Great orange pumpkins all alight.

Groups and groups of kids in to the night!

Haunting props and designs,

Sending screams and delights!

Bags full of candy and spooking sights.

Each plop in the bag excites,

Every doorway has an unseen fright!

Can you guess this holiday night?


Sugary sweets that fill your mouth.

Parents’ plans and ideas that go south.

Greedy children wanting more.

Begging at every store.

Finally the parents find a way.

They hide it in closets to keep it away,

from the candy crazed kids.

At every store those sugary delights.

Can somebody keep candy

away for a day?



White flakes are falling

Children are playing

Angels in the floor

White creatures with kinds galore 

Three balls on top of another 

ascending things are smaller

A carrot nose on the top 

Three coal buttons. Pop!

Pitter patter school is out

Outside no one will pout

What is this form of water? Can you figure it out?

Santa Claus

Who’s that guy who lives up north?

What things does he give forth?

Elves are all awork.

To make this jolly night quirk.

Many dreams come true.

So nobody is blue,

Except for the ones who get,

Black dank lumps. What a threat!

How do you get what you want?

So be nice, nicer than your aunt,

But don’t be nice for a day. 

you have to stay that way, 

For a year to avoid that lump,

So don’t slip up and leave a bump.

at midnight near the end of the year.

The bells on his sleigh spear, 

the air. Animals with horns carry him away,

who’s this guy anyway?


On a wonderful night,

What’s under your tree that wasn’t in sight?

It’s got gold yellow laces on top.

Wrapped in different colors that always pop. 

The first thing you see on December five seconds.

The thing you go for on that morning that’s what it’s always.

Normally you would tiptoe down the stairs but now you don’t care about bumps and thumps,

because all you want are those wonderful things

and by the way, can you guess this wonderful thing?

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