The Outbreak

Chapter 1: Rising

Buddy was in the house playing games. Suddenly, he hears a voice speaking really loudly outside. Since his parents aren’t home, he went to go see what it was. So, he left the house and started running to the sound. He ran so fast that he bumped into somebody. He bumped into his friend, Fred, and was surprised to see him. Fred whispered into Buddy’s ear, “Don’t go there! There’s a fallen hacker outside!” 

Buddy said, “Who is it?” 

“The captain of the fallen hacker, Vex,” Fred replied. 

So, Buddy and Fred went to their friend Teddy’s house. They knocked on the door and Teddy opened it.

Teddy said, “Come in! Come in!” 

Chapter 2: The Plan 

Teddy grabbed some water for Buddy and Fred. Teddy also knew about Vex. He told them that Vex was about to use the atomic virus to destroy the city.

“What is the atomic virus?” Fred asked. 

Teddy said, “It is a digital bomb just like a regular atomic bomb. If it is fired, we wouldn’t even live here because it would destroy us all.” 

Buddy said, “We need to stop that bomb!” 

Teddy said, “Don’t worry. We have a plan.” He showed Buddy and Fred the SHARD, the Malcom bridge, and the HACKERS TOWER. Teddy told Buddy that they need to go to the Malcom bridge and build a zipline to the top of the SHARD. Then they’d steal the f19 grappler and three javelins to fight the evil guards. Then they started to go to Teddy’s lab.  

Chapter 3: Stealth

As they went to Teddy’s lab, they got mini digital command centers. They got a drone and gave it some money to get some stealth boots. One hour later, they got the boots. They went downstairs with their boots and snuck up under Vex’s stage. 

Buddy wondered what Teddy was thinking. Why are we sneaking under a stage? He thought.  

Teddy grabbed a random rope from one of its wires and cut it. That would affect the stage’s sound barrier, which could barricade Vex’s voice.

Chapter 4: Lift 

They grabbed a grappler from a store and started heading to Malcolm bridge. When they got there, the bridge blinded them with its extreme light. The SHARD was 7,000 kilometers away from Malcolm bridge so they had to go one by one. When they got there, it was already 11:30pm. They were so tired that they had to rest on top of the SHARD. 

So the next morning, they woke up for breakfast. Luckily, Teddy bought some bread. They used the zipline to get to the guard’s outlet. They were lucky because the guard was outside. They explored around the outlet for some javelin. They found three javelins and even some extras! They heard some footsteps coming in the hallway. So they ran out of the door. 

Chapter 5: Escape

Guards started blocking the door so they had to use javelins to get out. After they ran out, they found a treehouse. But, some person was in the treehouse. He told them to come up. When they met the boy, he looked the same age as them. He told them that Vex’s guards have security cameras everywhere. “BEWARE!” He told them. He got them some water and food, and then they went out. 

Chapter 6: Reunite

After they went out of the treehouse, they saw Vex’s guards chasing them from behind. They had a green banner of digits on their armour. They were fierce and quickly gaining on Buddy, Fred, and Teddy. The group went to the retaliated forest. They ran until they couldn’t run anymore. Then they saw some cobblestone and went to see what it was. They found a jungle temple that early hackers built. It was between two digital trees. 

Buddy read about those. He knew that early hackers built it for shelter and the moss on the cobblestone meant eternity. He also knew that there were the most valuable treasures in the chest, but they needed to beware the hidden arrow turret.

Chapter 7: Inside

They went through the door of the jungle temple. They put the levers in the right order and walked in. The temple was as dark as the night. There were a few torches and they saw some symbols on the walls. Suddenly, Teddy froze. He sighed in relief. He almost touched a pressure plate.

He told Buddy and Fred, “If we press on a pressure plate, that means a trap will hit you!” Then, Fred looked at the moss on the side of the wall and he ripped them off only to find that it was hollow. Then, Fred touched something at the end. 

He said, “That was an arrow turret.” They started walking into the door and they found the treasure nestled between two stone blocks. They found diamonds, gold, silver, and marble. Then, suddenly someone ran into the treasure chamber.

It was the boy from the treehouse. He told him that the guards had been chasing him. Then, behind him, there was an ocelot. He told them that his name was Salty. They left the treasure there and started walking out of the temple. They went out of the retaliated forest and went to the city.

Chapter 8: Desire

They went to Hacker’s Tower. There was a sewer there beside the tower. The boy told them to go in. They jumped into the sewer and found a secret base. The boy introduced them to the captain and his dad. They had a huge command center in the base. Everyone in the base also wanted to barricade the atomic virus and stop Vex. The hope was very low because he could launch the virus any time. In no time, Vex’s footsteps were clocking on the sewer cap.  

