“Jake! Jake! Come on, you have to go to school,” my mom called from the kitchen.

“I’m not going. No one is going to be friends with me. I’m going to be…” I moaned.

Mom came into the room and opened up the window shades. I moaned and covered my eyes.

“Close the windows,” I said.

“But wait, isn’t Kyle going to be going to the same school as you?” she asked me, as I got up from bed.

“Nah Mom, he went with the rest of the bunch to Madeline Niles school,” I said, trying to act cool.

“Please treat me with respect,” she scolded, “I am your mother after all.”

“But Mom, I don’t know if anybody will like me.” I said.

“Honey, you know that will never happen,” she said.  “You are going to be completely okay.”

“Mom, I told you to knock before you come in.”

“Okay, I will be downstairs when you’re done.”

I took a quick shower and walked to the closet where I took out my burgundy uniform that had a touch of navy blue on it.

“Honey, don’t forget to brush your hair,” she said.

I paid no attention to it for once.

Hopefully the school does not have any bullies, I thought, just as I started to go down stairs.

I went downstairs to eat the breakfast that Mom had prepared for me. I took my oatmeal and sat on my orange Lazy-Boy couch in the living room.

“This oatmeal is rotten,” I told Mom.

“Jake, if you go to school looking that depressed, you’re going to start to look like you’re suicidal,” my mom called from the kitchen in a voice so annoying that I couldn’t stop myself from saying what I did.

“Can you stop nagging? You’re going to drive me insane. This is probably why David and Dad left us,” I yelled.  

“If you mention them in that way again, you’ll wish that you could not talk at all.”

She was absolutely pissed. She’s not normally like that. The mom I knew was kind and never yelled like that.

“Okay. Okay, just don’t hit me.”

I was worried, because when I said their names before she didn’t yell at me like she did now. I knew that I should not have mentioned Dad. She was super emotional when someone said their names in disrespect.

“Well Mom, I’m off to school,” I called, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and leaving in a rush before she could drag me back into the kitchen to scold me.

Even though I always say this, I really do wonder where he, no, they, might be. I thought to myself. Mom and I almost never get into arguments. It’s only only us in this world and nobody else. They all…


I turned around to see what the racket was about, only to see a pitbull right behind me. As I saw this wild beast called a dog, I started to run all the way to school, because it was eating a pair of overgrown legs.

As I ran, the huge dog chased me.

* * *

Pant pant! That dog really got me working. As I walked through the archway, I was stunned.

“It is beautiful,” I barely managed to slip the words out of my mouth.

I looked around to see what else this school had in store for me. There it was, a brilliant red carpet that led to the entrance. The entrance was huge with a set of castle doors. There were a set of towers, which looked like they were used to defend the place. There was an archway of Sakura trees outlining the carpet into it.

Excalibur. I liked that name, I thought as I walked in.

As I looked around, I saw all of the school’s dignified students, walking elegantly into the school.

The interior design of this place seemed to be meant for the kings.

“Ding Dong Ding Dong,” the bell went for a moment.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no, I got to go!” I said, as I made a break for the entrance.

What class do I have to go? I thought, as I started to search for my schedule. It’s not there, why is it not there. It must of fell out of my pocket when I ran out of the house. Oh man, I’m totally going to get in trouble. This had to happen on the first day, this obviously means that I’m going to have a bad rest of the year.

I ran through the velvet hallways with a multitude of boards decorated with posters on it, to tell the First Years to join their clubs. I stopped in front of the board. I frantically searched the board to see if they would have a place for someone to go if they lost their schedule. Then, this one poster caught my eye.

“Thank God!”

I should have checked if I had the thing before I left the house.

Just as I was about to start looking, I saw a man walking through the hallway. I went to go talk to him, to ask if I was going the right way to the library.

“I suggest you don’t go that way if you truly value your life,” he said in an intriguing way.

When he said that, I glanced over to the area where he was walking towards, but all I saw was the burning glare of the sun coming down on the dazzling carpet. It was as if he just vanished in thin air.

I put my hand on the wall for a second to rest, for I felt dizzy but, only to see the most dazzling girl I ever seen. The sparkle in her light blue eyes suddenly made me get up and start walking to her unconsciously.

That man’s advice echoed in my mind as I kept on walking towards her.

“Ahhh,” I pinched myself to see if I would lose myself of this trance that was abruptly placed upon me.  

As soon as I did that, the girl turned around, and I made eye contact with her. Her eyes were opaque. Kind of like someone who had just died. The sparkle in her eyes was gone and was replaced with something more sinister. She started to come closer.

What are you doing here, leave now, I thought. Maybe it’s not too late, to turn around before she can come any closer.

But, it was too late, she had come too close.

“Help,” I shrieked, as she knocked me down and slowly took shards of my flesh with her.  

Game Over


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