A Love and Hate Relationship Between…


Hi I’m Olivia, I have autism and I have no friends. I don’t go to school. I have a tutor that comes to my house five days a week, just like normal school but at my house. I am very shy and am petrified of the outside world. I have a bossy sister named Mia who always makes fun of my autism. I absolutely hate it!!! Really you don’t understand! She makes fun that I have no friends and that I am not a normal 8-year-old girl. Gosh she’s so annoying!

“I just want to be normal.” I always say that in my head! My sister also always lies to Mom that I am always being bad and that I am never going to be able to go to school. So if my sis keeps up with this I will definitely never go to school and be a little more normal! I always think about normal kids and how fun it would be to get to go to school and have so many friends! But all I ever do is get made fun of by my ANNOYING sister Mia! Another thing I always think about is going to sleepaway camp and having an amazing experience! My sister goes every year and always brags about how fun it is! All I ever want to do to her is to have her be in my shoes and see how it feels! I bet she would hate it so much!!

I was walking down the street with my Mom. I was holding her hand tightly, when suddenly I saw a fluffy dog pop right in front of my face. I slipped my hand out of Mom’s hand and ran up to the dog. The dog had a mean face on it. OW! It bit me. I yelled! I had blood dripping down my neck! OMG! I was in excruciating pain!

OMG I was thinking, “my whole life is absolutely ruined! This is so awful! I hate you dog!”  My Mom dialed 911 when even more blood started dripping down my neck! The ambulance finally came and gave me a huge cup of ice to put on my bloody neck. He then rushed me to the hospital! When we got to the hospital named ‘Helpful Doctors,’ Mom had to carry me into the ER. While holding the ice on my neck! I was totally in shock! So we got into the ER and the doctor rushed to bring me on the stretcher into the room. When we got into the the room the doctor said, “Oh my gosh what happened?”

Mom said something like, “She got bit by a dog!”

“Wow!” the doctor said!

I couldn’t really understand the conversation between the two of them because of how in shock I was.

The doctor stitched me up and then took X-rays and said to my Mom, “I am sorry to say but I think your daughter has a stutter!”

Omg, I thought in my head, did I really just hear that or was I dreaming!

When I woke up from my ‘dream’ I asked my Mom what the doctor said. She said, “he said that you have a stutter!”

So I found out that it wasn’t a dream after all! I really did have a stutter!

“Are you kidding me,” I stuttered!

I yelled and screamed and kicked! When I talked it sounded so awful! Mom told Mia about what happened and how I have a stutter from the dog biting my neck. (All I wanted was for Mom to tell Sis that I have a stutter now) now she will make fun of me even more!

“I hate my life,” I screamed!

“Olivia honey calm yourself,” Mom said!


I then ran to my room slammed my door closed and starting crying so hard! It sounded so terrible! (Possibly because of my stutter.) I then heard a knock on my bedroom door. Who do you think it was? Of course it was Mia. I bet she came just to make fun of me more! When she knocked on the door i wouldn’t let her open it! But instead she yelled from the hallway,

“Haha now you’re even more disabled!”

“Weeeell you knooww whhatt geettet oouut offf myyyy liffeee!” I shouted!

It literally took me like 2 minutes to only say not even a sentence! Because of my stupid stutter!

It was Saturday evening when I woke up, I saw something red! I was so sleepy that I didn’t know what it was. (Obviously blood from my dog bite.)

I ran to Mom’s bed and screamed in her ear, “My neck was bleeding in the night there’s blood all over my sheets!” I stuttered!

“OMG honey come on we have to go back to the ER hurry up!”

Mom quickly got dressed and she picked me up and ran to the car she slammed the car door closed and turned on the ignition.

We finally got to the ‘Helpful Doctors’ hospital when I realized maybe Mia was playing a trick on me and this whole blood thing was a prank. But I didn’t want to say anything to Mom because to be honest I was kind of in pain. We walked into the ER and Mom asked to see Dr. Webber. The person at the desk said he’d be there in a sec. So me and Mom sat down and waited. When Dr. Webber came we told him what happened. He said that I would have to stay over night so he could watch over my neck.

I thought in my head, “my goodness this is so terrible!”

Mom ended up going home to get some clothes for tomorrow. I hoped I would only have to stay one night.

So Dr. Webber brought us to our room and said, “If you’re in pain Olivia or if you need anything just push that button right above you and I will come.”

I thought in my head, “this is going to be a bad night. The bad hospital food, the bed and everything else! Gosh Mia I really do hate you!!”

When it was about 9:00 I got into the bed and thought, “this is so uncomfortable I will never be able to sleep!” But I really had no choice! So I closed my eyes.

The next morning I woke up and saw there was no blood on my sheets thank goodness! The nurse brought us breakfast. I really didn’t want to eat this horrible hospital food but I knew I had no choice! The nurse gave us a bagel and a muffin. I took little nibbles of it. It tasted very stale and rotten!! It was also very hard to eat it because of my neck. It hurt so badly! I didn’t eat much of my food because it number one was very painful to eat and number two wasn’t very good. After Mom and I ate, Dr. Webber came in and asked me how I was doing.

