The Animal Shelter

Once upon a time, Amy was walking through the village, when she was thinking of having a bake sale to raise money for the animal shelter that was going out of business. So, as the caring person that she was, she wanted to help the animal shelter. As a use to staff, she wanted to help the shelter, so no animal had to suffer and not have a family. When she looked at the shelter, there was a sign. It said, We will close on July 10 at 8pm, which was today, (goal: $1,000).

After she read the sign, she said to herself, “l can do this.”

So, she quickly went to the bakery and found some items. The first item in her shopping list was a pumpkin pie (the cost: $5.00). The second item on the list was a blueberry muffin (the cost: $2.10). The next item were brownies (the cost:$2.00). The second to last item was a red velvet cake (cost: $7.70). The last item on the list was, of course, lemonade (cost: $2.75). After finishing the list, Amy started building the bake sale stand. When the stand was finished, she started to sell. When she started, she noticed nobody wanted to buy anything, until an old woman came. This old woman was actually a witch with long white hair, long nails, a hunchback, and lots of pimples.

She told Amy, “Why did you make this stand.”

Amy said, “To help the animal shelter.”

When Amy finished serving the old woman, she said, “I would give you luck, my young one.”

Once she said that, a bunch of people were coming to the bake sale. When it was about 7:30, Amy closed up her stand and counted her money. When she finished counting her money, she started sprinting all the way to the animal shelter. When she was there, she started talking to the man next to the animal shelter.

“Wait, wait. I have the money to save the animal shelter.”

“Wait, what? We’re not closing for good. We’re just moving.”

“What about the goal?”

“That’s for moving.”

“What about the closing date?”

“That date was the last day it will be there, but if you don’t need the money, we can use it here.”

“Aggh, just take the money.”

Ever since that day, Amy always asked for more details. Dummy Amy lived happily ever after.


The end.


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