The Truly True Story of Legentious

Introduction to the Full Story of Legentious

People say that once (in a time and place not even the smartest of beings could recall) there was a time, a time when there was no such thing as war, not even conflict. That would have been an amazing time to live in. After that period of time, which people called the “Golden Age,” there was a time when only war and hate existed. There was no peace. The Golden Age came crashing down when three brothers were born. Their parents were disgusted by their looks, and they gave them up. There were no fingers on their hands. What I mean is that they had paws. Their bodies were made up of a combination of fur and skin, quite unlike anything anyone had ever seen before.

Why did they look like that? you may ask. It was only a reflection of how they looked on the inside. You see, in that world, people were on the outside as they were on the inside. If a person was nasty on the inside, they would look nasty on the outside in return. Anyways, nobody wanted such an ugly baby, so these three were left on the streets with nobody to look after them. An old widow found them weeping on the streets and took them in. She did not know that these three looked like that for a reason. They were the first evil to ever be born. Being abandoned only helped them to show their true colors. Once they had grown up, they banded an army together and battled the royal family. This age was called the Years of Despair. The war ended when good prevailed over evil, like it always did, and people settled into another period of time, the Modern Era.

You live in a world, quite different from mine. Your world is riddled with all types of terrible things. Famine, disease, war, Donald Trump. Whoops, didn’t mean to say that last one out loud, or did I? Anyways, my world is a place where none of that exists. It’s a kind of dream-like world. Or at least it used to be that way. Now there is peace in some parts of the land and conflict in others. Things are better than they are in your world, but not nearly as incredible as they used to be in the Golden Age. Enough about that, back to why we’re even here in the first place: to tell the story of how we got to this time. One of normality, one in which it is not strangely peaceful, and not one in which there is nonstop war and hate. Or at least that is what is believed of that time.

There is, however, one thing, one part of the Golden Age that people do not talk about. That is because this was an extremely terrible time, something dreadful that someone whose heart was full of hate did. But forget about that for know. Just close your eyes and imagine a place where everything is perfect. There’s plenty of food, plenty of water, everyone is absolutely beautiful, and no one has ever even known the meaning of war. The story you’re about to hear is the story of the inventor’s race, the hidden race that very few know about, and their experience in the Golden Age… which brings us to our story.


The Inventor’s Headquarters

The green grass is an indication to the people of any land that winter is melting away into spring and bringing warmth to the land once more. I may tell you now where the kingdom in which the story takes place. It goes by an odd name, Legentious.

“People of Legentious, listen up. The prince has decided to host a ball for all to attend. Whether thou is man or animal, all are invited. We hope to see you all at the ball on Tuesday night. Happy spring!!!” boomed the hefty king, Theodore.

He was a kindhearted man with a son as strong as steel, who was, in fact, quite handsome. So when the ladies of the town heard he was throwing a ball, the dress shops were filled with eager women looking for the perfect dress to woo the prince with. There was, however, one maiden who was not interested in the prince. Her family encouraged her to go to the ball, for she was the fairest, most kind maiden in the entire realm. The prince would surely fall in love with her immediately, but she was stubborn and thought of the prince as a royal pain, in her mind, a snob only concerned with only his looks. She did not know that in this world, outer beauty was reflected by inner beauty. The prince was actually a very thoughtful and kind man, with a heart as good as gold, who didn’t care at all about looks and just wanted an honest, kind, caring woman. In the end, her parents won the fight, and she ended up going to the ball. This next piece will be from the prince’s perspective, just so you can understand a little better what he was thinking.


I knew right from the moment I saw her that she was the one. She looked as though she didn’t want to be here, and I could tell she thought I was only a self-obsessed maniac, which I’m totally not. I had a sudden urge to greet her and make her realize that I’m a very kind, caring human being. I wanted to know her like I know the back of my hand. I wanted to know everything about her, everything there was to know. My feet reluctantly carried my body right over to her.

“I’m Prince Alexander. What’s your name?”

She was obviously not interested, and very reluctantly she began to respond.

“My name is Delilah. I want you to know that I’m not like the other girls here. I don’t want to marry you like all the other girls. I can see just how truly self-obsessed you really are. You don’t even want a girl who is actually smart and caring. You only care about looks. You wouldn’t care if she didn’t even know how to spell orange.”

I was shocked. She had honestly just described the very opposite of who I was.

“I’m not any of the things you just described me as. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I came over to you, not because you were beautiful, which of course you are, but because I could sense by the way you walked in that you were only as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. If you feel that way about me so strongly, you may walk away, but I’d like to get to know you.”


Before things get any further, I’m going to take over. Delilah realized that the prince was nothing of the sort that she thought he was. He was a very genuinely kind person. She had never realized that a prince could appreciate a person not for their looks, but because of a feeling that they were destined to meet. After relaxing a little bit, the two began to talk. They started bonding over pretty much everything, their favorite foods, their favorite hobbies. Everything!!! They both loved astronomy, pasta (which was still new back then), and shockingly enough, they both loved to invent. Normally in the Golden Age, not many people wanted anything new. No one wanted to discover. They thought they had everything, but really, they were missing out on so many amazing things, like water bottles or plastic. They only had paper and quills, not even a typewriter, no technology. That was good back then. They didn’t need anything fancy. They needed only what they already had. Inventors silently worked. Hidden from the rest of humanity, they worked alone on inventions. It was so uncommon to meet an inventor, let alone a prince and a fair maiden who wanted to invent and be different from the regular person. They were truly special. Before the prince, no one in the royal family had ever even considered the fact that inventing might improve people’s lives. Do you remember me saying how in this world, outer beauty is reflected by inner beauty? Well, I forgot to say, the people in that world have no idea about that rule. They are exactly like your world. They have no idea of the rules of their world. The only people that know the rules are the people of my planet, the all-seeing ones, the ones who know about everything. No one but us knows about this kind of stuff. Let’s just get back into the story.

Eventually, Alexander and Delilah fell madly in love and decided to get married. They invited practically everyone in the land. The wedding was spectacular. Gifts scattered around the crowded palace ballroom. The whole palace was filled with almost the entire kingdom. Every nook and cranny was filled with more than ten people. Prince Alexander and Princess Delilah were completely overwhelmed with guests so excited to meet them. They were dying to escape the crowd and finally begin their honeymoon in the outreaches of Legentious. One moment of quiet was almost impossible, so how were they going to get one week alone? They had no idea that they were about to get their wish granted…


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