A One-Person Race




Take a deep breath

Push off the wall

Don’t let your feet slip

Don’t waste any time

Not even

A second


Close your eyes if it’s easier

Easier to move towards your destination

Without knowing

How close

You really are


“Keep going”

You tell yourself

“It hasn’t been that long”

“Keep going ”



After stroke

After stroke


For a second

Dare to open your eyes

Dare to know

How close

You really are


“Keep going”

You tell yourself

“You’re almost there”

“Keep going”



That you can’t

Give up

Grit your teeth

Close your eyes again

Swim towards the wall





Is within your reach


Feel the smooth tile of the wall

Beneath your hands

Open your eyes


You’ve made it

You’re done



Stop and appreciate

The feel of oxygen going


And out

Of your lungs


Feel the pride of what you’ve done

Fill you up

Make you smile

Make you want to do it again


One thought on “A One-Person Race”

  1. Dear Zoe – Lynne and I were delighted to receive and read your wonderfully thoughtful
    poetry. We know you took a writing class over the Summer and began writing poetry
    at that time (perhaps it began long before?).
    You have a real gift and we thank you for sharing it with us. With lots of love,
    G-Lynne and G-Tom

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