The Journey Through the Jungle

There were three people who had a dog. One person was a kid and the other two were grown-ups. These people were the dog’s parents. The people were asleep and the dog was awake. He wanted to go for a walk because the owners were sleeping and he wasn’t. He went for a walk and he saw an elephant. He was scared, and when he looked around, he couldn’t find his way home. He saw a monkey but the elephant was in his way. He wanted to ask the monkey how to get to his house.

He asked the elephant to move out of his way. When he got past the elephant, he asked the monkey if he knew how to get to his house, but the monkey said no. He asked the monkey to carry him to the treetops to see where his house was. He saw his house but it was a long way away. To get there he would have to go down the road, through the mud, across the log, across the river, and then turn and walk straight. At the end there was a lion blocking the house. The dog was scared of lions.

The dog put one foot in the mud before he realized it was starting to sink. He took his foot out really quickly. He didn’t know how to get across. All the sides were filled with mud. The mud was as wide as a river and he had to cross a rickety branch. It was made out of thin wire that he had to step on. While he was walking across the bridge, he fell. A giraffe saw him and walked through the mud because he was tall. The giraffe picked the dog up and brought him back to land.

They went over a slippery log that had orange, gross seaweed on it. The seaweed was slimy. Under the log was a vicious crocodile. If you woke him up, he would bite you and eat you. The giraffe stepped on the crocodile, and the crocodile was about to bite him but luckily the giraffe got to the other side.

They got to the other side and saw the lions. One was nice and one was mean. They were cousins. The dog hoped that the nice one would help them get past the mean lion. The dog and the giraffe went up to the nice lion and asked if he could tell the mean lion to let them pass. The nice lion said that that was his cousin, so he would gladly help. The nice lion said to the mean lion, “Stop being mean to him.”

The mean lion said, “No, I won’t.” So then the dog bit him but it didn’t really hurt him. Then the mean lion bit the dog back, but way harder. Right after the dog got bit, he stepped backwards and a thorn got into his paw.  The dog was now mad at the lion and the lion was now mad at the dog. The giraffe walked over to the dog and picked him up. The dog was very hurt. Because the giraffe was so tall, he walked right past the lion and brought him to his house. He put the dog in the cupboard so that he could eat something. He knew that he must be hungry. When he got out of the cupboard, he saw his humans. His owners saw the thorn in his foot and took it out. They then put a bandaid on where the lion had bite him. Then they gave him a bath because he was muddy from the mud. The dog felt hungry and the owners fed him. He felt so happy to be home that he fell asleep. He dreamt about how he left in the night and he said that he would never do that again.

The End


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  1. This is a wonderful story! Sometimes I feel like the dog trying to get home. But sometimes I try to be the giraffe.

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