The Witch and Isabella


The Witch

I’m an Elvish witch and I’m gonna take your soul

But hey I’m a witch so that’s my goal —

I got wind powers and light that makes two,

You gotta admit it’s quite a combination, it’s true —

But dude, you dope, you got no hope

That’s the reason you’re at the end of your rope!


You’re at the end of your line

So you can stop being a mime

I’m gonna put you out of your misery

‘Cause dude, you’re history!


You weren’t quite a find,

Dude you’re a crime to your time

You’re a zero so stop trying to be a hero.

So now that I’m breathing fire

And I keep going higher and higher

I’m at the top I can’t be stopped

You can’t stop me it’s true

I’m nowhere close to being a loser like you.



My name is Isabella and I’m gonna tell ya about the finest fella

She got black hair and beads, that describes me

You might be thinking, “That’s not true, how could it be?”

But let me explain my philosophy

I’m good at math, and I got so much wrath

No one can beat me in a fight due to all my might

I’m at language arts and regular arts, too

But I’m really good at martial arts, it’s true

I got a musical core and so much more

So now that I’ve proven my philosophy

I got one more thing that gives me my bling

I got rapping skills that can pay bills

Excuse me, I need to take a pill because my rapping’s so sick, it makes me sick

You may call me weird, young, and bold

But this amateur has skills that are worth gold


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