The Lovely Lamb (Bugatti)

This toy is beautiful. It’s shiny, big, and expensive. I can ride up to 55 miles per hour!! It even has parking lights, and it’s like a real car but for kids to drive. It even has the lever to push and go on the road or to reverse or to park. People will eat my dust when I pull up in the driver’s seat in my ride. I can drive anybody in the front passenger seat. It has only driver and front passenger seats because it’s one of those expensive cars. I haven’t got it yet, but it’s my dream mini car. It’s so big and real that you could mistake it for a kid driving a real car, but it’s not dangerous. Even adults can comfortably drive it; that’s how big it is. My name is Uniqua, and this car is the best car you’ll ever see.

This is important because I am really wishing for it. It’s something I’ve always wanted. It’s so cool to have, and it goes really fast for a child. And it can help you for driving since it’s basically a real car. It even has a radio and a screen, like for YouTube or GPS, where usually you see the radio. It’s between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat like a regular advanced car. It’s a child’s dream car, this child’s dream car. It’s so good it’s 50,000 dollars, but that’s too much, so on my phone I have a cheaper one.

I see this item on display online. It looks so beautiful. Of course I have never tested it. First off, it’s a car, and second of all, I don’t even have it yet. Also, although I don’t have the car, by it’s looks I can just feel how shiny and smooth it is. It even has scissor doors. Scissor doors! Do you know how awesome that is! I will roam the world with that car. Ahh, now this is just my dream. I want this car… wait hold up, actually not even want, I need this car. Ooooooo look at this beaut. Don’t you just love this. Now I’m going to plead with my mom and persuade her to get this car because I must have it. I go home.

“Good afternoon, Mother. Can I get you anything to drink?”

I think, This car is gonna be mine. Haha. All I have to do is be respectful. I plot as I give my mother water. (Mother looks confused since I am disrespectful to everyone, but I am the youngest in the house.)

I hum, “Mm, hhm, mhmm. Mommy, can I please get this Mini Veyron for kids!”

“Haha,” Mom chuckles. “I will get that for you when you go to college.”

“But Moooom, this is for children. How would you feel if you needed something and then you didn’t get it, but you would rejoice if you did get it, right?” (Mom stays silent.) Grr, of course pathos didn’t work. She is heartless. It is time for logos and ethos. “Mom, don’t you know how well I’ve been doing in school? And you still owe me a trip to Taco Bell.”

“Fine. Since you won’t shut up, I will get it.”


Three months later…




(I open the door and hug the mailman, then snatch the car keys.) Finally, finally, I open the door to my new car.

Ooooooooo it’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I will cherish it forever. (But that’s only what I thought.) I decide to speak to it, and so I go to the road to drive it. Vroom. Wow, it even starts like a real car, but it wasn’t my car. As I get ready to drive, a Mercedes-Benz crushes me and the car together. The driver calls for help. Whoop, whoop go the sirens as I am rushed to the hospital. While at the hospital, I am put on a monitor. I’m not looking too good. I literally looked crushed. I am badly hurt and look horrible.


One day later…


Uniqua is in a dark and grassy cemetery. She is lifeless, doing nothing with her arms crossed around her chest. Uniqua is thinking about nothing because she is limp and lifeless. She can’t see anything because her eyes are shut completely and forever in a casket. If she could see, which she can’t, she would see a soft and white blanket sewed on the inside of the casket. Unless Uniqua resurrects or reincarnates, she will never see what that casket looks like. Uniqua’s family was able to set up a GoFundMe account that afforded them the ability to give Uniqua a beautiful funeral service.





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