The Invasion of the Good Boyes

(Any misspelling is on purpose)

Once upon a time, there was a very thicc boye….. He was a lonely boye, and he wanted new doggo frens, so he did a sacred doggo ritual… Bork bork space boyes come be my fren am lonely boye!!!

And the space boyes came. The space boyes had called the lonely boye and said they had arrived. Lonely boye was so happ. But then the hoomans thought the space boyes had come to take over, so they tried to attack and failed. All doggos of every kind had seen this as war. So, they sent the whole doggo army to attack the hoomans. The doggos had come. The hoomans also did come. Some went to hide in shelters. The doggos attacked! They had a long fight with the hoomans and won. The hoomans had failed the first battle. The doggos are confident they will win the war, after all, aren’t doggos the superior race? Be quiet, yes they are. The doggos began their invasion in Africa. Since they are good boyes, they wanted to help the poor people in Africa. The Africans actually agreed to become part of the doggo empire! But not the governments. The dictators and presidents of Africa’s countries did not agree. And they tried to attack the doggos! But they failed. Another victory for the doggos! And a loss for the hoomans.

So now the doggos have taken over Africa and are now going for Asia. They attempt an invasion and fail! But how?! It is China and Russia, some of the most powerful countries in the world, but then the doggos have a new ally, a long lost brother to return… Gabe the Dog!!! The legendary Gabe!!! Now the doggos have a god himself on their side! They successfully invade Asia, then Oceania, then Europe! The doggos now have control of half the world! But now there is a problem. To get to the Americas, the doggos must swim, but they don’t know how! But they have a special force called… the Swim Swom Boyes! They swim! And they swom! As hard as they can across the Atlantic! And invade the Americas! Canada likes doggos, so they become part of the doggo empire with no problem. But the rest of the Americas put up a fight. Some people even join the doggos to invade the Earth! The swim swom boyes do the best they can! And they succeed! The swim swom boyes have finished the war to take over the world! The people of planet Earth now begin to like being under doggo rule, and so a new era of world peace begins. Also new language called Bork.


The Rebellion

Ten years under doggo rule, hoomans are having a good time under doggo rule, a new era of world peace, better food, but new language that was easy to learn anyway! But… there are some people that do not enjoy doggo rule. They are called the bad boyes in doggo language. They come from across the world and have come together to take back the world from the doggos, but the doggos do not like them, so they fire a pointy thing, wait no that’s a big boye, or a rocket that is supposed to explode into a big mushroom. So, they fired it at the Rebellion Command Center or RCC. But the big boye was hacked and landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

The doggos were angery, so they sent the entire doggo army to invade the RCC.

Again… Wait no I said it in English. Knock knock.


A few years after my prison sentence…

Bork bork bork bork bork. Bork bork, bork bork. The Bad Boyes had already taken over Africa and Oceania. The doggos there have been imprisoned. The doggos do not deserve such punishment. After all, they are some of the goodest boyes. But then the Rebellion won, and the peace treaty said all the hoomans that wanted to go back home with the doggos could go, but the doggos had to return to their home planet of thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverses.

So, the doggos left, and a lot of hoomans with them, and they got in their big spaceships and went to thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverses.

I went with them.

The doggos said, “Bork bork, bork bork bork bork bork, bork.”

Translation: We will arrive to thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverses in about a month. It is very far, but we will make it, and you will all be given homes and government support. After three years, the government support will end, and you will be on your own.

The New World

We had arrived in the doggo world. They were very welcoming. One of them gave me a cookie that said Bork. We got free starter homes and help from the government. It seemed the doggo world had already gained world peace. It was very clean and futuristic, just like the books and movies, though we would have to get used to the new language. The planet was just like Earth, just the continents were shaped different, the native population is all doggos, and there is one language that dominates. Turns out, these doggos have interesting history. There were many civil wars and wars between different clans, but then, the supreme clan bork, had taken over.

It seems the supreme clan bork has had many support from across thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverse, and its culture has spread across thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverse. It seems on this world Atheism is illegal, so I should convert to Borkism, and start worshiping Gabe the Dog, and besides, I want to convert to Borkism! But first, I must learn about it.

I’m at the library of Borkism, looks like there are more gods in Borkism, like Doge, and it seems there is a Satan in Borkism, and his name is… Cade!

Okay well, time to go to bed, so I’ll see you next week.

The Hooman Invasion

Once upon a time, there was me, in my room, watching BorkTube, when suddenly: pew pew, pew pew bom. Somebody was invading the city! But it could not be other doggos, since there was one doggo clan that rules the planet. I went to my window, and I saw: hoomans! The hoomans were invading thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverse! The doggo army was fighting as hard as they could, and even the Bom Bum boyes had come! This was very serious, but the doggo army held off, so all the doggo people and I could escape. Luckily, we escapes, not my chocolate bar though. (Moment of silence for the chocolate bar pls.)

R.I.P. chocolate bar.

Okay, back to story… So, hoomans, invasion, doggos hold off, what’s next? Oh, just thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverse blowing up. Yea, that’s right, blown to smithereens, by the evil hoomans! Luckily, the citizens escaped with the doggo army, the doggos (and me) were very angery. So, we simply went to planet Earth and invaded it. And we took every bit. No more hoomans. Only doggos and good boy hoomans alive! So yea like we invaded the Earth and like removed hoomans from power, now doggos rule everything.


So, since the doggo army invaded the Earth, and thegreatestplaceinalltheuniverse was destroyed, the doggo leaders decided the doggo empire’s capital will move to the Earth. It was nice to be home, even though the cleanup was still going on. Some hoomans from before the invasion began liking doggo rule, just like the ones that came back with the doggos. But sadly, the story must end here. Maybe one day the doggos will return, maybe one day the hoomans will rise again, or maybe a new player will join the game. We will never know.



Explanation if your confuzzled:

Doggos are descendants of the Doge, which is a descendant of the Dog.

Only some Doggos have glasses. Also, there is not only one type of doggo in this story, there are all different types of Doggo, but, they are all considered Doggos because it would be too confuzzling to call them a bunch of different things, but for example if there was a Sh00berino, he would be considered a Doggo but still is considered a Sh00berino.

The cattos are watching.

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