The Package


“Ding dong!”

I ran down the stairs and nearly tripped over myself. I have been waiting for this for months! Excitedly, I flung open the door and the mailman handed me a ripped up box that looked like it had been dropped in mud and water. I took the box from the mailman, trying to only hold it by a clean corner. I took the scissors from my desk, and cut the box open. Inside of the box, were packing peanuts and a bright red envelope that was blank. Curiously, I opened the letter and there were two slimy pieces of paper. One of them said “Creator” and one said “Eraser.” At this point, I didn’t even know if this was what I had ordered. I reached inside of the box, and there was only another small envelope. What was different about this one was that it was rainbow. I hoped that this was my new shirt, but I wasn’t so sure. I opened the envelope, and there was a yellow pencil. I threw the pencil on the ground, expecting it to make a loud sound. I was surprised when it made a DING! I picked up the pencil, still infuriated and started to draw on a piece of paper. Just when the pencil hit the paper, the pencil started to say,


I fell on the ground from the startling noise, and I grabbed the red envelope. Disgusted, I took out the “Creator Paper” and I started to draw on it with the pencil. With the pencil, I drew a cat, which I always wished I had. Sadly, my parents were both allergic to every animal so we could never get a cat. A couple years ago, I learned how to draw very realistic cats. After I finished, I admired the work and patted myself on the back. Just as I did that, the cat’s colors started to fill in, and the picture was getting thicker than the page. The cat’s grey fur started to grow rapidly, and the cat was now real and alive. My eyes got really wide and I started to grin.

“This must be a dream!” I said to myself. I pinched myself to make sure, but I was definitely awake.


The cat was now off of the page and on the floor, meowing. I jumped up and down in excitement and pet the cat. The cat was purring a lot and I went to the fridge to get last night’s chicken dinner leftovers. The cat gobbled it up, and meowed in delight. I was in a trance, thinking about how I finally had a cat. I went back to the desk and picked up the pencil.

“This pencil is so cool. I could do so much with it! Maybe I could make all the popular girls new IPhones so I can finally hang out with them and be cool!”

I ran over to the slimy piece of paper, and started to draw clothes, phones, and shoes. I packed all of the things and ran over to their sleepover party that I heard about over their Snapchat. I was so excited. I could become popular! Then, everyone would like me.

BUZZ. I rung the doorbell and waited. I stamped my foot on the ground repetitively until Lauren opened the door with a smirk on her face. She was the leader of their group, so I had to get cool with her before anyone else.

“What do you want, nerd?” Lauren said coldly.

“I-I got you and your friends some gifts,” I trembled.

Lauren called her friends Isabella, Amy, Alexa, and Claire downstairs. They crowded around the doorway and stared at me, like they were judging my clothes and face. My heart pounded faster than ever before, especially when Amy snached the bag out of my hands.

“Let’s see. IPhones? Clothes? Shoes? We have all of these! Why do you think we would want these? Do you think we are poor or something? I’m disgusted! Get out of here! You are ugly and gross, and you will never be part of our group, EVER!” Amy roared.

She threw each of the phones on the ground, which made a heart-shattering noise, and she threw the clothes and shoes in the garbage can. All of the girls laughed and shooed me away. I ran as fast as I could back to my house. I could feel the hot tears streaming down my face as I ran. I just wanted to be happy. I didn’t need those mean girls. I could just be with my cat. When I got home I ran upstairs, grabbing my pencil and paper and calling my cat to my room. My cat cuddled with me as I drew my revenge. I drew the perfect thing that I knew would stay with them forever.


Confidently, I strutted back to their house with my revenge. I knew this was what they all deserved. I buzzed the doorbell then ran away. My revenge stood on the porch and waited. Lauren opened the door again with the same smirk on her face. I guess that’s just how she greeted people. How sad.

“Who the heck are you and what do you want?” Lauren said while cringing at their beauty.

“Well first of all, who do you think you are, talking to my girls and I like that? Like jeez, get a grip. And I want you to explain to me what are you wearing. Do you think that actually looks good? You got some bad taste.”

Lauren’s smirk got less intense and she called her group downstairs.

“Are you looking to start a fight?!” Lauren said while snapping her fingers in my popular girl’s leader creation.

Lauren and her friends stepped outside and onto her lawn while my group followed. I went more into the bush to hide myself.

My group glared with the evil eye at Laren’s group. The names of the people were Olivia (the leader), Emma, Caitlin, Maddie, and Amelia. Lauren walked up to Olivia and looked up to her. Lauren and all of her friends were very short compared to my girls.

“Oh my god. Look how short you and your friends are. You guys are like little toddlers. How weird,” Olivia sneered as she flipped her brown hair.

Lauren’s eyes got slightly wet, and her friends were just in shock.

“And by the way, you guys look like snotty pigs,” Olivia laughed.

Emma, Catlin, Maddie, and Amelia laughed. I cringed empathetically for Lauren and her friends when they ran back into the house. I came out of the bushes and thanked Olivia and her friends, but I knew that I had to get rid of them, so thankfully I had the “Eraser paper.” I swiped the eraser across my revenge, and they disappeared immediately. I sighed and walked home. On the way, I was thinking about all of the times that I had been bullied, and how I felt before when they were bullying me. Yes, I did feel good that they got a taste of their own medicine, but I had a pit in my stomach. I remembered what my mom always said to me, “Treat others the way you want to be treated!”

I felt like I had let myself down. I knew better. I thought about how I would feel if I was Lauren and her friends. I knew I would feel bad. When I got to my house, I went upstairs and sat on my bed with my new cat and made an oath to myself to go by what my mom had always said, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’

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