The Dark Thing

There is something under the [[bed]]. [[Who]] is it? What is [[it?]] It could just be a [[mouse]]… [[Right?]] No. It [[looks]] too big. No. It [[sounds]] too big for a mouse. [[help]]. [[Growling]] is coming from under the bed. The [[shadows]] are everywhere. You are [[alone.]] [[Alone]]. The wind is howling, the air is [[cold.]] [[Freezing.]] The only thing you can hear is a dark… [[dark…]] [[laugh.]] there is [[positively]], [[definitely]].. [[Something under the bed.]]

Stem curled up in his blankets, attempting to warm himself up. It didn’t work very well, but at least it would warm up in a while. The dark and terrible laughing continued. The wind continued to howl. Trying to go to sleep in the alien forest was such a [[bad idea.]] But the bed was just there! And how was he supposed to get back to the [[satellite?]]

Finally, gaining all of the courage that he could muster, the four-year-old shouted, “Stop it! I’m trying to sleep!”  

The laughing stopped quickly, and the coldest wind blew into the bed. Fed up with all of this nonsense, Stem stood up on the bed and jumped off of the bed. [[Bad Idea.]] Whatever was [[laughing earlier]] grabbed his ankle and pulled  him under.  Stem fell down a deep, dark hole and landed, breaking all of his [[bones]] into a cage. He looked up, with the [[one bone]] that wasn’t broken, his spine. Before him was a being from [[another realm.]] It had two eyes, no, five. There were three under his left eye. All of them were a milky white. Its entire body seemed to be made out of shadows–no, a fire. A fire made out of shadows; a shadow fire. It made him feel like he would never be happy and unafraid. He felt like his heart had [[pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.]] — he was very good with words.

[[“How very interesting. Your soul isn’t enough, though. I’d hate to waste a potential ally. Oh well. Goodbye.”]]

Suddenly, Stem woke up back in his satellite home.


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