Summer comes with heat.

It comes with a promise for games,

It comes with playing in the sun,

Free from care, for passing grades in school’s over,

But you wonder

whose class will I be in?

What will being in 6th grade be like?

The roses and tulips fill the air with their calm scent.

You stay up later just to watch the sun fall below the trees

And when it’s over, there’s always Fall.


Fall comes with a cool breeze.

It comes with a wish for sweaters/

It comes with more school, and more work,

And more candy.

You have to rake the leaves and when you’re all done, you jump.


Leaves flutter around you, coating the sky in colors of red, yellow, and brown.

On the colder days, your mother makes you dress in scarves and mittens and hats.

On the warmer days, you simply dress in a simple sweater.


Winter comes with snow days and below 30 degrees.

You try to catch as many snowflakes on your tongue,

Sledding down the hill you try to hold on.

After, your gloves become soaked.

You’ve almost lost your hat in the glistening snow.

You come inside to a warm and cozy fire,

Holding a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, you lie down with your favorite book.

You read

And read

And read.

Then, you get more hot chocolate.


Spring comes with melting snow and warmer weather.

It comes in rain and rain boots.

After a while, it’s back to shorts and T-shirts

And icees flavoured with guava and Cookies & Cream,

Jumping into the pool or the lake with friends.

Summer’s nearly here and summer camp will start.

Then, summer comes.


Summer comes with heat.

It comes with a promise for games.

It comes with playing in the sun.


3 thoughts on “Seasons”

  1. To say “it’s cool” is totally undeserving “it’s terrific”.
    I’m 76 and I get it and love it.
    Ava, your expressions in art, writing and in conversation
    are wonderful—so proud of you.

  2. Ava that was amazing. I wish all my students had a voice like you. Your use of discriptive words is remarkable. I can see every word you wrote. It won’t be long until you are published, if you are not already. Thank you !
    Uncle Billy ☘️

  3. WOW! Not sure if WOW can really capture how I feel… Seems too simple a word… but yet you, this poem, your undeniable talent ( at 11) Makes me say/feel-WOW!! So proud of you Miss Ava. Keep writing. ❤Aunt Susanne

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