Pollution Stoppers

Pollution does not look pretty, if you do know what I am talking about, because it looks like a bunch of garbage and chemicals mixed together. It builds up with a smell of raw fish, chemicals, and the worst smell you could ever imagine. So, I think that people should be more mindful of where they throw their garbage. People most often think that some other person will pick it up. However, I know that this is not so true. For example, when people throw garbage on the floor, the garbage builds up higher and higher. This creates pollution. And I know pollution is not good at all. When people cause pollution, it gets worse and worse instead of better and better. So, now just imagine: if you can help out, it will make a big difference, and you can be rewarded, because it will be a cleaner place around you. Finally, you can help by picking up after yourself,  recycling and composting, and getting only what you need, not what you want.

Pollution is harmful to humans and nature (everything, really). One of the main reasons for pollution is when people don’t pick up after themselves, like when people drop their cigarettes on the floor. I do not like this, because then other people will have to pick up for other people, and it still just does not make the people mindful. You can always help out, and it is never too late to help the world become a better place. And if others clean up for you, then that means that you will never learn. You have to remember this, or at least try. So be mindful, and clean up for yourself. What if no one picked up your garbage today? It would become litter, and then an animal might come to eat it, and then the animal would get sick, and maybe even die. Now, imagine if you are barefoot. You could get super hurt and your cut could be deep and infected. That is why you should not throw your garbage on the floor. In Germany, two whales were found dead with plastic inside their stomachs instead of fish and krill. It already happened, and you do not want to make a repeat of it again. So you can help out to make your world a better place!

You can always help out by recycling. When you help out, you make the world a better place. You can help and start out in your own garden. You can start by composting. When you compost, it makes your place less dirty, and more clean. As you help out, you save oceans and lakes, because that is where most of the garbage ends up. And water is a precious thing, because you do not want your water to become dirty. Or, you do not want the fish to be sick, because when fishermen do actually catch them, garbage could end up in their tummies. No one would be able to eat them, because if they do then they would probably end up getting poisoned, and then that would not be good. So, you can recycle everything that is reusable, so you can reuse it over and over again. You can start out plain and simple. You can help save the world. There are some recycling centers that do have recycling programs. So now you can start  one of your own. Just taking a step further makes it better.

Factories also are dangerous and harmful to the environment. You can always help out by only getting things you need, and not things you want that are made from factories. If you only get things you need, factories will close down, and then you will find less garbage in the landfills than before. Not only will it be cleaner, but it will be a safer place for animals and you. Like, from my experiences at the beach, I can see glass bottles sticking out of the sand. A few years ago, in China, there happened to be a smog. This was because the chemicals mixed in the air to make the smog in the first place. And I don’t think that anyone wants that in New York. That is why we have to take care of our city.

As you can see, you know that pollution is very bad for you, because you are destroying these precious resources, and you can help fix pollution. And this is how you can help: by recycling, and by composting. These are easy steps that can lead the world to a better place (and it will make you become a better person.) So you can start it right in your own house. And spread the word! The more people we have in this, the more ways the world can become a better place! Calling your friends or relatives could help, so you can get everyone in this!


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