“Do you want a mint?” Nancy asked her friend Emma. “My mom just bought them.”




Twelve-year-old Emma was having a sleepover with her friend Nancy. All of a sudden, there was a big boom.


Booooooooooooooooom. “What was that?!” asked Emma.


After the boom, they both fell asleep.


When Emma woke up, she realized that the whole world had turned upside down.


Nancy was still sleeping.


“Wake up!” Emma was shaking Nancy. Finally, Nancy woke up.


“What happened?” Nancy yelled.


“I don’t know,” Emma said.


“First,” said Emma, “we have to see what caused the world to turn upside down to see how to get it back to normal.”


“Do you see anything strange?” Emma said to Nancy.


“No,” Nancy said.


They pulled on their clothes and rushed outside.


Mrs. Doodler, Nancy’s next-door neighbor, was outside holding a bag of fruit she had just bought at the store.


“Nice day, is it not?” Mrs. Doodler said.


Clearly she had not noticed everything was upside down.


Emma ran behind a house with Nancy.


“Why do you think Mrs. Doodler hasn’t noticed everything is upside down?” Emma said.


“She is pretty old,” Nancy said.


Just then, in the house next to Mrs. Doodler, Emma and Nancy’s friend Lily came out of the house. She saw them and walked over to them. It didn’t seem like she noticed anything either. Lily asked them what they were going to be doing over the summer since school had just finished. Emma and Nancy said that they were going to be going away together, which was true. Lily said she was in a rush and that she had to be somewhere. So, Nancy and Emma told her she could go. When she was out of sight, they talked to each other about how she hadn’t noticed either.


“Maybe the world is only upside down for us,” Emma said.


“Why would it be only for us?” Nancy said.


“I don’t know,” Emma replied.


“How about we take a walk?” Nancy said.


“Okay,” Emma said.


They walked to the supermarket. When they got there, there were many other people. Some said good morning, some said nothing, but nobody noticed that everything was upside down.


“I bet it is only upside down for us,” Emma said.


“I mean, if it is upside down for them they would probably say something,” Nancy said.


“Let’s go to my house. We can tell my mom that we will be going to have lunch with Lily, and until then we will play with her.”


Emma normally never lied to her mom, but today she felt like she had to. Emma went to her house to tell her mom that she would be going to Lily’s house. Next, they took a little walk. While they were walking, they bumped into Lily, and she actually did invite them to lunch. She invited them to come at 1:00. It was 9:00 in the morning now. They had four hours until it was time to go to Lily’s house. They got ice cream and sat in front of the ice cream store on a bench to discuss what they would do.


“What should we do?” Nancy asked Emma.


“How about we go back to your house?” Emma suggested.


“Okay,” Nancy said.


Together they walked back to Nancy’s house. When they got to Nancy’s house, they discussed everything they did from when Emma arrived to the morning when they woke up. They remembered that Emma had come at 8:00 P.M.. The first thing they did was put on their pajamas, and then they both popped mints into their mouth.


“Those mints couldn’t have done anything,” Nancy said. “I’ve had them before and nothing happened.” Next, they went to bed. While they were sleeping, they heard a big boom.


“But that couldn’t have done anything,” Emma said.


Next, they fell back to sleep and when they woke up, everything was upside down. That’s all they had done.


“There’s one thing we forgot,” Emma said. “We both popped the mints into our mouth at the exact same time.”


Nancy thought about it. “I’ve never eaten a mint when I’ve had a friend over, so maybe the mints turned the world upside down.”


“That would make sense,” Nancy said. “Because when my mom got them at the store I was there, and that was the only pack like that.”

“So do you think we have to eat another one to get back to normal?” Emma said.


“We could ask my mom if we could have another sleepover at your house,” Nancy said.


“We’ll ask her after lunch,” Emma said.


“We still have two hours,” Nancy said. “What should we do?”


“How about we go on a little walk,” Emma suggested.


“Okay,” Nancy said.


While they were walking, they saw Mrs. Doodler again.


She invited them over for tea. They walked to Mrs. Doodler’s house.


They had their tea. Emma and Nancy both had chamomile and so did Mrs. Doodler.


Next, they went to Lily’s house for lunch. They had pizza with apple juice. It was really good. Emma and Nancy went to Nancy’s house to ask if they could have another sleepover. Nancy’s mom said she was okay with it as long as Emma’s mom was okay with it.


They walked over to Emma’s house to ask her mom. Emma’s mom was not okay with it, so Emma had to convince her mom


This is how it went.


“Mom, can I please have another sleepover with Nancy.”




“Maybe I should go,” said Nancy.


“Oh yeah, bye. See you later maybe.”


“Mom, please.”




“Yay! Thank you so much Mom.”


“You’re welcome.”


“See you tomorrow.”


Emma walked to Nancy’s house. When she got there, she told Nancy’s mom that her mom was okay with it.


It was 6:00 now. They played until 8:00. Then, they ate dinner.


At 9:00, they ate the mints.


Then, they went to bed. When they woke up the next morning, everything was the same.


They put on their clothes and went outside.


They did not want to wake Nancy’s mom up, so they went to the store to buy something to eat. When they went to the food section, Nancy had an idea. What if there was is something in the store they could eat before bed that would turn it back? They looked around and found a box of taffy that said reverse. They bought it.


They went to Emma’s house to ask her mom if she could have another sleepover with Nancy. Her mom said only if she would never have a double sleepover again.


“Okay,” Emma said.


They played until lunch.


They ate lunch. Then, they played until dinner. They ate pasta for dinner.


At 9:00, they ate the taffy. Then, they went to bed.


That night, there was a big boom.




They woke up the next morning, and everything was back to normal.


Emma and Nancy said, “Hooray!”




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