The World of Powers

Chapter One


Once upon a time, there lived a boy who had a friend. Their names were Carl and Merissa.  When they were going to school, they saw posters of Pusheen, a cat who has bagel through her head. Merissa thought that it could be a play at school. 

After school, their teacher said, “Tomorrow is Spring break.” 

When Carl and Merissa went home, they were really hungry. 

So they opened the fridge, and a troll appeared, and said, “You are the chosen ones, come with me through this portal.”

Merissa freaked out! But Carl knew that if he went through this portal he would become a legend. Merissa and Carl discussed the portal, and the answer was YES! So they went into the portal. When they reached the other side, Carl and Merissa saw a forest. Then, Carl spotted a tree with a door. 

Chapter Two


When Carl and Merissa went inside the door, they saw another portal. They both went inside this one and saw a beautiful world. The world had flowers and trees, and a lot of greenery.

The world was called Crave. Suddenly, a huge bird, which had a yellow beak and big white feathers, arrived. The bird told Carl and Merissa that an evil man called Fralanduperbuttbutt was destroying Crave. The bird told them there was a prophecy that two kids, named Carl and Merissa, will have to go to a place called Gruld to get their powers so they could stop Fralanduperbuttbutt.

The bird said, “I am going to be your ride so be careful. We are going to cross a big tornado.”

It took days and the bird was chattering too much which annoyed them. Suddenly, the clouds started getting darker and darker. 

The bird said, “Be careful, the storm is coming.” 

It was getting more windy and finally, they were in the storm. 

The bird said, “Be careful and hang on,” again.

The bird flew around and around the storm, so he made a path for Carl and Merissa. 

The bird said, “ I will have to go now, but good luck.”

Chapter Three


When Carl and Merissa reached Gruld, they saw a merchant, and the merchant said, “You must solve this riddle to get your powers”. 

The merchant also said that the boy should go first:

I am not ice cream,

But I am cold,

I am in drinks,

To chill your face,

If you heat me,

I will die.

What am I?

First, Carl said, “Is it water?” but the merchant just shook his head.

Then he said, “Is it cold water?” but again the merchant just shook his head. 

Carl was really confused, but suddenly, at the speed of light, he said, “ICE!” and the merchant said, “YES,” and gave Carl the power of ice.

While Carl was playing with his power, Merissa had to solve this riddle: 

If you give me food I will grow,

But if you give me a drink I will die,

What am I?

Merissa said, “FIRE!” and the merchant was impressed. Then he gave Merissa the power of fire.

Chapter Four 


Suddenly, Carl saw a glimpse of a gollum and he thought that it was Fralanduperbuttbutt. So he called Merissa and went to go and battle the gollum.

The gollum caught Merissa, but Carl made a frozen spear and attacked him, and this kept on going.


Then together they made water and “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!” They defeated him.

Chapter Five 


When they defeated him a potion appeared, and it said “drink me” on it. So Carl and Merissa drank a little and went back home.

When they reached home, both of them learned a lesson: to never open the fridge after school.

They also realized that it has only been a minute since they went through the portal.

Right now, Carl and Merissa probably are saying the same thing to their grandchildren.