I stuttered, “I am doing a bit better”

The doctor felt very bad about my stutter! He said, “I am so sorry!”

Mom said, “She will be ok. She’s a tough cookie.”

He said we could go home I felt so relived. I got dressed then Mom and I got into the car and drove home.

“Thank goodness we’re home,” I stuttered.

Mia acted like she didn’t know what happened but really she did because she played a prank on me I knew it! I ran up the stairs and walked into my room and saw that Dad washed the sheets with the blood on it. I wrote a sign on Mia’s door to her room that said I hate you! You’re the meanest sister ever! You made me sleep at that stupid ER for absolutely no reason! I hung the sign on her door. Then I went down the stairs very carefully (because I didn’t want to get yet another injury and get more made fun of! That’s all I needed!) So when I got downstairs I motioned to Mia to come upstairs so I could have a talk with her. But of course she refused to! So instead I told on her. “Sorry you lost your chance of not getting punished,” I thought. I said to Mom that I really wasn’t bleeding Mia actually played a prank on me just to be so mean! Mom was so in shock!!

She yelled at Mia and Mia then said, “What no I didn’t! I would never do that!!”

“Yes she did,” I stuttered!!

“Mia that’s it, you’re grounded!!” Mom yelled!

“Haha,” I thought!! Mia made a face at me and I made a face back at her like I really didn’t care!! Mia then  ran up the stairs stomping her feet so loud I felt like he whole world would be able to hear it! When she sees the sign she justs makes a face tears it off and throws it in the trash. She slams the door closed and then starts crying!

“Hahahahah,” I stutter! In my mind!

The next morning I woke up at 2:00! I must have been really tired!! I barely knew what was going on because of how late I woke up! I got dressed then went downstairs to see what was going on.

“Hi Mom,” I stuttered. “Wait a sec I don’t have a stutter anymore Mom!”

“Wow honey! How in the world did you get rid of that? I am so proud of you!”

“I really don’t know, someone must have casted a spell on me well i was asleep for so long!”

“Let me go to tell sis,” I said in a happy voice! I walked up the stairs then pushed open Mia’s door and yelled, “My stutter is gone! Now you have one less thing to make fun of me!”

“Wow sis that’s very cool!”

From Mia’s perspective:

I realized a very important lesson! I should really stop making fun of Olivia! She has a disorder and now I really understand what a hard life she has! I should make her a letter shouldn’t I! Then I won’t be grounded anymore! I took out a pink piece of paper (that’s Olivia’s favorite color) then I found a pen. I then started writing.

Dear Olivia, I realized a very Important lesson!

I am so sorry for what I’ve done to you!

I realized that you really do have a tough life.

I apologize for being so mean!

I promise I will stop!

I love you!

From your sister Mia!

I then folded it up ran down the stairs and all of a sudden I hear Mom say, “Mia aren’t you grounded what are you doing down here?”

“I want to give Olivia something special,” I answered back.

“Ok,” Mom then said, “She’s on the couch resting.”

I then went to the couch and saw Olivia, she was watching TV. “Olivia,” I said, “I have something special to give to you!”

She just sighed and said, “Ok,” like she thought you’re not giving me something special! You’re usually so mean to me!”

“Here Olivia,” I said.

She opened the card and read! She had an amazed look on her face like wow is this really my sister! She then gave me a huge hug and kissed me right on the cheek and said, “Thank you so much Mia!”

Mom then ran over and said, “What just happened?”

I said, “I gave Olivia a special card!”

“Wow Mia,” she said in a surprised voice! “You’re not grounded anymore that was so nice of you!”

“Thanks Mom,” I replied back.

“I love you Olivia!”

“I love you too Mia,” she replied back!

Back to Olivia’s perspective:

I felt so great about how Mia and I made up! It was Saturday evening when Mom yelled up the stairs, “Olivia do you want to come on a walk with me?”

“Sure,” I answered back. I walked down the stairs and then both me and Mom went outside.

When Mom and I got outside i was thinking about that stupid dog that bit my neck! I hoped I wouldn’t see him! When Mom and I were walking down the street I was asking myself questions about that dumb dog, such as “What if I did see that dumb dog and what would happen?” If I saw him would he bite me again? I really hope he wouldn’t bite me again because then I would have to deal with my stutter all over again! That would be so awful!” When I was done asking myself questions, I asked Mom If we could turn around and go back home? She said yes.

I was walking home when suddenly I almost fainted!!

“Honey are you ok?” Mom asked.

“Oh yes I think I’m fine.” (I think). Omg my face was literally as red as a tomato!!

“Mom,” I yelled, “I see that stupid dog again!!”

I looked into the dog’s eyes and he looked into my eyes, I then said, “Mom It looks like the dog feels bad for what he did.” The dog’s face looked so sad and it looked like she wanted to run up and give me kisses!! I then said in a questionable voice, “Mom I feel like going to pet the bad dog!”

