Straying from the Path


I was told to grow a tree

That would someday bear fruit

They told us that there was a key

He leaned conspiratorially, said,


“Our way is tried and true

We have proven it through math

Our way is tried and true

Do not stray from the path.”


Now I had been studying for a long

Long time, for this, so I knew

I knew what was supposed to happen

I knew the rules were wrong


I was swiftly bewildered by this

I had learned what was right

They had taught what was wrong

So naturally I did it my way.


I came back the next day

My tree was budding yet

I left feeling proud

Like I had outsmarted them


Days passed before they realized

I hadn’t used their strategy

My tree was bursting larger,

Larger than everyone else


They shot me looks

And evil glances

I left that day feeling worried

Uncertain of what I thought was sure


The feeling passed, and so I paced

Forwards to my tree the next day

I felt excited, feathery light

My heart was filled with glee


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