The Mad Story

I was on the top of my van, and I was sunbathing. Suddenly, I heard the engine start. I looked down and saw a man, who had stolen my keys with a fishing rod, driving the van! I hung on the van and was so scared! I could die! The man was driving to a place where I saw many cars with water dripping all over them. They had men scrubbing them all over, and there was a place where I saw huge, scrubby soapy things all around with zero degree water. The man headed right there. It was so cold and scary he forced me to go there and give him my wallet and credit card, and he stole my car. I ran to my house and called 911.

I said, “Someone stole my keys with a fishing rod, stole my van, and my wallet, by forcing me in a car wash!”

The police officer just laughed. “Ha ha ha, ya weakling. They stole all of that by making you go into a car wash?! Think I’m gonna fall for that one, no way! Yer under arrest for three days for wasting my time!”

I ran from my house, saw a stranger on the street, and asked him if he saw a man riding in a van holding a fishing rod around here.

He said, “Yeah, I saw him. He told me he was going to Canada. Then, he stole my wallet! I’m going to get my car and chase him!”

I told him about what he did to me and how much I wanted my revenge. I asked the man, whose name was Bob, if he knew about the man.

Bob said, “Yes.” He said that the man was part of a gang. He also said that the man’s name was Olaf. When I asked him Olaf’s last name, he said it was Olaf. The name Olaf Olaf sounded very familiar to me. When I thought back to my dead family, it came to me! Olaf Olaf was the name of the man who had murdered my family! He was sent to jail, and he must have escaped.

When I told this to Bob, he didn’t sound so surprised. He told me he heard the news years back. We came up with a plan to track Olaf down, capture him, then turn him to the police. At that moment, we heard a police siren, and I told Bob to drive away together. We got away, but we were still on a police chase. Unfortunately, we came to a dead end. Bob and I were caught by the police and sentenced two weeks in jail, for running away from the police. I thought about Olaf committing more and more crimes. We were in our cell. It was hopeless. Life was gone. We grew beards, marked our days. For two days, we slept. All we ate was french fries. One day, we heard a blast in the wall.

“Blimey, what happened,” an officer said.

“Let’s get em, bub!” another said.

“CHARGE!!!” all of them said.

All of the officers charged, and criminals who had exploded the wall put down a gas bomb. Boom!!!

All the officers laid down on the floor. The criminals freed all the criminals, including me and Bob. We ran from the hotel, took one of the police cars, and drove to Canada.

“Wow,” I said to Bob.

“That was lucky,” he said to me.

As we drove all the way to Canada, we stopped somewhere to eat. While we were eating, we were watching the news.

Some news reporter said, “A man named Olaf Olaf has robbed the bank, and the police have currently been trying to track him down. There has also been another crime at a jail, too. A bunch o’ robbers broke into a jail and freed all the prisoners. Police have also been trying to track em down.”

“We gotta leave,” I said.

“Yeah,” Bob said.

We got back in the car and continued driving to Canada. We heard that Olaf Olaf was headed to Mount Robson, for no apparent reason. When we were driving, we saw a speeding vehicle ahead of us. When we looked who was inside of it, we saw Olaf driving my van! When we looked behind him, we saw more cars speeding behind him. Those must be the members of his gang, I thought. When we looked behind the gang member’s car’s, we saw the police.

“Hey, those were some of the other people who escaped from jail!”

“Let’s get ‘em too!!!”

“Oh no,” I said to Bob.

“What should we do?” he asked me.

Go!!!” I shouted.

We sped past the police and past the cars in front of us. We went as fast as we would go. I wondered how we would get Olaf in jail, also with proving our innocence. When we lined up with my own van, (which Olaf was driving) he yelled at me.

“Yer never gonna catch me!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

We directly aligned with the van, then I got my fishing rod and tried to get his/my keys. Unfortunately, I am not an experienced fisher, so when I tried to get his keys, I missed and got some hair. Then when I went for my wallet, I got it! When I got my fishing rod back up to my car, I opened my wallet, and it was empty!!!

I yelled at Olaf and said, “How is it empty!!!”

“I tricked you!!! That was a fake!!! Hahaha!!!” He shouted at me when he pulled out my real wallet. “You are so easy to trick!!!”

I growled at him with anger. I asked Bob if he wanted his revenge, and he told me that he did. If only I could have gotten those keys. I would’ve stopped the van, turned him over, explained our innocence, and gotten our money back. Olaf Olaf would pay for what he did. I thought back and remembered my last moment with my parents. I told them that I would be going to work, and then they died.

Bob and I kept thinking to come up with a plan to steal Olaf’s/my keys. We took a detour, to make the police stop following us and also to discuss our ideas. We stopped in a closed area, where the police would never find us. We made ourselves a sandwich, with some ingredients we found from the mall.

When we discussed our ideas, we finally came up with a plan: Bob would go and somehow distract the gang members of Olaf, while I would go and try to get the keys. I needed the police to keep Olaf distracted. Maybe I could sneak up on the top of the van and somehow steal the keys. I told this to Bob, and he said that it would not work. I told him that we should give it a try. He said okay. So we tried it.

We went on the path to Mount Robson. We drove and drove, until we came across Olaf’s gang. We came next to them, and Bob set out to distract Olaf’s gang. I auto drove my car and put my hands on the van. I thought about how much I needed the keys and the money. If I didn’t get that money, I would be considered a failure. I swung my legs over, put them on the top of the van, and grabbed the top of the van. I was on! I held on the top of the van for life. When the van was driving, it hit a bump. I flew off the top, only holding on with a finger. Bob had stopped his car, so I had to get back on the top of the van. I put my foot on a ledge of the van, grabbed the top, and swung myself over again. I grabbed my fishing rod with my hand and held on the van with one hand. I put the rod on top of the hole on the roof. I pressed the button, and the cord fell. Through the hole, inside the van, and next to the keys. I moved the rod, and it hooked on the keys. I let go of the van, got the keys, and flew completely off the van. I landed surprisingly unhurt on one of the other cars in Olaf’s gang with the keys in my hand! Thankfully, none of the cars had mirrors, so they didn’t notice me. I quickly stopped Olaf’s car and locked his doors.

People in his gang behind him quickly stopped, and the police caught up with them surrounded their car and said, “Yer under arrest, Bub.”

“They stole our car, stole our wallets, killed my family, and tried to get away with it. We are innocent. Don’t arrest us,” said Bob and I.

“Fine, I believe yer junk,” an officer said

“I’m coming for you!!!” Olaf Olaf shouted.

“You will pay for your crimes, Olaf,” I told him.

In the end, Olaf and his gang were arrested, and Bob and I got our money back. We got back to our houses, I got to use my own van. In the end I learned a valuable lesson: never sunbathe on the top of your van.


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