Selena and the Big Secret


Chapter One: The Mist

I have brown hair, a blue shirt, black pants, and black shoes. I have blue eyes and brownish lips. We were on the Mist! The most famous boat on the whole ocean! I couldn’t even believe we had enough money to go to England! I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world.


Chapter Two: Oh No!

I loved the ocean. The gentle breeze of the ocean. I wish I would never leave, but tomorrow I was going back home. I heard a big shrieking sound from below deck! I ran down to the source of the sound. The foamy ocean water was filling up the boat, and I went back up to the deck.


Chapter Three: Flashback!

I am Selena Sleek and the most unpopular girl in college. I am being bullied by the most popular kid in college, Ashley Kironoe. The most valuable thing I own is an antique-looking trophy. I won a swimming competition. I have a simple apartment, and it has a dresser with lots of perfumes, mascara, and all the makeup you could think of. I have a tiny, regular bed. I had a big closet with all the dream clothes of the world, all the dream shoes, shirts, pants. I go to the mall every Saturday. But I was still only the next popular from the mold in the girl’s shower!


Chapter Four: Flashforward!

We had crashed into a big rock, and I ran to the lifeboats, but I was too late. I was stuck on a ship in the middle of the ocean. I took a deep breath and jumped. I got out of the water and kept swimming until I saw a dot. I got excited and swam until I fell on the beach. I got up and put together some palm leaves. I fell gratefully on the leaves and went to sleep. But before I went to sleep, I saw a small elephant and a tiny monkey crawling to me. And do you know what they had on their skin? They had names: Jimbo for the monkey and Lena for the elephant. I wasn’t scared, even though I saw them.


Chapter Five: The Island

When I woke up, I made a big fire. I saw a cruise ship and made a big HELP in the sand. I jumped up and down. The cruise ship didn’t see me because the fire went out. I ran to the hill and started the fire up again. Then, I ran back to the beach and jumped up and down.


Chapter Six: The Rescue

The cruise ship started turning and saw me. The boat came toward me, and someone threw down a liferaft. I got up a ladder on the side of the boat. The boat was called The Whale. I looked around the whole boat, but my parents weren’t on the boat. Then, I got a fruit salad and water. I ate it all and changed clothes. I wore a pretty dress, and this time I always stayed near the lifeboats. Now I was scared. After a few minutes, I washed my clothes and borrowed a towel to wrap them up.


Chapter Seven: UGH!

The boat went to the highest speed. Then we turned, and we got into a storm. I thought I must be jinxed or something. I grabbed a lifeboat, and I rowed away. I took one last look at the boat and rowed as far as I could. When I couldn’t row away anymore, I fell asleep on my towel. When I woke up, I looked at my watch inside the towel. It was 6:00 am, and I rowed until 9:00 pm. I saw land and rowed back home.


Chapter Eight: The Hospital

I woke up in the hospital, and I tried to get up. I couldn’t do it because of all the wires. My parents came in.

They said, “You are ready to come back home.”

“Yay!” I said.

We went back home, and we all stayed home the whole day. I slept the whole day. The next day, I went to school.

Ashley said, “Meet me after school in the yard, okay.”

I said, “Okay.” We both went to class, and I didn’t get a single question correct in worry of what Ashley was going to do to me.


Chapter Nine: The New Start

I saw Ashley in the yard. She was standing next to the flagpole and leaning on it. Then, I saw a limousine, and Princess Diamond told me to come inside. She was wearing a pink ball gown with a pink jeweled tiara on her head and had blonde hair, blue eyes, red lipstick, and pink ballet shoes. I went inside, and she told me why she hadn’t come before. The king said that she shouldn’t tell me until I was ready.


Chapter Ten: The Palace

We drove all the way to the palace, and I got cookies. We arrived, and people bowed. We went inside the palace, which was pink, and there were lots of turrets and lots of towers. We went inside, and I was awed by the sight. There were more pillars. The whole castle was pink.

We went to a huge bedroom, and princess Diamond said, “This is your room.”

I jumped on the bed. I went to Princess Diamond and said, “What is this all about?”

Princess Diamond said, “Didn’t you know you’re a princess?”

I was so shocked that I ran back to the bedroom and laid down on the bed. I looked around and thought that this was all a dream. I pinched myself, but I didn’t wake up. I realized this was actually happening to me. I picked up a comb and brushed my hair like it was the most relaxing thing in the world, which it was. It was a magical hair brush that changed hair styles and hair colors. I felt I could outsmile the sun. My hair was now blonde and all wavy, like it was the most beautiful hair in the world, which it was. I looked around in the dresser for something else magical. I figured out everything was. Then I got red lipstick, which made my lips all glittery. Then I sat on my bed with a face mask. I was wondering what it would do to me. Then when I took it off, I saw that everything I ever thought was bad about my face was gone.

A maid came and said, “Dinner is ready, and change clothes.”

I changed into a purple diamond dress and went down to dinner. I ate a big turkey and went back upstairs. I jumped on the bed and then went to sleep.


Chapter Eleven: The First Day

I woke up the next day in the big, fluffy bed. I changed my clothes and rang the tiny bell next to my bed. A servant came with a silver tray and set it on the bed. I ate my breakfast and went to explore the rest of the castle.


Chapter Twelve: The Treasure Room

I went to the treasure room and looked at the sight. The whole room was glittering from the gold. I went back to my room and found a little box. I found Princess Diamond and asked what was in the box. She said it was my tiara for princess school.

I said, “Wow, I didn’t know I was going to princess school!”


Chapter Thirteen: Princess School

The next day, I got ready for princess school. Princess Diamond said that I would need ballet shoes, tutu skirts, two ball gowns, lots and lots of makeup, lots of books, a magic scepter, and, of course, my princess crown tiara. I got all that into a pink, sparkly suitcase. Then, I went to explore the rest of the castle. I saw a throne room. I sat on my throne and pretended to be the king.


