The Woman

There was a woman who had a secret that she had never told anybody. She would go dark every night and did not know what she did. Every morning, she would see a new report on the news about a crime that she committed. She would always know that she did the crime, but she did not know how. She would be left clueless just like everybody else who was sitting in their living room or dentist office staring at a television screen, clueless to what was going on. 

There was one particular night that seemed like every other. When everybody was sitting at home waiting for another crime to happen, there was no crime because the woman was tired of seeing a crime on TV every day that she commited. To prevent another crime from happening, she stayed up that night. Every single day, her guilt built up higher and higher inside her, and she felt bad every day. She had not smiled in 10 years about what she had done to the world. 

One day she left her house to remind herself of all the damage she had caused and would probably keep causing. She wished she could stop every day, but she could not stop just by staying up. She stayed clueless as always.

One year later… 

Three hundred and sixty-five more days equaled to 365 more crimes that had been committed. The woman had made friends with the person within her body. The crimes had gotten better; they were small crimes now. They were crimes like stealing money from the elderly, stuff like that. She did not feel that much guilt and shame about the crimes because she barely committed murders and robberies and other crimes like that anymore. One day the woman was talking to the voice in her head, and she had a question that she wanted to ask the voice.

That question was, “What does it actually look like when you are committing these crimes?”

As soon as she finished asking her question, the voice got quiet. She did not hear the voice until that night. She was sleeping peacefully and felt lightheaded and then woke up but felt extremely light. She looked at her bed and still saw herself sleeping. So she just waited. Then she saw herself moving and putting on clothing, like dark clothing. She followed herself walking out of the house. Then she heard somebody calling out to her, so she turned around to see if there was something behind her. She did not see anything, so she turned back around to see if herself was still standing there. When she turned around, she was staring at herself then the voice started talking but from her body.

It said only two words, “Follow me.”

The creepiest thing about it was that when she was watching the voice, she did not look like herself. She looked more rugged. Her hair was all frizzy. It was a mess.

The voice started walking down the street to the closed bank and turned back around and said, “Be very quiet.”

Then the voice somehow opened the bank door like it was magic. The voice went straight to the vault with no problems. Then the vault door opened. Then the voice took a bag then kept putting more and more money into the bag. The voice took about 25 million dollars. Then the voice turned around and punched the woman in the face. When the woman woke up, she quickly checked the news, but when she turned it on to the news, there was no report on the crime. She was confused. She felt a sense of relief. 

She had not heard about any crimes in over a week. She did not hear from the voice either. She thought everything was over. One night she woke up to a familiar voice. It was the voice.

It said, “You will forget about every crime and every law you have ever broken. You will feel like a new person.”

The next day, the woman felt like she had just won the lottery. 

Two years later… 

The woman had two children and a loving husband. Every day she felt good about life. She was always smiling. She still saw crimes on the television, but something told her every single day that it was not her, so she had nothing to worry about. She ended up living a happy and healthy life with committing any crimes or breaking any lose. That’s what she thought… 

The End

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