The Tragedy of the SS Minnow II

Chapter One

The SS Minnow II was leaving the docks in England  to sail to New York. It was a big, beautiful blue and grey ship, with carved black outlines of “SS Minnow II.”  The artist who built it gave it to five kids for a discount of half of the normal price, because his son was friends with them. The five kids names were- in order of age-  John,  Frederick, Mary, Belle, and Molly. John had long, blonde hair, and was wearing a  blue and white button down, with brown shorts. Fredrick had short, VERY blonde hair with jeans and  a blue button down. Mary was wearing a huge red skirt with a leather jacket, and had long, blonde hair. Belle was wearing a big, puffy red and white sweater with a skirt that matched her strawberry blonde hair. And finally, Molly wore a big, red shirt and a skirt, with her dark brown hair.

“Good day, Mother, Father, see you soon,” called Mary.

Mary, John, Belle, Molly, and Frederick waved to their mother and father as the ship sailed away.

“I’m sure this is going to be a good trip,” said John.

Chapter Two


“This has been such a good trip,” said John. “Hasn’t it, Minxy?” Minxy was John’s pet minx.

“Yes, it has,” said Fredrick. “Now, Mary, dear-”

    “DEAR?!” exclaimed John. “I saw her first!!”

“No, I did!” said Frederick, “I challenge you to a duel!”

Frederick pulled out his sword. John soon followed.

“No, please don’t fight over me!” said Mary. “Oh, fine. Go John!”

Frederick and John started dueling. There were clashes from the swords as the duel went on.

“Go John!” cheered Mary. Frederick was getting tired, but the duel went on. At one point, John was pushed onto the plank. Frederick did a vicious laugh. He pushed John off the plank. There was a splash. Frederick laughed. “You’re mine, now,” he laughed.

“Ahem?” said a voice. “You made me drop my pocketbook, Fred,” the voice continued. Frederick turned around. He gasped.

“How did you-“

John was standing on the plank, with his hands on his hips. “I held on to the bottom of the plank. That was my mother’s pocketbook you heard splash.” Then John pulled out his sword and charged straight at Frederick. But Frederick was quick. He quickly pulled out his sword and fought  back. So the duel went on. Soon Molly and Belle were yelling for them to stop. Fredrick was getting more tired in each moment he stood. Mary, Molly, and Belle were cheering for John. Who would win?

At last, Fredrick fell to the ground. He closed his eyes. He was too tired. John stabbed him and a moaning Frederick fell back. John did his victory dance.

(He’s not dead)

Chapter Three

“John, you won!” Mary cried.

John looked into the distance. “What’s that?” he asked.

“Oh, no!” cried Mary. “A battleship!” A gray, German battleship came out of the 4 a.m. fog. It was getting ready to fire a missile. Frederick staggered up and grabbed a rifle. John also grabbed a rifle, but he realized that it didn’t have any bullets.

“Everyone hide!” John ordered. “It’s firing a missile. Ohh! Frederick, get down. It’s no use firing at them.”

But Belle didn’t. She wasn’t sure where to hide. At the last moment, she dodged the missile coming from the battleship. Luckily, she didn’t get hit. But the ship did…

The upper deck exploded in fire. Molly, Belle, and Frederick jumped into the cold, dark ocean. But John and Mary scurried up the ladder into the crow’s nest. But on the way up, Mary dropped her leather jacket into the fire.

“Ohhh. Mother’s going to kill me!” moaned Mary.

Mary started coughing from the smoke. The crow’s nest started to tip…

“Mary, the only way for you to survive is for you to jump,”  said John.

Mary jumped off the top of the crow’s nest. She put herself into a bird’s flying position. “John, I feel like I’m flying!” She landed in the cold ocean.

“John, jump!” Mary called up. Boy, Mary was right. The crow’s nest was starting to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

John jumped-and just in time, too… As soon as he hit the water, the boat exploded.

Chapter Four

The only way to survive in the middle of the ocean with a whole bunch of wood is to build a raft.

John and Frederick helped build it, and then the five of them started back towards England. It was a very long trip, five long weeks of living on fish and rainwater. But eventually they made it.

The raft sailed into the docks. A man spotted the raft and helped them off of  it. Then he took them home.

“Mother! Father!” Frederick, John, and Molly yelled. They jumped on them.

“Mother! Father!” Mary and Belle cried. “Mother, I’m so sorry! I lost your jacket!” said Mary. They were home….

                                                             THE END….

P.S. Frederick lived.

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