Chapter 9: Hope

They walked out of the sewer. Then, behind them, Vex’s guard grabbed them. They felt hands go around them. They took them to Vex’s torture chamber. There was a stand with a lever and a pool of lava behind it. The room was all made out of glass and digital technology. They put them on the stand. 

“This could be it for us,” thought Buddy, Fred, and Teddy. 

Then suddenly, a guard fell with an arrow through his head. There was the boy and his dad and an army full of crossbows and swords! 

Chapter 10: Rejuvenation

After they went out, the boy invited them to stay for dinner. The dinner was quite awkward. They were using old fashioned forks and old fashioned plates. 

Teddy asked them, “Why do you use old fashioned stuff?” 

The boy said, “I don’t know.” 

Suddenly, they heard a bomb beeping. Luckily, it wasn’t the atomic virus; it was just a regular bomb. It destroyed the Mercury Tower, the smallest tower in the city. Vex’s guard killed 3,765 people in the explosion. People have to get rejuvenated if they want to survive. That meant plastic surgery.

Chapter 11: Explore

Buddy, Fred, and Teddy went to the scythed mansion to meet the richest man on earth and in the history of the city. They went to meet him because he was the only one in the city who could afford a conduit. They needed the conduit because it was a beacon that could destroy Vex’s evil weapons. They went to Harry Ross (The rich guy). 

They went to ask him, “Can we have a conduit?” 

He started to talk to himself quietly. Later he said, “I will give you the conduit, only if you find the nautilus shell and the heart of the sea.”

Three hours later, they came back with a huge nautilus shell and one silk touch on the heart of the sea. After they gave it to him, he came back with a pure gold conduit. Buddy took it from him and said thanks and turned away to Teddy’s house.

Chapter 12: Split

They put the conduit in Teddy’s safe jar. It was already 12:08am. They said goodbye and went home for some sleep. The next morning, they found a scarf when they took a walk in the retaliated forest. It was the boy’s scarf. 

They went into the jungle temple again. They avoided all the pressure plates and started walking to the treasure chamber. They walked past the treasure and found three levers. They pulled the levers in the right order and there was the boy, tied to the wall. 

After they got him out, the boy said in dismay, “Vex’s guard chased me and then I got whacked by one of its javelins, and that is why I ended up in here.” 

Chapter 13: Sacrifice

After they went out, two heavy guards pushed them against the wall to the torture chamber. Before they got their heads chopped off, there was suddenly a voice. It was the captain from the base. He started fighting and cut the chain off their arms and legs. The sergeant of Vex’s guard shot him with an arrow and then he died. They saw Teddy’s dog. They started heading towards the boy’s treehouse. And when they got there, there was the ocelot, who was Salty. They sat on a bean bag and played on their computers. One hour later, the SHARD exploded from Vex’s bomb! 

Chapter 14: Locating 

The boy told them that there was a new city that people were living in that had an arsenal of troops that could stop enemies. It was way better than the city and it was super protected by good guards. But they need a plane to go there and they couldn’t afford the price of the flight, so they went to Harry Ross for some money. He gave them 8 digital coins and that was enough for four people. Next morning Buddy, Fred, Teddy, and the boy packed up together and headed to the airport. When they got to the plane, there was everything that Buddy liked. 

Chapter 15: Plane

They were in First class and they had everything you could  imagine. The boy read a book to be entertained. Later, the flight attendant said, “Five minutes till landing!” 

When they got there, all of them were excited because they were safe. And they were right, it was safe. They lived in a really fancy hotel and in the best room, all thanks to Harry Ross. The room was filled with quartz statues, four beds, six tables, eight chairs, five bathrooms, two dressing rooms, and a snack cabinet. 

Chapter 16: Regardless

At 8pm, they went for a walk on the hotel bridge. By 10pm, they went back to their room and watched TV. On the news, it said “VEX DESTROYED THREE-QUARTERS OF THE CITY!” “Vex is going to destroy our city,” they thought. 

Buddy said, “We have allies so, we can all defeat him.” 

The next day, they told the king of the city about Vex. He said he would round up all the guards he had. They went to the computer room and located the city that Vex lived in a few years ago. The king told them they have a secret base under the pool. They dived into the hotel pool and pulled the trap door open. Inside, there were a lot of people hacking other evil hackers. The king showed them around the dungeon. There were a lot of cells for the prisoners. 

Chapter 17: Spells

They walked out of the dungeon and started to their room. They slept till 11:00 in the morning and then went to the palace. When they got there, the king showed them the most powerful digital spells they had. The king said if you said the wrong spell, the spell will deflect back to you. That made Buddy stunned. Later that day, they went to the lab and typed in an ultimate bug software to save the city. 

Chapter 18: Conclusion

Next day, they heard the news say that Vex was going to destroy the city that they were living in right now. They went to the palace to tell the king, but the king had already rounded up an arsenal of troops and a lot of royal bodyguards. They heard the planes coming in, but now we have allies so we can defeat them.