion for free.

Gunsaiso said thanks and left to go kill her ex. Punpun said that was a hard day at work.

End of Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Punpun decided to go to her friend’s house, Sharcado. Sharcado was a shark human hybrid, and when he goes to the beach, he does not eat fish. He goes fishing sometimes though. When Punpun got into her car, she put the key in and started to drive. On her way to his house, she noticed a small box on the side of the road. She stopped her car, grabbed a pocket knife just to be safe, and slowly walked up to the box. When she opened it, there was a small kitten girl in the box. She look like she was about three years old. She immediately grabbed the poor thing and wrapped her up with a scarf and put the kitten in her car.. Punpun called Sharcado and said she had found a three-year-old kitten in a box. Sharcado freaked out.

Punpun drove as fast as she could to Sharcado’s house.

End of Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Punpun ran into Sharcado’s house as fast as she could and put the little kitten in Sharcado’s bathtub. The kitten was crying, so she washed her really well and wrapped her in a towel. Punpun didn’t make a potion for her because she was too young, and potions on three-year-olds couldn’t work because of their age. So, she decided to take her to pediatrician. The poor thing had cuts and bruises all over her, so they took her to the pediatrician. They said she would be okay and just to give her a special medicine every day. Punpun said okay. The doctor said the cuts could have been from scissor or a small dog, but Punpun was smart. She knew that those cuts were from a wolf.

Punpun did not say anything. She just nodded her head.

When they left the pediatrician, on the way back to Punpun’s house, she noticed a small growling noise coming from the little kitten’s car seat. It was… her stomach! So when Punpun and Sharknado were at his house, they cooked the kitten some soup. The kitten ate all of it and fell asleep. Punpun said bye to Sharcado and drove home with the little kitten in her lap. Then, they got home. Punpun made a small bed for the kitten, and they went to sleep.

The next day, Punpun was gardening, and the kitten came outside, holding a rag with a stuffed animal’s head.

The kitten said to Punpun, “What’s my name?”

Punpun said, “Hmmm, Starlite. That’s your new name.”

The kitten’s eyes lit up. “Yay,” she said. “That’s the coolest name ever!”

Punpun smiled and went back to gardening. Starlite helped garden.

End of Chapter Four

The next day, the kitten was missing.

End of Story One

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