Why Minecraft is Educational

I believe that Minecraft is educational because it can help them with problems, especially in creative mode where the player has every block. Furthermore, in creative mode, the player can unleash his or her full imagination. The player can build boats, planes, cities, and even empires.

In survival mode, the player spawns and has on materials, and it is a challenge to get enough resources and be ready for monsters to come at night and try to kill the player. The player must use their instincts to survive. “New moves to learn new things” in Minecraft helps kids with problem solving, says Margaret Rock in the “Modern Parent” section of 2 Machines. See, even some parents agree with me and others.

Minecraft opened a new edition called Educational mode for the classroom, according to an article by Mojang, the video game developer of Minecraft. Minecraft made educational mode to help kids around the world learn and bring forth their imagination. When any person uses their  imagination, they don’t have a dull life and the player learns how to be creative. Creativity predicts a longer life. In a Scientific American article, “researchers found that only creativity — not intelligence or overall openness — decreased mortality risk. Also one possible reason creativity is protective of health is because it draws on a variety of neural networks within the brain.” James Clear cites studies and research that demonstrates how creating art decreases negative emotions, reduces stress and anxiety, and improves medical outcomes. In creative mode of minecraft the user is given an infinite number of blocks and can not die, so the player has no limit to using his/her imagination. Not only can being creative help you live longer, but it can improve your quality of health and life too.

All in all, for these reasons minecraft is healthy and educational, plus it is awesome. Even though it is a video game, it is a fun educational video game that helps build creativity and problem solving. I think kids should use minecraft in school. If you were to play minecraft in school, it wouldn’t be a free period, because you still have to learn in school. Duh.      


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