The Scary Puppets

Once upon a time, there lived a puppet named Trump. The girl that owned Trump loved him, but she grew old, and she wanted to be queen. She took the puppet to the graveyard and buried him there.

One day, on a full moon, he came out of the grave and said, “I will get my revenge on Georgegina.”

The day after, he was looking for some kind of weapon to kill her, but someone found him, picked him up, and took him to the store. But, good thing he did not move when the man found him. He was at the store, and the guy put him for sale. Someone bought him, and he got shipped to the home of the buyer.

At night, he found a knife and went to the parents’ bedroom and woke them up and said, “Here is Trump,” and stabbed them in the face and ran away.

Then, he saw into another house, and it looked like her, Georgegina, and went to the house and stabbed her in the face. But, it wasn’t Georgegina. It just looked like her. One day later, he found a newspaper, and it said,  “Georgegina, our new queen.”

So, then he said, “She probably has an army by now, so I probably need an army too.”

He went to a library and found a wizard book. He looked in the wizard book, and it said, “If you say ‘hogen blogen,’ then all of the puppets, that had been tortured, will come to life.”

So, he went to the graveyard and said ”hogen blogen.”

They got summoned, and he said, “Yes, Georgegina will die.”

And, by the way,  Georgegina threw all the puppets in the world out because she hated puppets and buried all the puppets in the graveyard! So, he had his army, and they were different. Some had glasses, and some puppets had robotic eyes. But, then he saw a kano puppet, and he knew that the kano puppet was strong because he saw him on TV once, and he was killing everything, so he made him co-captain.

So, he said, “Kano, take 60 puppets and try to find Georgegina.”

Then, he said to the other puppets, “We are going to make a plan to kill Georgegina”.

So, they went to Georgegina’s castle, and they saw the guards and split up and tried to find the room that Georgegina was in. But, the guards were in the way. Georgegina was on the top floor.

They did not know what room she was in. The guards saw them, but the puppets had a plan. They came in from different sides, right and left, and they sliced the guards in half with their knives, and they got past. They were on the first floor, so they found an elevator and went up. They were there, and they saw Georgegina, and then all the other puppets came.

And Trump said to Georgegina,  “You son of a Bush, why would you do this? Now, you’re going to die.”

She said, “What the hell are you guys doing here? Anyways, smell my butthole, suckers.”

So, they killed her, and each of them took turns stabbing her with a knife, and now it is an old wive’s tale, and it happened on January the 13th.


The End


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