When Twaben the panther was ten, he loved exploring unknown places. One day, he was wandering in the magical forest of Wandaka, and he (literally) stumbled upon… a tree root! Nothing very special about that was there… however… the magical forest of Wandaka was full of secrets… so like any fantasy story, there was a portal. Twaben didn’t make a decision whether to go in or not to go in… because he already fell in! It seemed like the portal also teleported him through time and space because now he was 22. Twaben had a jacket on which read “TOPPP.” He was very confused and after a lot of thought, he decided that they stood for animals (turtle, octopus, penguin, panda, panther, and he was correct! You’ll find out why later… ) He checked his pockets, and he found a bottle of what looked like his favorite energy drink: Grultimate. He popped off the cap and chugged the entire thing. It tasted strange, and he could feel a very strange substance through his veins. He ignored it and called it a day…


Chapter One

Later that week…

It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and on days like this… TOPPP was starting work. TOPPP was a group of animals: a turtle named Toitel, an octopus named John, a penguin named Leo, a panda named Smooshy Boosh… and a panther named Twaben! They were all outcasts because of what they looked like. Toitel had a blue shell, John had three legs, Leo had black and white stripes, Smooshy Boosh could eat anything, and Twaben was… well… a pink panther! Many of their plans had been spoiled! Just like Twaben’s milk, although unlike his milk, they had been deliberately sabotaged by a member in the group. They knew this because the saboteur wore a TOPPP cape on the security feed. No one trusted anyone. Many people were suspecting Twaben because “it” moved very fast. But Twaben swore on his life he was innocent.

They all fell behind each other and went into the “detective room,” and their leader, Toitel, kicked Twaben out of TOPPP for one month! A whole month! When Twaben started to walk around, everybody stared at him, and they all whipped out their phones and dialed someone. All the beeps around Twaben seriously irritated him and when he gets angry… stuff happens. After Twaben saw all the animal control vans swarming the block, his ability triggered itself. All threats (including weapons and people) within a 12 foot radius were now controlled by Twaben. He forced them to go as far away as possible. Then, he ran on top of the TOPPP HQ. When he was up there, he decided to spy on the TOPPP to find who really sabotaged their plans. When Twaben followed Smooshy Boosh, he saw him eating some paste, and then he saw Toitel sneaking a speed potion! Twaben immediately recalled all the facts and set off the alarm. Toitel ran away and hid in his turtle hole. Toitel was kicked from the club (and Twaben joined back in), then the OPPP workers voted Twaben as their new leader.


Chapter Two

They finally finished their multi-dimensional-alien-chicken-cow-computer-train-sheep-horse-dog-cat-paper-ball-translator. (It’s harder to say than to use, trust Twaben.) They called it the MDACCCTSHDCPBT. They fired it into the infinite possibilities of space. Twaben stayed up all night with 17 gallons of coffee. At about one o’clock, a super loud beep echoed throughout their HQ.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Twaben screamed and woke everybody up.

“SHUT UP!” everybody screamed back.

“OUR MACHINE WORKED!” Twaben screamed once again. Everybody ran into the room, and he said, “We reached planet ORegE, home to brilliant scientists that have created clones of all the strange animals. Even us!”

“How do they know what we look like?” Leo asked.

“I don’t know… Do you want to ask them?” The screen flashed on, and they saw some weird aliens that looked like a mound of slime with bushy hair and glasses on.


“Hey, LeM. Long time no see, eh?”

“Lemon?” said Leo.

“Incorrect. My name is LeM.”

“Okay… I’m just gonna call you Lemon.”

“Sorry, LeM, but I called you because Toitel the — ”

“Toitel the turtle sabotaged your plans… Yes, that happened to us too.”

“Okay, but he is off and getting his own army to counter our armies!”


“So, what are you going to do about it?”

“We have put trackers on all the Toitel clones. And they are all at… Wait a sec… The Wi-Fi is really slow up here… doo doo dooo… Okay, finally. It appears that the clones are all at… the bottom floor in your lair!”

“Let’s get ready for BATTLE!” Twaben said.

The Toitels came in. Twaben thought, I need to fight back because if I don’t, I’m going to die. (Obviously.) The Toitels had blue shells that they were throwing at pieces of machinery that Twaben had made over the years. Twaben screamed, “I’ll get you for this, Toitel.”

Leo threw fish at the Toitels, and then Smooshy Boosh threw up on all of the Toitels. The fish combined with the barf destroyed most of the Toitels… but then a super Toitel mech burst into the room and threw the roof into the sea to show his strength. Twaben got even angrier because the MDACCCTSHDCPBT was attached to that roof. The humans noticed that there was a giant turtle destroying the building, so they called the police, and then the police came over and tried to shoot, but the bullets bounced right off Toitel. Twaben used his ability (that he got from the strange “energy drink”) to force the Super Toitel to make a rocket out of itself, and they flew to the secret planet of LME (otherwise known as LIME). From there, they watched earth and saw that the big cities were getting smaller and more animals were walking around, not getting attacked. They may not have changed the whole world, but at least something’s changed. And if animals ever got attacked again… OPPP would strike again!

To be continued…


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