The News That Changed My Life

My parents were divorced and she had been dating this really nice and funny man named Chris. My mother came into my room with an excited face and I was scared. She was so happy that I think she forgot to breathe. Then that was when my life changed forever. She told me that Chris proposed to her and that their wedding was in 11 months. I mean, I couldn’t be mad because she was happy and he was pretty nice, but… I was an only child, so I was used to it being just me and my mom. Chris was everywhere. I went to the mall with my mom and Chris came with us and his daughter Chloe came with us. P.S. Chloe is my best friend and I love her. We went to a concert and he came with us. It was like he was invading my personal space. After like TWO WHOLE YEARS, I’m used to him being everywhere. The next day at school was terrible.


1 Day Before the Wedding


“Mom, can I talk to you?” I said calmly to my mom.

“Sure honey, what’s up?” my mom said, confused.

“So…like, I’m happy for you, but what is it going to be like when me and you have fun over the summer, is he going to come with us? What’s going to happen to me? Will you still hang with me? Mommy, I’m scared,” I explained to mom.

“Katie, Katie, Katie it’s ok. I will always love you and how could I forget about you, you are my little baby. Things will change, but we will still have fun in the summer and we will still do stuff, just me and you, once in a while,” my mom said after taking a big deep breath.

“Once in a while, that’s not enough, I want to have some mommy-and-daughter days or nights,” I explained to her, almost crying.

“You know what, I’m just going to walk away and we can talk after the wedding tomorrow. K, ttyl,” my mom said, with attitude and sass.


Eight Hours Before the Wedding


Soooo, yesterday didn’t go how I thought, but at least I told her what I needed to be said. Her last sentence threw me off and got me really annoyed. I guess I have to go get ready, which I really don’t want to. I have this beautiful white flower girl dress that makes it look like I’m nine when I’m really only six! I have a heart fun ring and a charm bracelet. When Chris saw me he was like, WOW. Chloe was standing right next to me and she felt like he was ignoring her. Chloe always plays with me and she is my best friend!!! She has gorgeous brown curly hair and has beautiful blue eyes. Me and her have the same style!

When my mom came into the room, she looked gorgeous. I helped her pick out her dress, so of course she looks gorgeous! Chris then came in the room and he was like, WOW. He had never seen his daughter like that and he never saw my mom and me like that. Chloe and I went into the corner and we started having our little scared talk.

“Hey Katie?” Chloe asked me.

“Yeah Chloe, what’s up?” I asked, confused.

“Sooo…don’t get me wrong, I love you and I love your family, but I’m really scared. You now how siblings fight, what will happen when we are sisters? Will we still be besties?” Chloe asked me, really scared.

“Everything will be alright,” I tried to say calmly.

Then my mom came over and asked us, “Is everything alright?”

“Mom, everything is alright, just talking about our speech,” I replied.

“You’re sure? You seem like you’re hiding something,” my mom whispered with confidence.

“No, we’re not, we’re just really happy and when we’re really happy, we happy cry!” I said, hoping she won’t find out.

“K, if you ever want to tell me, I’m always open. Also, TTYL girls and BTW its my wedding!!!!!” My mom said with more attitude and sass.


One hour before the wedding


I walked into the ballroom and the flowers were set, the streamers were set. I looked in front of me and the flowers were gorgeous. They were big white bloomed roses with a light pink center. The glass they were in was light pink like the middle of the flower with little white roses on it. I turned around and my mom was there. My mom looked confused. Then I was confused. She was probably wondering why I was here an hour before and I was wondering why she was here but that’s another story why she was. I was there because, well, I like to do flowers and I just wanted to see if any one was here yet. I sat down, then my mom sat down. It was like she was copying me. We both looked around and we were impressed. Then Chris ruined the moment. He just walked in with his big mouth and just ruined the moment just like he ruined my family. I looked at my mom and she knew exactly what I meant so I just walked away. Just as I was walking out, Chris grabbed my arm and said, “I’m sorry if I have changed your life, but me and your mom would only do this if it was the right thing to do.”

I thought to myself, Yeah right, like he actually means that.


15 Minutes before the wedding


Everyone’s starting to come and the knot in my stomach is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. When the last person came in the room, the door slowly shuts. Then that’s when I knew I couldn’t change my mind and I couldn’t do anything about it. I sat down and my mom smiled at me and all I did was look away. The service started and my eyes were filling up with tears. I looked up at my mom and then she yelled “ STOP!!!” Everyone stopped where they were. My mom ran down to me and grabbed my hand and we ran out the door.

She grabbed me and asked, “Are you ok, you don’t seem like you’re happy?”

“Mom, I’m fine, I’m just really happy for you,” I explained to my mom.

We walked back in and when we did everyone was staring at us. It was like we did something wrong. I sat down and when my mom went back up Chris looked confused and I think he whispered to my mom, “Hey, what was that about, is everything alright?” It looked like my mom ignored him. I was proud of her.

When the wedding actually started I was actually happy! At the end of the wedding I ran over to Chris and I hugged him. He smiled at me and I smiled at him right back. My mom then looked over at us and she smiled. My mom ran over and I felt like everything was coming to back together. I actually felt like Chris was a part of the family and he was! We took a family photo of me, Chloe, Chris and my mom and it was amazing.



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