Chapter Fourteen: The Friend Walked In

Then, the king walked in! Princess Diamond was with him.

Then they said, “We have a special guest for you.”

Then, my friend from my old school, Cassie, walked in. We went to my room, and we played with the millions of dolls I had. Then, we played with my humongous dollhouse. It was so big, we could even play inside! Then, the king came in and said Cassie had to leave. I said goodbye to Cassie and gave her my humongous dollhouse, but shrunk it down first with a magic scepter.

Then, I said, “As soon as you touch it, go inside the bag, set it on the floor, and it will turn humongous again.”

Then, Cassie left my room, and I went to sleep. I felt really sad, and I wondered if I would ever see Cassie again.


Chapter Fifteen: The Truth

I grabbed my suitcase and went down for breakfast. I was feeling a little homesick.

I said “Bring my family here!”

Then, the servant left with the carriage, and a few minutes later, with the help of the magic scepter, my parents were in the carriage. I explained the whole story to them. Then, I saved the best for last, I was a princess!

My mom said, “You know what this means, right?”

I said, “Of course I do! I get to be a princess!”

Then, my mom said, “No, it means that you are not our daughter!”

Then, my dad spoke. “Let us tell you the real story. We found you in a pink basket on our doorstep. We got you a crib, and then we kept you because then we didn’t know who your parents were. Then you grew up, and you know the rest.”

I was so dissapointed. I felt like I was falling down a cliff.

My mom said, “Then what did you think when you found out you were a princess?”

I said, “I thought maybe you were keeping some secret from me, like you were the king and queen. I think that’s why you’ve been so secretive lately. Maybe the king gave you a message. And why your faces are so white right now. I am so mad at you two. Go away and never come back!”

They left using my magic scepter.


Chapter Sixteen: The First Day

I was really nervous. I wondered if I was going to make a new friend. I was in the royal carriage going to school. Now I was at the school. I went to my room at C4. I met my new roommate, Ashley. I couldn’t believe I had to room with her! She was my only enemy.

She said, “Don’t worry. I’m not rooming with you. I’m just here for a visit. Your new roommate is Princess Julie. I told my parents I was really good friends with you, so I came here.”

I was so relieved she wasn’t my roommate! Princess Julie came in.

She said, “Hello. What’s your name?”

I felt like I was going to be friends with her. We put on our practice princess crowns. The bell rang, and we went off to our first class, history. When we got to class, Miss J told us to sit in our seats and get our history books out. I got out History of a Princess. I turned to page one, and we wrote our names in. We read until the end of class. Then, we went to manners class. We went down, and we saw a big table with lots of spoons and forks on it. Miss M told us to place them in the correct order. Then, we took out our manners books.

Miss M gave a big speech: “You must learn how to do manners this year and not anything wrong, or I will expel you!”

Princess Julie said, “Sheesh. What a meanie!”

Then, the class was over, and we went to ballet class. We did pirouettes and balance. Then when that was done, we went to lunch. We ate our lunch of milkshakes and cookies and ice cream and then went to computer class.

Princess Julie said, “I wonder what we do here. I guess we just do some coding.”

Then, the computers turned on, and we ended up doing Minecraft the whole day. I like Minecraft.

Miss L said, “We’re not going to do something princessy today. We’re going to do Minecraft.”

We ended up doing Minecraft the whole day. Then, we went to magic class. We all made rainbows with our scepters. I felt like it was really, really easy. I read the Magic for Beginners book before, so I knew everything. Then, we went back to our room. We each took a shower, and then we went to bed. I reached out to turn off the light, but a little pink fairy came in and turned it off.


Chapter Seventeen: The Rest of the Year

Through the year, I met Princess Julie, Princess Tina, Princess Lily, and Princess Kylie. They all became my friends. I only made two enemies this year at Princess School. The princess’s name was Princess Precious, and the prince’s name was Prince Arthur. He was the youngest king who ever lived when he got older. They bullied me and called me names.


Chapter Eighteen: The Test

I took the last year test. It was called Princess Year. They tested us on all the things that we ever learned that year. But I say it wasn’t that much. I already knew how to do all that stuff. Most of what we did was reading. Before the last year test, I was really, really nervous because I didn’t know what Princess Year really was. But now that I finished it, I felt like I got everything correct.

Precious was still my enemy, and so was her new boyfriend, Prince Arthur. Do you know why Precious likes him? It’s because they both don’t like me. I wish she would like me. I didn’t do anything wrong to her; I even gave her a present! She got a tiara, and Prince Arthur got a new horse. Now he uses it for races and other stuff like that, and he still enjoys it, but he still doesn’t like me. I think they don’t like me because of my past. After the test, we all went to the Princess Tea. We all had some tea and some pastries. We celebrated later in the summer with all our 100s on the test, and do you know what Precious and Arthur got? They got zeroes on all of them. I bet they’re a little jealous too.


Chapter Nineteen: The End

When summer started, all of our friends hung out. We went to the beach, and we also went to my castle. We met some princes at the prince’s school, we went to my old house, and we went to the dance class. We did not meet my fake parents, and I’m really happy for that. I hope they never know what a traitor they were (my friends). I really like dancing. We still ate pastries, and we got new tiaras at the end of the year, but Precious and Arthur didn’t because they didn’t get anything correct, not even the questions were correct.

Our ones were all pink jeweled and identical. I wear it all the time in the palace, and I still have a lot of fun. Most of the time, I wear the pink gown that I wore on the first day that I came. And also, do you want to know something? I took a picture with all my friends, and I know they’ll be my friends until the end, except maybe Prince Arthur.


The End.


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