The Ultimate Paintball Match

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews need to beat Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Atwood in a paintball match to win one billion dollars. Let me tell you how this started.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were at a WWE match and Brock missed a punch and hit Kane in the face. Without missing a beat, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Sting came up to beat up Brock Lesnar. Then Roman Reigns came out and tried to get everyone off of Brock, but he failed and he got hurt. Then Patrick Kane made a bet for 1 billion dollars on a paintball match. He had beat Brock Lesnar, Reigns, and Atwood. However, although Atwood said he was on one team, he was actually on the other: the team with Kane and Toews.

Why did he do that? Because Lesnar used to be Atwood’s best friend, but when he let Lesnar borrow his car, Lesnar blew it up accidentally.

They were playing at the Richmond Hunt Club Paintball fields. They started at 9 a.m., and the referee was to be MATT SAMPSON. The name of the game was Team Death Match.


It was 9 a.m… 5-4-3-2-1… go, go, go!

Right off the bat, Toews was shot. Then Atwood shot Raines.  

“Oh, I knew you didn’t like me,” Lesnar said angrily to Atwood.

It was just down to three. Then, Kane was shot. Lesnar took a shot, and it hit Atwood.

“You are out!” said Lesnar.

But the referee yelled, “No good, no good! Play on.”

Atwood got on top of a barrier, jumped, did a 360, shot, and hit Lesnar.

“You are out, that’s game,” said the ref as he pointed to the winners.

“Why did you change teams?” asked Lesner.


A mushroom cloud came from the parking lot where only Lesnar had parked his car.

“That’s my new car!” said Lesnar. “Did you blow up my car because I blew up yours?” he asked.

All of the people on the winning team got one billion dollars and split the cost to buy the Willis Tower, which they made into a ski mountain so that they could play paintball. Lesnar tried to steal the money back, but Atwood caught him.

Now Lesnar is facing life in prison.

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  1. Hello Matt!

    I picked up your story by “the pick a story booth” by the outside of Writopia Lab. Although I don’t know a lot about the WWE, I still found your story intriguing and a little amusing. There was a lot of action! I really enjoyed it!


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