The Boy With Future Senses

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Jake with future senses, although he no had clue he had them. One day, he had dream about a video game. In the dream, he was playing a video game with three other people, and he was playing as some kind of hero with a jetpack and a sword. The second person was huge; he had a huge hammer with a huge shield. The third person was a guy with a machine gun and grenades. Jake thought it was cool, but it wasn’t possible to make the game because he was only eight years old, so he forgot about it.

Ten years later, Jake had to choose a profession because he was going to college. Then he had a tingly feeling that he knew what to do. He remembered that when he was eight, he had a dream about a videogame, but he couldn’t make it because he was too little at the time. So he chose his major, programing video games! Although it was hard, he studied and studied.  He woke up at 6:00 AM and worked until 7:00 PM five times a week. On the weekends, he played video games to get the feeling of how to program good video games. Classes were hard, but he did great. Jake was the teacher’s pet and got straight A+s.

His roommate wasn’t nice to him because he was smart and his roommate was dumb. He pranked Jake by covering his bed with bugs, locking him outside, hiding his food, and even making him pay the rent! These tricks never worked though, because Jake saw them in the future, but they were still hard to deal with.

After a few semesters, he got so good that he could make a video game with his eyes closed. When Jake was done with college, he bought his own place to live and program video games. His two best friends, Gideon and Beni, also lived with him because they were amazing at programming video games. They had scholarships for programming video games, and they worked with him too.

They started working on the game from Jake’s dream, and it was hard as hell. It took five years to make the game, but those years were great. When they were done with the game, they named it War And Destruction. There were 79 characters. One turned invisible, one could heal people and revive the dead, one was a ninja throwing axes and a sword, one could control animals, and so on. Also, the characters in his dream were also in the game. The game had different modes; Survival, Arcade, Custom, 6 vs 6, 1 vs 1, and Domination. Survival is where you have to fight animals and try to survive for the longest time. Arcade is mini games, Custom is where you can create your own game. Domination is capture-the-flag.

They sold their game to Zekrome, and so many people bought the game that it became the most popular game in the world, and everyone was talking about it. They made millions, and they were also on the news.

A news reporter asked them, ”How did you get the idea to make this game?”

Jake said, “Nothing special,” and they lived happily ever after.


                                                                  The End


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