7 Keys

A few days ago, thought Maddie, it all happened few days ago.

A few days ago, she and Sophie went into the woods and found five keys. They didn’t know what these keys did but they seemed to be some sort of magnets. As soon as they dug the keys out, the keys started to shake and rose up in the air. They zoomed forward into the woods. The five keys each had a drawing of a dragon on it. The keys led them to a waterfall but they zoomed behind the waterfall into a cave. That cave was filled with golden money and coins. They wanted to take out all the money but as soon as they got in the cave, they couldn’t get out. Where they had entered was now a solid wall. Now that they were trapped inside, they had nothing to eat, drink, or do.

She and Sophie were really far away. “We should get out,” Maddie shouted.

“Yes, but how?” Sophie shouted across the cave. Sophie and Maddie were twins and both had jet black hair. They had almond-shaped hazelnut eyes framed with bangs.

“Keep talking and shouting,” said Sophie. “Then we should be able to find each other and track where the other person’s voice is.”

They tried for hours, but the cave had an echo so nobody was getting anywhere. They didn’t know it, but they were actually getting further away from each other.

“I hear water!” exclaimed Maddie. She followed the sound of water and found the keys.

“We had five keys before, didn’t we?” Maddie called out to Sophie.

“Yes we did,” replied Sophie.

“Well, now we have seven keys,” Maddie said back. The seven keys were floating in the air and started hitting themselves against a wall.

“Maddie?” Sophie called. “Why are there wolves in here?”

“Oh, they’re just statues,” Maddie said.

“Then why are they moving?” said Sophie.

Sophie glanced at the glowing red eyes and their paws slowly moving towards her.

“Run!” Sophie and Maddie exclaimed at the same time.

They ran, but they didn’t know where they were going. They ended up following the keys but instead of going through a wall, they went through a wall of water. They hadn’t realized it, but they had been in the cave for one day. They picked up the keys which were on a rock in the shape of a circle with one key sticking up at the bottom. Since it looked like a toy that you spin, Sophie spun the keys and each of the dragons on the keys looked like a dragon moving in a circle. They picked up the keys and went home because they were able to get through the waterfall again. They ran back home and wrote their adventure down in their journals.

The next day at school, they showed all their friends their story but no one believed them. After school that day, Sophie and Maddie showed their friends the waterfall where they were yesterday. Once again, when the kids entered, the wall turned solid behind them and after one day they came out from the waterfall.

“Now do you believe us?” said Maddie.

“Yes we do,” said her friend.

That night Sophie and Maddie went home and thought about it all. They looked at the seven keys that had brought them to the waterfall.

“That,” said Maddie, “was one crazy adventure.”

“I agree,” said Sophie.


Part 2


Now that Sophie and Maddie had the keys, they didn’t know what they could do with them, but they realized that the keys could serve as entertainment. One day, when Maddie was holding the key and rubbing it like a coin, little wisps of smoke came out and said, “You have taken me out from thousands of year. I am the Wind Goddess. I have been trapped in these keys for thousands of years. Now that you have freed me, you may get one wish.”

Maddie thought and thought. She finally said, “Please, may I have three more wishes?”

“Yes, that is a wish so your wish is granted. What are the wishes you would like?”

“Firstly, I would like everybody in the world to be happy. Secondly, I would like there to be no war. Thirdly, I would like everybody to be treated equally in the world.”

“I am impressed!” said the Wind Goddess. “Most people would have asked for money. But you have asked for the good of other people.”

Maddie was astonished. “Well, I just want people to be happy. Money can’t buy everything, you know.”

“I am granting you and your sister a visit to where I live, up in the clouds,” exclaimed the wind goddess. Sophie and Maddie each took one of her hands and they drifted up to the sky.

“Why are my clothes changing?!” exclaimed Maddie.

“Up in the sky, your clothes will get very wet and moist. These new clothes that you’re wearing will make you feel light.”

Down on earth, Sophie and Maddie’s parents were wondering what happened to them. One second, they were in their room, and the next, they were gone.

“I don’t care,” said their dad. “I hope they haven’t gone to that forest again. I hope they know where they’re going.”

“I wonder where they are then,” said their mother.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry,” said their father. “They’re probably off on some goofy adventure.”

Up in the sky, Sophie and Maddie were flying all around the kingdom. It was made of rubies and silver crystal.  Inside the palace was a grand feast prepared for them.

“I have never seen so much food in my life!” said Sophie.

“Well yes,” said the Wind Goddess. “We’ve prepared this feast and kept it here for 1000 years until someone released me and asked for the proper gifts.”

They sat down and had the feast. Nobody said a word while they were eating because the food was so good, they didn’t want it to become cold. When dessert came in, then they started talking because cake could not become cold. It would stay the same temperature.

“Today we had a very interesting time,” Sophie told the Wind Goddess. “May I ask you why you were trapped in this key?”

“Okay… One thousand years ago, I was up here in the clouds and lived normally. One day, a visitor came up here for the first time. We granted him a great feast, but he got greedy and trapped me in seven keys so he could rule the land of the clouds. He didn’t know that he could get destroyed ruling this land, so one day he exploded into red dust and then nobody ruled for the rest of the time I was traveling. But now that I’m free, I can rule as a good leader,” explained the Wind Goddess.

“I think I should bring you back to your home,” said the Wind Goddess. “After all, it has been almost six hours since you left.”

“Okay, take us home,” said Sophie.

So the Wind Goddess flew Sophie and Maddie home.

“We shall never forget you!” exclaimed Sophie.

And they never did.



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  1. You added so much tension to your story that I could never guess what happened next! It made me want to keep reading.

  2. This is a lovely story. Wildly adventurous and innovative. Very glad I plucked a copy of it at the front door of Writopia Lab. Keep up the great work!

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