Mom answered, “Honey, why would you ever want to go pet that BAD dog that gave you a stutter!”

“Well I just feel like he might now like me because he feels bad for what he did to me.”

“Ok Olivia you can do what you want but if he bites you don’t come up to me complaining,” Mom said.

I said, “Ok, here I go.” I walked up to the dog very slowly I looked into his eyes and he looked into my eyes. Nice doggy, nice please don’t bite me, I thought. “I pet him,” I yelled.

“Great job, Olivia,” Mom said!

“Thanks Mom!”

After I pet the dog I asked the owner what the dog’s name was he said her name was Lucy. I answered back, “Wow that’s a very nice name!”

He said, “Thanks!”

Mom then started walking towards the owner and asked him if maybe it would be ok to do dog therapy because her daughter had autism.

The owner said, “Absolutely, I would love my dog to help with your daughter! Oh and by the way I am so sorry about my dog biting you!” the owner said.

Mom said, “It’s ok i am glad they like each other now!”

“Let’s get back to the therapy,” said Mom.

“Ok, so when do you want to start and where should we do it?” asked Mom.

“Well I think we should do it at my house and maybe we could start tomorrow and do it two days a week,” said the owner

“Ok I guess that’s fine!”

“I can’t wait,” I said to Mom!

Mom and I then finished walking home. It was so pretty on the walk home. It was night time so the sky was like an orangey and pink color! And the sun was shining right in my face! It felt so good to be outside! And the fresh air smelt so woodsy! I just really love the smell of woodsy!! When Mom and I got home, I told Sis about how I am going to start taking dog therapy! She thought it was very cool! She also seemed a little jealous!!

She said to me, “I feel a bit jealous.”

“Well sorry,” I said back. I couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow I was so excited I really couldn’t wait!! I was thinking to myself questions such as: How is this going to work?  Will this really help my autism? and Will the dog be nice to me during the sessions? After I thought about those questions I realized it was already 9:00 and that’s when I go to bed. So I got ready, took a shower put on my pj’s then gave Mom a kiss goodnight and got into bed. I then snuggled under my covers and closed my eyes and fell asleep.

It was the next morning when I woke up and shouted, “I can’t wait for dog therapy today!” I felt like I just woke the whole world up because of how loud i shouted! But really I only woke my family up! So I was exaggerating a little too much! Dad, Mom and Mia were a little surprised when they heard me shout so loud! I then went into Mom’s room and asked her,

“What time does dog therapy start?”

She said, “It starts at 8:45.”

“Ok well should I start getting ready?” I asked.

“Yes honey,” Mom said.

I then walked back to my room and got dressed. I put on something that I wouldn’t mind getting dog hair all over (not something fancy obviously!) After I got dressed i went back into Mom’s room to ask her if she would make me breakfast. She said, “Yes.” I wanted pancakes, so she made them for me. They were very good! We then walked out the door and got into the car to drive to the man’s house! I was so excited I had a rush of adrenalin and my heart was beating as fast as a 85 mile car! That’s how excited I was!! I was also thinking to myself I really want a dog!! Maybe if Mom saw I really loved Lucy she would get me one. I would hope so! When we got to his house him and Lucy were waiting outside for us. Mom and I got out of the car and went to say hello. I pet Lucy and Mom started talking to the owner about the therapy. Lucy was giving me kisses everywhere and was just being super fantastic to me!!

When we all got inside Lucy’s owner named Bob asked Mom and I if we wanted anything to eat or drink. We both said no. Then we went downstairs because that’s where we were going to do the therapy. When we got downstairs Bob got Lucy ready and told her to sit, and to be good and behave! I agreed with Bob. I hope he would make me feel comfortable with Lucy.

Bob said to Lucy, “Give her a paw!” Lucy gave me her paw and then I gave her a treat for being good! It was literally like the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! Lucy was trained so well!! She did so many other tricks for me and she really helped me calm down!!

“I love you Lucy,” I said!

I think she might have heard me so she then gave me kisses back!! When the session was over Bob said that I could give Lucy a lot of treats because of how great we both did!! I felt amazing after the session!

When Mom and I walked into the house immediately I told Sis about how much fun I had! Keep in mind I wasn’t trying to brag to Mia. Really I didn’t want to start up again with the fighting and arguing! That would be awful! It was then already bed time!! the day went by so quickly! I got washed up and ready for bed! “Goodnight,” I yelled to Mom, Dad and Mia.


It was the next morning when I woke up and heard a barking sound! Was it a dream or was it the next door neighbor’s dog? I went downstairs to see what it was and guess what I saw. A big fluffy dog right downstairs in a cage!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!

“We got a dog!!!” I yelled.

Mom came downstairs and said, “I decided to get a dog because I saw how much you enjoyed Lucy!!”

“Thank you soooooooo much,” I said while hugging her!!!

All I ever wanted was to have a pet!! And you know what I really did learn an important lesson: it was to always take second chances in life because you never know what you’re going to expect!!

THE END!!!!!!

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