The Great Lunchbox Mystery

Leigh was an ordinary boy. Red hair, green eyes. Every day, his mom packed him a sandwich and water. But when he got to school, he had pasta, sparkling water, and a cheesecake. As the years passed, he got more food from his lunchbox: pizza, cakes, Coca-Cola, and silverware.

Then, lightning sprouted from the air and put a golden crown on his lunchbox, and it started to float. Leigh grabbed his lunchbox and followed it up to the air. Once they were at the top, they were in Lunchbox Land. Lunchbox Land was basically made of lunchboxes: lunchbox houses, lunchbox playgrounds, lunchbox floors, lunchbox everything. Leigh was shocked. He fell onto his back, pretending it was a dream.

Then, his lunchbox grew legs, then arms, and then a head. So you understand me? Even eyes! And then he said, “Hello, Leigh.”

Leigh was confused. He had no idea what was happening. Leigh rolled his eyes and said, “Where did you come from?”

“I am magical,” his lunchbox replied. “My name is Shake Your Booty. How may I help you?”

“I am good. Who are you?”

“I am Shake Your Booty. Oh, then, I will go to my castle.”

“What castle?”

“That castle.”

“Oh! Can I go in?”

They walked and walked until they got to a huge mansion. They opened the lunchbox doors. As Leigh stepped in, he saw a beautiful table, giant golden lunchbox stairs, and best of all, a sculpture! “Is this me?” He asked.

Shake Your Booty cried, “Yes, this is you! You are my boss. I like you being happy. Other kids don’t have the luck that you have.”

As he entered, Shake Your Booty said, “This is your room. Enjoy! You have it for one week.” Shake Your Booty yelled, “Bye!” and shut the door.

Leigh accidentally wobbled and pressed a red button on the floor. The whole room was about to explode. It exploded, all right, but with human stuff. A bed, clothing, a bathroom, and a rug appeared. Leigh ran all the way to the end of the room and tucked himself into a ball. And all of a sudden, he could fly.

“What the lunchbox?” Leigh said and fell asleep.

The next morning, Leigh found a giant cake in his room and Shake Your Booty too. He was singing, “Shake your bootay! Shake your bootay! Na, na! Baby this is how you do it!”

Leigh rolled his eyes. What was happening to him?

Leigh tried to break the floor to get home. It wasn’t possible.

Shake Your Booty said, “Hellooo! Do you want the big cake or not?”

“Oh, no, thank you,” Leigh replied. Then, they tried looking for another lunch box that came from the earth. But they were so hard to get into one of the holes. Then, he went up to the room. He found The Guide Out of Lunchbox World in his drawer. It had appeared with the room.

So, first, he needed a hammer of Lunchbox Zitia. But, it was at the top of the mansion. So he took the elevator and got the hammer. Then, he needed to find out where he came out of. So he went to Headquarters. He asked, “By any chance, do you know where I came out of?”

“Name of your lunchbox?”

“Shake Your Booty.”

“Where do you live?” asked Building, a lunchbox that worked in Headquarters.

“Plastic Street.”

“Okay. Follow me.”

So Leigh followed Building to where he came out of. He crashed to the ground. Then, he jumped in the hole and landed on his roof. The hole closed. He was safe!

Shake Your Booty was ruined! He decided to send his spy to look for Leigh.

Then, he said to his spy Tupperware, “You shall find Leigh. You can use the tools in that box. If not, you are banished from Lunchbox Land.”

So Tupperware set foot. On the way to Leigh’s house, he broke the ground. There was Leigh’s house! He jumped off the floor and onto the roof. And then he slid down and walked through the door. He had a smile on his face, and he was cartwheeling on the floor.

“I don’t know. I just held onto my flying lunch box, and I was in another dimension!” said Leigh.

“Okay. You are grounded. Go to your room!”


Then, Leigh went into his room. There was his old lunchbox!

“Ha, ha. Get ready to become a lunchbox!”

“No!” Leigh ran to his mom. They both shook in terror.

“So, this is your lunchbox?” said his mom.


“Run for your life!”

“The bomb.”

“What bomb?”

“The bomb that I hid in the yard this morning. I can make it explode, and my crazy lunchbox will get destroyed.”

“Do it.”

Leigh hit the red button.


The ground shook. Dirt and stone flew up into the air. And in the hole, lay the two dead lunchboxes.  

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