The Day That Goes Haywire – Trilogy

My day today:

8:13 am – Wake up

8:15 am – Log on to Writopia Lab (Yay!!!!)

9:45 am – Writopia Lab ends

9:46 am – Go downstairs

9:48 am – Eat breakfast while watching the test cricket match

9:50 am to 3 pm – Do some studying, play cricket with my uncle

3 pm to 6 pm – Go to a friends birthday party, stay there until six, eat dinner, and come home

6 pm to 9 pm – Come home, play a few games of  The Sequence, and sleep

This is how my day should look today, I think as I get up.

“Joe! Are you up yet?” Mom shouts from downstairs. 

“Yes! I’ve been up for about 10 minutes,” I shout back as I log on to Writopia. The next minute, I find that my internet isn’t working. Then, my day goes totally awesome (I’m being sarcastic). 

Three things that go totally awesome in my day are logging on to Writopia Lab, going to a friend’s birthday party, and playing a few games of The Sequence. I have to shut down my computer, and start it up again 2 times. Finally, I get to Writopia Lab. For the rest of the lab, I have no problems. 

Next, I find that I am late for the party, by 50 minutes. Then, I get to the party and play till 6 pm. 

Back at home, I can’t find The Sequence, a board game where you have to make two sequences of 5. The first person to make both of them wins! You can also play in teams of two. Same thing goes: the first one to make two sequences of 5 wins the game. Finally, I find it. Then, me and my family play 5 games, 1 of which I won, and 4 that I lost. Then, I brush my teeth, and go to bed. I have a ton of nightmares, such as missing my book report deadline, being late for my State Report Oral, and other stuff, like missing Math or Social Studies or even SCIENCE.

The End lLets just hope that my Monday isn’t the same!!) 

The Day That Goes Haywire: Episode 2: Summer Starts

I, Joe Johnson, started my Monday like a normal Monday. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had the end of school year exams on Monday, as Monday was the last day of school, and I hadn’t studied a single bit!!! Dun dun daaaan!!! My grade, although I hadn’t studied, was 99.9%. My parents were furious with me! 

“Joe! You should have gotten 2,000,000,000,000,000,000% on your exams! Your mom and I always got that score on our exams!” my Dad said. I was startled.

 “Sorry!! I forgot to study for the exams!” I replied. Then, my day went totally awesome (sarcastic, again). As I tried to focus on the fact that school was out for summer break, I started worrying about Summer Camp, or Summer School. Or… or… or some other horrible thing. Instead, Mom and Dad planned a trip to, you guessed it, The Park of Waters and Slides that Stretch Up To 60 Feet Off The Ground, even though they know that I absolutely didn’t like that park. I guess that it was supposed to be some kind of punishment.

The next day, at 4AM, we flew to Cancun, Mexico, to go to the park. The park was not very fun. The resort, on the other hand, was awesome, but terrifying. 

“Ahh!!! Help!” I yelled. I had just triggered a booby trap.       

         To know more about Joe’s Summer Vacation, read the third book of the Day That Goes Haywire Series.

                         The End

The Day That Goes Haywire: Episode 3: Summer Vacation 

Summer is going horrible and horrifying for me so far. My parents are being controlled by an Evil Madmind. I only got to know about this when I overheard them a few weeks into summer vacation.

                  A few weeks ago: 

“Joe Johnson! Get up!” Mom shouted from across the room.

“Okay! Okay! Stop! Mom! Seriously! Stop throwing pillows at me! I’m up! I’m up!” I replied, as I held my hands up in surrender. Just as quickly as that had passed, Dad threw another volley of fire. 

“Dad! Stop! Chill! Why? Okay, seriously, you have got to stop throwing pillows at me now!” I roared, as I threw a volley of fire back at both Mom and him. I was shocked at this behavior from Mom and Dad. It really was surprising how carefree they had gotten after coming to Cancun. Was I the only serious one left?

This was actually true. I was really the only one left that was serious. My parents were being sort of “controlled,” though I didn’t know this yet. I only found out one night when my parents thought I was asleep…

Now: 3 Weeks into Summer Vacation

I only found out one night when my parents thought I was asleep. They talked about the madmind and how he was their “master,” and the most powerful person in the world, and how he would give them all that they wanted and so on and so forth. I was shocked at this. I was really surprised that they, of all people, would let themselves be controlled. They weren’t those kind of people. Upon investigating a bit further, I found out that there was a super secret camera that was hidden in my parents room. It zapped them with a weird blue light 2 times a day, one time in the morning, and one in the night. Now that I knew how that worked, I just had to disable it. I snuck into my parents room when they were out shopping. I then disabled the zapper. Now, I had saved my parents!


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