Uni the Unicorn

Uni the unicorn was staring at the glittering stream, thinking about nothing except for sunlight. Ten minutes later, her little sister named Luna came and plopped herself right next to her sister and asked, “Whatcha doing?”

“Oh, I was just thinking about my power of sunlight,” Uni said. 

“I was thinking about the same thing!” said Luna. 

At the same precise moment, the darkness of twilight took over the shining sun. Uni questioned, “What is happening?”

When she looked at Luna, her little sister did not have any pupils, her eyes were just plain white. Her mane had streaks of black, purple, and navy blue. Instead of the rainbow colors on Luna’s horn, there was bronze swirled with gold. 

Luna shouted, “Do you now know why my name is Luna? It’s because I am the evil sorcerer of darkness!” Then she cackled an evil scary laugh and strode off. 

Uni started to get the spooks. She asked herself, Was her little sister actually on the dark side, or was Luna just trying to be funny? 

Then Uni had an idea. What if she were quick enough to follow her sister to Luna’s home and spy? She got right to work. She galloped home and quickly packed up and got some food and water. Once she was done, she ran off into the darkness of the afternoon. 

But after months and months, she still couldn’t find Luna. So what she did was give up reluctantly and went home as slow as a snake.