The Beach

Sand on the beach,

Sand on the shore,

Sand in the ocean,

On the ocean floor.


In the ocean we can dive and swim,

Fill your water bottles to the rim,

Hit the beach ball as far as it goes,

Splash in the water with your feet and toes.


The sun is shining brightly on us,

Just enjoy it and don’t make a fuss,

We can have a drink to cool us off,

Not too cold or we’ll get a cough.


Children are swimming and playing happily,

Their parents are lying in the sun nappily,

Nobody knows how deep the water goes,

It’s difficult to see beneath your nose.


Sand in the ocean,

Sand in the sea,

Sand is everywhere,

Just for you and me.


The mermaids sing,

The birds spread their wings,

The fish hide and huddle,

The starfish squeeze and cuddle.


We roll out the towels straight and long,

As we do it we sing a happy song,

We arrive at the beach at the crack of dawn,

RIght away we rub our sunscreen on.


Kids lick their ice cream,

Adults watch the sun beam,

While we all enjoy the steam,

This could be one big dream.


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