Chapter One

Once there was a boy named Daniel Shiven Sheth Jr. He was a very well-behaved boy who was never naughty. One day, when he was sleeping, he was awoken by a loud thud. He went to the entrance hall, where the noise came from. He saw his mom sitting in a chair with a cup of tea.

“Mom, where did the loud thud come from?”

“I was just sipping my tea, and I heard a loud thud come from a suit case. It must’ve been your sister messing with it.” she responded.

Daniel looked into the suitcase and found his iPad laying on top of his dad’s computer.

Daniel asked,”Why are there so many suitcases out? Is this for our trip to Mexico?”

“Yes” said his mom.

“If the trip to Mexico is in a few weeks, then why are we packing now?”

“It was just decided at 12 o’clock that the trip will be today. By the way, it is at 4 o’clock  in the morning right now. The trip is at 5 o’clock in the morning.”

Daniel’s mouth hung open like a broken glove compartment.

“What?! 5 o’clock in the morning! I need to get ready!”

“Be quiet! You are going to wake up your sister!” said his mom.

“Which sister?” he asked.

“Both of them,” replied his mom.

He walked quietly to his room.

Once he got to his room, he sighed, “How am I supposed to get ready in time?”

He went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, and took a shower. Then, he ran to the dining room and ate a two egg omelet. Out of his two youngest sisters, he woke up the oldest one, whose name was Shaleen, once he was done with breakfast. Half an hour later, he and his family left for the airport.


Chapter Two

Daniel ran outside the door. He grabbed his suitcase and went to the elevator. He went downstairs and went under the awning and waited for the car to come. Two minutes later, the car came. He jumped into the car, put his suitcase in the back, and put his seatbelt on. He, his dad, and his sister were in that car. When they got to the airport, they took out their suitcases and went to the metal detector. They put the backpacks on the conveyor belt and walked through the detector.

Daniel said, “Why do they need to check for metal?”

His dad said, “Because sometimes people bring in guns, and they need to make sure they can’t bring them inside.”

“Okay,” Daniel said.

They walked to customs, and they went to the place where they would wait for their flight. Daniel took out his iPad, and he and his sister took turns playing on it until it was time to board. They went on the airplane, found their seats, and sat down. About half an hour later, their flight took off. Daniel started to take a nap. His dad read some magazines, and his sister read a book.

One hour later, Daniel woke up and asked his sister, “Do you wanna play a card game?”

She said yes. They played bingo until the flight was over. Their father took them into a new car, and they drove off to their friend’s house. The oldest one’s name was Francisco. The middle child was Luken, and the youngest was Mila. The father was Javier, and the mother was Loraina. The car took a stop at a place, where they would get some dinner, and where they met up with Francisco’s family. Then they each took separate cars. Daniel went with Francisco and Lorena and his dad, and the other car had Daniel’s sister, Luken, Mila, Javier, and the babysitter, Anji. When they got to the place, each of them brushed their teeth, went to the bathroom, and took a shower. Then they went to bed.


Chapter Three

In the morning, Daniel brushed his teeth, took a shower, went to the bathroom, and changed his clothes. Then, he went outside and met his friends. They ate breakfast and then got in a Jeep and went outside. Soon they came to a place with many cacti, and Javier and Daniel’s dad came on motorbikes. Daniel and Francisco and Lorena went on Javier’s motorbike and Shaleen, Luken, and Meela went on Daniel’s dad’s. Soon, they had reached a nice spot, and they got off. Daniel’s dad and Javier found two cactuses and began scraping off the thorns with a knife. Then they took off the peel of the cacti and took out the inside. Everyone tried it, and it tasted just like the green part of a watermelon.

Then they began hiking. Soon they had found their way to a large tree with fruits that looked like strawberries except they had thorns on them. Daniel’s dad and Javier went up and scraped off the thorns and then everyone tried it, and it was good. They hiked for one more mile and then turned around and went back to the motorbikes. Then they rode back to Francisco’s place. Then everyone took showers and took a nap. After the nap was over, they watched the Peanuts movie in Spanish. Then they had dinner and went to bed.

In the morning, Daniel woke up second to last. After that, he did the things that he usually did in the morning, then ate breakfast. Then he went horseback riding with his friends. They went all around the trail with Luken’s horse, going very slowly.

Luken said, “I understand why this horse is called Slow. It’s way too slow!”
“Of course it’s slow,” Daniel said. “Look at the person on its back!”

Then they went back and changed into their bathing suits. Then they ate lunch. After that, they went swimming. Soon they came out and exercised. They went outside the gate and ran around the gate. Soon they came back and went to the main building and ate dinner. Then they went to bed.


Chapter Four

In the morning, the children were greeted with happy shouts from the grown ups saying, “Happy New Year!” They all had a party. In the party, they all played games and went swimming. Then they went horseback riding. In between horseback riding and swimming, they had lunch. They had pasta for lunch. After that, they went on the motorbikes, and they went around the horse riding trail. After that, they ate pizza for dinner and went behind the main building where they hardly ever went. They took out sparklers and lit them. When they all went out, then it would be New Year’s. Then they all went to sleep.


Chapter Five

In the morning, Daniel and his friends woke up at the same time. They all got ready, and they ate breakfast. After that, they went running around the place again to exercise and swam in the swimming pool. Then they all got ready to go to the airport and went. They ran to the place where you wait and played card games until the plane came. Then they all boarded. Daniel and Francisco sat together with a stranger, and his sister, Luken, Mila, and the babysitter sat together. All the other grown-ups sat in economy, and everyone else sat in business. When the plane took off, Daniel and Francisco played card games and ate lunch. They played Uno and War. After lunch, they kept playing card games until the announcement came that they could use electronics, and then they played iPad until they had to take a nap.

When they woke up, they watched a movie, and after that, they made up jokes until the plane landed. Then they got off, did everything they needed at the airport, and Daniel went to Francisco’s house for a sleepover, and Mila came to his house for a sleepover to play with his sister. Luken also came over but not for a sleepover. He was just going to play for a bit before going home.

At Francisco’s house, they played laser tag, and Francisco’s parents said it was time for bed. They brushed their teeth and went to the bathroom and took showers. Instead of going to bed, they talked for two hours before falling asleep.


The End


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