The Beginning of the Homons


250 A.W. January 3rd

I remember the day when the UN solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. The day when it all started. On that day, as soon as the scientists discovered the material that made so many ships and planes become lost, NASA started receiving strange signals. A year went by and nothing more happened until…


251 A.W. June 4th

A strange craft appeared next to Venus, and the frequency got so loud that TVs could intercept it. NASA immediately scrambled three spaceships to go to the craft. As soon as the three ships got within thirty miles of it, they disappeared off the radar. The craft started speeding up, reaching Earth in three minutes. An army started evacuating everybody in a thirty-mile radius of the craft’s predicted landing zone. They were too late, and the craft landed.

Among all the people in the landing zone, there was a kid named Jason, me, the narrator of this story. This is the story of what happened to me, how a kid got his powers, went a bit insane, and became king of the universe.

So I watched from my balcony, and I waited for the door of the craft to open and open it did. Then a guy walked out. If you thought right away that this guy was an alien, you may want to put down this book because I’m trying to make this book not have suspense or a cliffhanger. Because guess what? That doesn’t happen in life! He didn’t look like an alien, but something wasn’t right.

“RUN,” the guy shouted.

I immediately saw what he was talking about. Some strange thing walked out of the doorway of the craft. It looked like a human but not exactly. It had no facial details, no mouth, no eyes, no hair, and no reproductive organs. Also, it was completely white, so white that it glowed. It burned my eyes just looking at it. It was wearing a white, glowing cape fused to its back. Did he burn that cape to his back or what? I still don’t know now. Then it started walking towards the guy, and it touched the guy on his head. The guy immediately crumpled to the ground. The thing looked up, and everyone feared what would happen next. The thing raised his hands and spoke in perfect English.

“Hello everybody. I’m the god, Extinction. I will be hosting the event of your extinction and painful destruction, and yes, if you were thinking that I am evil, bravo! I am evil, so good job on that. It’s time to die!” Extinction said happily.

Nobody moved. Not only did an alien come to their planet, speaking in plain English, but it was also an insane god of extinction. Who can blame him? He’s the god of killing people, and that must take a toll on him eventually. Then things started coming out of his body. First, it looked like a gas, but then it formed into bodies that looked exactly like him, except they didn’t have capes. Bodies started flying, smashing into people and buildings. I looked for a place to hide and decided on the bathroom. Before I could get there, one of the bodies immediately smashed through the window, grabbing my mom. I tried to grab one of the bodies before it could get away, but it just looked at me and smacked me in the face. Then I blacked out. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was that the building I was once in had collapsed. I was under the rubble. Also, my face was pointing towards the platform where the craft landed.

Extinction was holding my mom, and I tried to get out, but there was nothing I could do. I looked up again. Extinction was holding a sword. The hilt of it had a diamond right where the hilt and the blade connected, and it was a large diamond, so large my face could probably fit in it. Then he stuck the sword right through my mom. Immediately, her blood began to bubble on the sword, turning into a gas. I looked around at the other people trapped in the rubble. Their blood was also doing that, turning into a gas under their skin, then bubbling. Then it was popping through their skin and leaving giant cuts until their skin just fell off. But that wasn’t the worst part! Their insides were burning flesh, bones, and guts that were burnt away, leaving no trace that they were ever there, except for the other materials around them.

Then I felt a surging pain as if my insides were trying to light my skin on fire. I painfully looked at my hand, and that was when I noticed something weird. My hand was completely burned, but it wasn’t ripped. I touch my arm and felt it. My skin felt smooth, not rough like burned skin would be. The burning wasn’t over. My arm began to burn, but as soon as the burning past my arms, it became too much to tolerate, and I fell asleep.


I was born September 23, 2039. That’s the one thing I knew about my birth. The other thing was that my mother was unable to give birth to me, and soon it would’ve been fatal. Somehow I healed and reformed when they tried an abortion. So they decided to use a serum that would make my body very liquidy so they could suck me out of my egg and put me inside an incubation chamber. It also affected my body. Instead of my bones producing blood, they produced a combination of hydrogen-1, oxygen-1, nitrogen-2, oxygen-1, and nitrogen-2, or what was called at the hospital, “homon.”

Only 1400 people had that blood type. It also affected my strength, agility, fitness, flexibility, and all of the five senses. For some people, they had virtual immortality. Those people stopped aging at 16, could change their looks, get telekinesis abilities to lift objects 200 pounds or less, and turn gigantic. But when you did this, your fat would start burning away very slowly, about one pound a minute. They could also harden their skin and be able to regenerate quickly. I had all of those abilities. I had to go to a school, for only people with those blood types, the day before the extinction event.

