Mr. Poodle and the Stray Cat, Starburst

Nirali Yedendra, age 9


Nirali Yedendra, age 9

A Beautiful Season

Elodie Cotton, age 9

The Four Seasons of Poetry

Sienna Beck, age 9

Welcome Green

Stephanie S., age 9

Will You Be My Owner?

Ella Ka, age 9

Willa Jean Queen of Summer

Sylvia Gutkin, age 9

The Secret Power

Effie, age 9

The Nightmare King, Ice Triagile, and the Rage of the King

Musa Khalil, age 9

The Defending Three

Musa Khalil, age 9

While Ghosts Fly

E. A. Charles, age 9

Tommy’s Winter Adventures

Stella M., age 9

Life in the Eyes of a Royal Drolfette

E. A. Charles, age 9

The Beginning

Jessica D., age 9

Three Is Turned to One by a Human Beast

Teo Yoo, age 9

You Don’t Belong Here

Sienna Beck, age 9

Emma and Mount Everest

Nala Delgado, age 9

The Undiscovered Night: 3 Poems

Clio, age 9

A New Age

Ryan Chen, age 9

Almost the End

Skylar Galliani, age 9

The Fashion Store’s Victory, Book 1: The Queen’s Revenge

Michelle Baston-Greenberg, age 9

A Collection of Nature Poems

Neva A.O., age 10

The Color of the Sky

Ella Wilson, age 9

Jack’s Soccer Adventure

Liam Xavi, age 9

The Fire Man

Leonardo Di Girolamo, age 9


Gavin Bohaceck, age 9

The Seal

Nicholas Weaver, age 9

Darkness Rises

Jonathan Davis, age 9

Sticky Consequences

Lisa, age 9

At the Movies with Mrs. Lady and Mrs. Beagle

Romy Rohr Varda, age 10

Space Adventures

Hugo Lin, age 9

The Bunny Who Wanted a Carrot

Nicholas Weaver, age 9

The Big Prison

Evan H. Seo, age 9

The Doll

Rebecca Diaz, age 9

Lost in the Woods

Siyona Kadam, age 9

Odd Aunt Lenore

Jojo W., age 9

The Closet of Doom

Leo, age 10

Pirate Boy

Lyla Lim, age 10

End Poem

Gavin Bohaceck, age 9

I, Broken Girl

Daniela Avrekh, age 9

Sights – A Haiku Collection

Daniela Avrekh, age 9

Ouch! Goes the Weasel {Book #3: Ronalds, Welcome to Elementary School}

Enhao Ren, age 9

Mountain Mama

Rakia Berkowitz, age 9

Fruits are Healthy

JL, age 9

The Adventures of Krony Faulty: A Masher Basher

Arjun Ranavat, age 9

Leo’s Story

Leo Simpson, age 9

The Finale

Leo Simpson, age 9

The World of Powers

Awesome Arjun, age 9

Awkward Barn

Maya Wang-Habib, age 9

Sweet Murder

Matthew Goldstein, age 9

Lea’s Unicorn (Books One and Two)

by Cameron Green, age 9

The Humbug

by Andrew Wu, age 9

A Bad Day (Kinda)

by Everett Chen, age 9

Sydney’s Poems

by Sydney W., age 9


by Atticus Riley, age 9

The Weird Pig

by Lulu, age 9

The Head Family

by Ranbeer Arora, age 9


by Ariel Horace, age 9

Shortys and the Big Race

by Emily V., age 9