Coco and Rosie

Iman Abdur-Rahman, age 8

Grand Canyon Race

Samira P. Senthil, age 8

Sharky’s Adventure in the Deep Blue Sea

Nicholas, age 8

Tommy’s Adventures

Nurit Kamal-Bordelois, age 8

Kiki the Witch

Willa Morris-Sublett, age 8

Amelia and the Fire

Sheva Wright, age 8

The Alien WAR

Ryan M. Romolo, age 8

Ali and The Missing Book

Dhruv Ambati, age 9

Tommy the Mouse

Mira, age 9

Bill the Foodie

Micah B., age 8

The Alien Bob Books

Jack Degregorio, age 8

Three Poems

Evan H. Seo, age 9

Three Minutes Before the Earthquake

Sheva Wright, age 8


Mira, age 9

Uni the Unicorn

Zoe Chow, age 8

The Train of Horror

Emir Grundy, age 8

Ouch! Goes the Weasel, Books 1 & 2

Enhao Ren, age 9

The Haunted Cheeseburger (Series 1)

Sophie Powers, age 9

The Mimic

Rian Suljagic, age 8

Monster and Mushroom: A New Beginning

by Beatrice Watts-Kornblut, age 9

Lenmonoral Academy Part One

by Willa Maureen Coombs Gross, age 9

She Wonders

Amanda J.B. Marcano-James, age 8

The Adventures of Miles Black

Uma Vanreusel, age 8

My Pet Slime

Selin, age 8

It’s Saturday

Julie-Alice, age 9

Wicked Witch of the Night

Medha Siena Iyengar, age 9

Vacations Everywhere!

Laia Alegret, age 8

The Robot Who Met a Person

Azadeh C., age 8

Finding the Banana Tree

Mason M., age 8

Crazy About Computers

Samantha Kung, age 8

The Story of Sunglass Dude & Pengu the Penguin

Junho Yoon, age 8

Seymour & a Piece of Cheese

Dean Carlson, age 8

Jenny’s Candy World

Sophia Peniston, age 9

Audrey and the Guardians of the Wall

Becky, age 8

A Bedtime Story

Dia Sankar, age 9

The Fairytale Portal

by Chelsea Eng, age 9

Kate and Olivia’s Adventure

Cora, age 8

Escape From the Mall

Elise Lee, age 8

Potato Land Book One: Humans Try to Take Over Potato Land But One Awesome Team Will Stop the Humans!

by Avery Kim, age 10

Stranded in Paradise

by Paloma W., age 8