As I walked through the street, going to school, I heard someone say, “Hey, Jason.” I turned around, and there were my two friends, Michael and Ryen. They both had the ability of changing their appearance and virtual immortality as well as fast healing. Also, Michael had the ability of making himself gigantic and hardening his skin. Ryen had the ability of being telekinetic.

“Hi guys!” I said.

“Did you hear John got expelled?” Ryen said.

“No. I didn’t. I feel bad for the guy. Hopefully he has a good life in heaven.”

“I heard he got shot down on the spot when he tried to escaped from school for getting an F.”

“Well he would have died both ways. If only he could have hardened his skin. Then he may have been able to survive,” Ryen said as Michael hardened his arm, making it look like iron.

“There it is,” Michael said sarcastically. “School sweet school.”

I looked at school, a steel wall with barbed wire on the top. Surrounding it were 300 guards equipped in riot suits. They were holding guns specially designed for us. It could use the electromagnet it had on its tip. It could shoot bullets at a speed of 10000 km a second. With enough time, it could penetrate our hardened skin.

We walked to the big, iron gate in the front of the school. I put a pass up to the sensors, and the gate opened, revealing the school.

The first class we had was history of the homons. The first homon was a guy named John. His history is very blurry. The only things we knew about him was that he watched his sister die and became extremely interested in bringing the dead back to life. There were rumors that he did bring his sister back to life, but there was no proof. The only remains of John were a giant human skeleton that was estimated to be 18,263,520 feet long. John destroyed all of England and half of America before he was killed by humans who shot every nuke they had in their arsenal. Only then did he die.


251 A.W. June 15

When I woke up and tried to get up from what I thought was my bed, I couldn’t. I looked up and saw all the destruction and remembered what happened. I quickly got out of the rubble and started running as fast as my legs could take me. When I reached the wilderness, I saw a strange plant. The strange plant had fruits that seemed to glow, but I kept on running. Somehow I didn’t get tired after non-stop running for 60 miles. That was when I noticed a cave that seemed like it wasn’t under surveillance by Extinction. I ran inside the cave.

It was large, but I found a nice patch of moss and went to sleep on it. When I woke up, I noticed the same strange plant that I saw on my run. I went to touch it, but it immediately started to glow. I stumbled back in surprise, and I decided on drinking from a river near me instead.

When I went to take a sip, I saw my reflection. I looked almost the exact opposite of Extinction. Instead of being white and glowing with no reproductive organs, I was black and everything two inches around me was glowing black. Then the ground started shaking. Earthquake, I thought immediately. In all the shaking, a rock the size of a regular sized house fell off the top of the cave, and it looked like it would collide right near my head. But I couldn’t get myself to move. My legs felt like jello. Before I could think about what to do, my natural instinct kicked in. I tried to grab that rock. I felt the rock hit my arms and the impact go through my body. If you ever want to know what being crushed by a school bus felt like, then try this because that’s exactly what it felt like. I tried for as long as I could to hold the rock, but it was the equivalent of a black ant trying to carry a french bulldog. The ant won’t be able to lift the bulldog. It would just die a miserable death of being crushed and suffocated. I knew that I would be the ant, but I had to try. I saw my life flash before my eyes. The life I used to have. The life I would never get back. I would never see my mom or dad again, my brothers and sisters, friends. I would see no one again because they were all murdered in cold blood. Well actually, they were murdered in boiling hot blood, but that wasn’t the point. I would not die like this. I felt a surge of energy through my veins. My hands started glowing white, and then the rock smoldered.

“Ha ha ha!” I laughed, looking at my hand as it turned black again. “Ah ha ha ha! Oh, what a wondrous time this is! What a great time this is with everything $%$#!@ up and mutated as hell, and well ha ha ha! Jingle bells, jingle bells. Oh what time it is. Oh what time this is. I will kill everything that is not homon or human. Whatever we’re called! Oh ha ha ha ha! And you know what, screw it. If anybody joins the alien’s side as well. Ha ha ha ha ha! This is going to be fun!”


When the big bang started, some material collided together, making the first life forms — the gods. When they became aware of themselves, they gave themselves names and positions. There was Rajadewa, or The God King, the king of all gods. Titanos, the god of death. Earthian, the Goddess of life. Janice, the goddess of creation. Out of all the stones floating around in space, Janice used her powers to make all the stones come together and create stalagmites that would link up to other stalagmites, until there was a island. Earthian made grass sprout up off the ground. She made Titanos agree not to let her plants die in the cold, harsh climate. The God King used his powers to create a castle on the island. He decided to make planets. He sent out a mass of energy into the cosmos and heated all the mass into spheres. Some were made of stone. Some were made of gas. Then out of all the rocks, two other beings came out. Extinction and Time.


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